Kyo Sohma: Why have I told 10 things about Sohma?

February 25, 2022
Kyo Sohma

Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket has a tragic life as one of the zodiac’s most despised characters… and these are all the reasons fans feel for him.

Fans like Kyo Sohma, one of the three major protagonists in Fruits Basket, for his fiery demeanour and protective instincts. Kyo’s bouts with Yuki, which he always loses, give regular humorous relief, and his overall surly attitude is more often than not cute rather than aggravating.

Kyo, on the other hand, has had to deal with some dreadful situations as the Cat Zodiac. His future prospects are gloomy because his version of the Zodiac Curse is exceptionally punitive. He grew up as an outcast and was viewed as undesirable by the bulk of his family, and his future prospects are bleak because his version of the Zodiac Curse is unusually punitive.

While he keeps a cool front and acts as if nothing bothers him, Kyo is struggling to make sense of the years of torture he has endured and is terrified of what the future holds for him.

He is not invited to family gatherings | Kyo Sohma

Kyo Sohma

The Cat was duped by the Rat into not attending God’s banquet in the Zodiac myth. Kyo is not allowed to attend Sohma family occasions because he is the Cat Zodiac.

He is not only not invited to the yearly banquet, but he is also not allowed to attend regular meetings or enter the Sohma compound. When Kyo is there, Akito entirely ignores him and is not afraid to express her dislike for him.

Kyo acts as if he doesn’t mind being left out, but it’s clear from his demeanour and tone that he wishes he could just be a part of the family.

The Cat Spirit Is Frequently Criticized

Members of the Sohma family regularly insult the person inhabited by the Cat Spirit in the Zodiac. For being so easily tricked by the Rat, the Cat is thought to be foolish, and Kyo takes those comments to heart.

Kyo has a sensitive ego, and when he is mocked by others, he becomes enraged and attempts to start a fight.

Kyo, like a real cat, is sensitive and doesn’t enjoy it when people make jokes about him. He despises his role as the punchline, and he has become sensitive to taunts as a result of many jibes.

He will never be able to defeat Yuki.

The Cat and the Rat are mortal foes in the Zodiac because the Rat fooled the Cat into not attending God’s banquet, permanently making the Cat an outcast among the Zodiac members.

This tradition is continued by Kyo and Yuki, and Kyo considers Yuki to be his main adversary. At the slightest insult or provocation, he will often challenge Yuki to a battle.

Yuki does not want to fight Kyo, but he also does not avoid conflict or play nice with him. Kyo has never beaten Yuki in a duel since the beginning of the series. Despite the fact that Kyo is cursed to always lose to Yuki, he continues to battle despite the odds.

His Astrological Sign

One of the characteristics of the Zodiac Curse that distinguishes Kyo is that his Zodiac form is terrifying and twisted, in contrast to the other Zodiacs’ charming and cuddly forms. Kyo can’t stop himself from transforming into this shape unless he wears a prayer bead bracelet all the time.

These beads keep the Curse from engulfing his body, but they also make him continually vigilant in order to avoid reverting to his original form. Kyo is aware that he is merely restraining his Zodiac Spirit, and that if he isn’t careful, the Spirit will take over his body.

He Is Doomed To Live In Captivity For The Rest Of His Life

The other component of the Zodiac Curse that is unique to Kyo is that he is doomed to live in captivity for the rest of his life. Every Zodiac possessed by the Cat Spirit has spent time in the Cat Room, a cell designed to keep the Cat Zodiac isolated from the rest of the Zodiacs.

Kyo made a wager with Akito that if he ever beat Yuki in a duel, he would be sentenced to life in captivity.

Akito accepted to the combat because she believed that Kyo the Cat would never be able to overcome Yuki the Rat due to fate. Kyo will be alone in the future unless Tohru can break the curse.

He Isn’t Sure How To Express His Emotions

Kyo is emotionally illiterate, unlike Tohru, who has no trouble expressing herself. Apart from rage and frustration, he has no idea how to express his feelings. As a result of this, he has a short fuse and is widely considered as a hothead. He is unable to express his thoughts for Tohru and prefers to keep silent in order to detach himself from his feelings.

Kyo does not believe he has a future or that he will ever be able to break free from the curse, thus he distrusts his emotions in order to avoid clinging to false hope and dreams.

His mother committed suicide.

While the majority of the Sohma family has always despised the person possessed by the Cat Spirit, Kyo’s mother had a soft spot for him. She didn’t seem to mind that he was possessed by the Cat Spirit, and as a child, she defended and stood up for him.

However, she grew increasingly influenced by the beliefs of other members of the Sohma family, including her own husband, and the pressure eventually became too much for her to bear, and she committed suicide. Kyo’s mother’s death continues to haunt him, and he blames himself for it.

His Father had turned him down.

The other members of the Sohma family scorn the Zodiac who is possessed by the Cat Spirit, and Kyo’s own father was no exception when he acquired the Cat Spirit.

Kyo’s father blamed him for his mother’s death and rejected him, even abandoning him when he was a youngster. Kyo’s father harbours resentment toward him and refuses to forgive him, despite the fact that he bears no responsibility for his mother’s suicide.

Out of shame, Kazuma adopted him.

Kazuma Sohma’s grandpa was possessed by the Cat Spirit, therefore he understands the horrors of the Zodiac Curse firsthand. He rejected his grandfather’s affections as a child because he was humiliated and terrified of the Cat Spirit.

Kazuma came to regret his decision as he grew older, so when he found that Kyo was the next Zodiac afflicted by the Cat Spirit, he felt forced to look after him.

Kazuma’s decision to adopt Kyo is one of the series’ highlights, but it’s difficult not to believe that a significant part of his decision was prompted by his remorse at having spurned his grandfather years before, as well as sadness for Kyo at having to inherit such a fate.

In school, he was bullied.

On the best of days, Kyo is a difficult person to get along with, and when he’s in a bad mood, he’s downright difficult. He is, nonetheless, a good friend and well-liked by his classmates.

Kyo, on the other hand, was ridiculed by his peers when he was younger because of his orange hair and nasty temper. He had to put up with taunts and scorn from his friends because he looked and acted differently, which moulded him into an enraged young man.

Kyo has grown closer to the other Zodiacs and found a solid friend in Tohru, but the memories of those early days remain.

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