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Kurapika: Character Profile And Quality



Kurapika: is the only surviving member of the Kurta clan, a group of individuals hunted down and murdered by a gang known as the Phantom Troupe to acquire the clan’s Scarlet Eyes, which are prized for their beauty.

Kurapika, on the other hand, managed to flee and vowed to exact vengeance on the Phantom Troupe. Kurapika took the Hunter Exam as he grew older, wanting to become a Hunter so he could track down the Troupe’s members.

Kurapika Character Profile


Kurapika befriended Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, and Leorio Paradinight during the Hunter Exam, and he passed the exam with Gon and Leorio. Kurapika acquired the skill of Nen and became a bodyguard for the Nostrade crime family after separating from his comrades.


During this time, he was able to murder Uvogin, one of the Phantom Troupe’s most influential members, and remove the Nen talents of Chrollo Lucifer, the Troupe’s leader, vowed to search down his clan’s eyes and reclaim them from those who had them.

Capabilities & Powers

• Scarlet Eyes: The Scarlet Eyes are a Kurta clan-exclusive ability. Kurapika’s eyes turn scarlet when he is overcome with emotion. In this state, his strength increases dramatically, and he gains access to Nen skills that he couldn’t previously use.

Kurapika has mastered the ability to change his eyes scarlet whenever he wants. Kurapika transforms from a Conjurer to a Specialist when his eyes turn scarlet. He may also make his eyes crimson on purpose if he so desires.

• Enhanced Perception: Kurapika possesses exceptional perception abilities and can detect the presence of others without utilizing Nen.


• Genius Intellect: Kurapika is one of Hunter X Hunter’s brightest characters. People think he can read people’s minds because of his analytical abilities. He outsmarted one of the series’ sharpest characters, Chrollo Lucifer, and his schemes almost always work.

• Nen: Nen refers to the power to alter the user’s life energy or aura. Kurapika’s Nen type is Conjurer, which means he excels at conjuring objects out of thin air with his aura.

• Ten: The user can generate an aura shroud around their body as a rudimentary defense against Nen strikes, while it does not guard against physical attacks. Ten also helps to slow down the aging process and prevents the user’s body from deteriorating over time.

• Zetsu: Prevents the user’s aura from leaking out of their body, making them harder to detect and reducing weariness but leaving them vulnerable to Nen assaults.


• Ren: Boosts the user’s strength and durability by increasing the size and intensity of their aura.

• Gyo: Concentrates aura into a specific part of the body to strengthen it at the expense of making the rest of the body more vulnerable. When Gyo is used on the eyes, the user can see someone else’s aura as well as other hidden items.

• In: A more sophisticated version of Zetsu that conceals the user’s aura without requiring them to turn it off, making it ideal for sneak assaults.

• En: Allows the user to perceive the shape and movement of anything that enters their aura in a spherical radius around them.


• Shu: Extends the user’s aura onto an object they’re holding, strengthening it.

• Ko: Focuses all of the user’s aura into a single portion of their body, making it exceedingly powerful at the expense of the rest of the body’s defenses.

• Ken: A hybrid of Ten and Ren, Ken uses Ren to increase the user’s aura before surrounding them in it, giving them more protection than Ten.

• Ryu: Using Gyo in real-time to quickly switch the concentration of aura between two body parts.


• Chains: Kurapika’s Hatsu, or unique technique of using Nen, is the power to conjure chains on his right hand’s fingers. These chains can be extended at Kurapika’s command and are powerful enough to break rock. Each chain has a unique skill.

• Holy Chain: Kurapika’s thumb chain may cure wounds by tapping into his latent Enhancer talents. This chain, unlike Kurapika’s scarlet eyes, can cure a damaged arm in seconds.

• Chain Jail: Kurapika’s middle finger has a chain that can wrap around people and limit their movement. It also turns off its target’s Nen, forcing them to flee by force alone. It’s powerful enough to hold Uvogin, the Phantom Troupe’s physically strongest member. Kurapika, on the other hand, has set a restriction on the chain, and if he uses it on anyone who isn’t a member of the Phantom Troupe, he will perish.

• Dowsing Chain: Kurapika’s ring finger has a chain that is used to track and locate objects. The ball-like weight at the end will point in the direction of whatever Kurapika is looking for.


• Kurapika’s little finger has a chain that can only be utilized while his eyes are scarlet. The chain will puncture the victim’s chest and wrap around their heart if used. Kurapika will set two requirements for the victim to obey once the chain is in place. If they do not comply with these requirements, the chain will crush their heart, killing them instantaneously.

• Steel Chain: Kurapika’s index finger contains a syringe on the end of the chain, which he may use to pierce a target and drain their aura, forcing them into a condition of Zetsu.

If the person he stabbed possesses a Hatsu, Kurapika will be able to use it once, after which the aura will be returned to the owner. Kurapika can change the syringe into a dolphin after obtaining an aura, which will inform him of the Hatsu he has taken and its constraints. Kurapika will be forced to use Emperor Time once he has taken someone’s Nen.

• Stealth Dolphin: The ability to inject the Nen Kurapika stole into someone else, allowing Kurapika to drain Nen from more people. The dolphin will be transferred to the one who was injected, and only them and Kurapika will be able to converse with and see the dolphin. Aura nodes in people who do not have the ability to use Nen will be opened if they are injected.



• Bokken: A pair of wooden swords with a thread connecting them. Kurapika’s major weapons before learning Nen were these. Kurapika’s swords were genuine katanas with the sheathes strapped on in the 1999 anime Hunter X Hunter, and Kurapika only removed the sheathes if he needed to murder his opponent.

• Knives: Kurapika carries three throwing knives under his coat.

• Shuriken: Two of them are carried as throwing weapons.

• Switchblade: This weapon is used to intimidate others.


• Handgun: A handgun that is black in color.

Differentiated Forms

• Emperor Time: When Kurapika’s eyes turn scarlet, he enters this form. Kurapika has complete command of all five categories of Nen usage in this condition, rather than only Conjurer talents.

This form boosts the effectiveness of several of his chains that don’t require Conjuration, such as the Holy Chain, and gives him access to the Judgment Chain.

Feats of Kurapika

• Forced a four-ton gate open.


• Used his bare hands to inflict harm on someone with bulletproof skin.

• As a child, he beat up three grown men with his Scarlet Eyes.

• With his Scarlet Eyes, he knocked out a man with a single punch.

• His chains are capable of shattering rock.


• Defeated Uvogin, the Phantom Squad’s best physical opponent.

Speed of Kurapika

• His chains can deflect and catch bullets.

• You had to hit Uvogin several times before he could react.

• In half a second, I moved twenty-six meters.


Durability of Kurapika

• He was hit by Hisoka.

• He was in no discomfort as a result of his arm being shattered.

Skill of Kurapika

• In battle, Uvogin was defeated.

• Captured Chrollo Lucifer and snatched his Nen from him.


• Joined the Zodiacs as a member.

Weaknesses of Kurapika

• Using Nen depletes his aura, and if his aura runs out, he dies.

• He will die if he uses Chain Jail on people who aren’t members of the Phantom Troupe.

• If he meets a Phantom Troupe member, he becomes more rash and irresponsible.


• Every second he has Emperor Time turned on, he loses an hour of his life. Emperor Time takes a toll on his body and psyche even in the short term, and too much of it will give him a high fever.

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