Why Lamora Williams is accused of killing her two children

September 22, 2022
Lamora Williams

Fairburn, Georgia resident Lamora Williams. Her mother had not seen her children in two days and reported that her children were gone on November 28. After her confession to the murder of her children, a missing person report was filed. People came to help Ke’Yaunte Penn and Ja’Karter Williams. Williams allegedly heated the youngsters in an oven. The boys Ke’Yaunte Penn and Ja’Karter Williams were in the oven for a long time, according to the autopsy report. The statement said, “These changes in temperature seem to be caused only by dry heat and changes caused by long-term exposure to heat.” It would take a long time to reach this point.”

Why Was Lamora Williams Arrested?

Lamora Williams

Lamora Williams was charged with murdering Ja’karter and Ke-Yaunte Penn. Their deaths were investigated for more than four months. According to records from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as well as Channel 2 Action News, police responded to their home more than 30 times in three years.

Investigators discovered that there were two more children living in the house. The deaths of the two boys, aged three and one years respectively, were not discovered by anyone until Lamora Williams, their mother, confessed.

Ja’karter Devons Penn was found deceased at his home, according to the medical examiner. Ke-Yaunte Darion Penn was the other. While toxicology results are in, the official cause of death is still not known.

Sheriff Ted Jackson said, “It’s as perplexing and tragic as it is tragic that her mother, who loves her kids, would do something so horrible to them.” “I won’t be quick to claim that she was innocent. “We will let the facts guide us in that direction,” Sheriff Ted Jackson stated that an investigation into another child’s death at home revealed that the boy had been dead for six month.

He claimed he was disturbed that no one knew anything about the two children, ages three and one. He claimed that it was only when a third child, now six, came to the authorities with a story about his missing siblings.

Who Were The Children?

According to court documents, the two children found dead at their home were taken into state custody and were awaiting adoption. Investigators claimed they hadn’t seen the children in several months. The Department of Family and Children Services has never had any previous contact with the family. These records reveal that two department employees were sent home on November 28.

According to records, the department notified police on November 29 that Ja’karter and Ke-Yaunte were missing from their home. An additional report revealed that a caseworker visited the house on December 3, and discovered Ja’karter and Ke-Yaunte dead in their beds. According to records, their 1-year-old brother was found dead in bed with them. According to the coroner, the children were found in their same beds that they died in on December 14.

Children Went Missing

Court records show that the family lived in a brick and vinyl two-story home with a red front door and white trim. There were green shutters at all four windows facing Fairburn Road. The house was visited by police between 15-30 times during the last three years for domestic violence calls, medical emergencies, and drug-related calls.

The house had been foreclosed on after the mother stopped paying her mortgage, according to an investigator’s report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The property was sold at the sheriff’s auction to a man who didn’t live in the area before the children went missing.

Investigators were told by one of Williams’ children that Williams wasn’t caring for her children. She threatened to call the authorities if she spoke to them. Instead of letting them go, she made them stay outside in a shed and kept them from the police. Investigators were also informed by the child that Williams allowed her children to eat frozen food and often used the bathroom.

They did not properly take a bath. He claimed that Williams did not flush the bathroom. He said that the children lived in filth. Williams was held without bond in jail since Williams’ arrest last week. Williams is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, where she will be appearing for her preliminary hearing regarding two murder charges.

William was in Charge Obstruction and Possession of Substance

Her criminal history includes shoplifting, disorderly conduct, parole violation and drug arrests. In 2011, she was sentenced to eight years in prison. Williams was also convicted for petty theft in 2000 and 1995, as well as misdemeanor marijuana possession 1996. She was also charged with shoplifting, obstruction, possession and substance abuse.

Williams was arrested December 5, 2016 after a domestic fight. Investigators were told by the children that their mother had left them at home with a friend. The friend went to buy more crack cocaine. She heard her yelling and ran away to get more cocaine. Williams is alleged to have tried to stop Williams from letting the woman go.

Williams learned that her friend was under arrest. They helped her escape jail. Williams shared his story about her friend with the investigator. “I sat beside her and asked her if she was alright. She said, according to the report of the investigators. “Yeah, I’m good,” she said to investigators. 

Williams stated to investigators that she would do anything for the woman if she agreed to a plea bargain. According to the investigator, She was asked what she wanted in exchange. Williams, allegedly, replied. He replied: “I want them get a life.”


I don’t know what ke YOUNGTEEN mom was thinking. Her foster children were taken away from her young age and placed in adoptive homes. It’s obvious that she wasn’t a good mother to them. God will take care of them now.

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