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Lee Eun-Saem: Early Life, Age, Movies, TV Show & Net Worth



Lee Eun-saem South Korean actress is known for her roles in movies and dramas.

Read on to learn more about her height, age, and movie & TV show roles. Also, find out what her current relationship status is.

If you’re a fan of South Korean dramas, you may already know about Lee Eun-saem’s past relationships.


However, if you’re new to the Korean acting scene, you might want to brush up on the facts about Lee Eun-saem.

Lee Eun-saem Early Life

Lee Eun-Saem

The Actress Born on 10  October 1999, Korean, South Korean. She is a South Korean actress. Her age is 22 years old.

known for her roles in movies and dramas. As she gets older, you may wonder how much she has to do to stay at the top.

She is known for her roles in television shows and movies, and she is also an indie filmmaker.


She has been in several movies, including The Fault Is Yours and Harmless Witness.

On IMDb, she has two credits. It isn’t clear whether she has any boyfriend. Lee Eun-saem’s age is just as mysterious as her appearances.

Lee Height

The actress Lee Eun-saem height is 5 feet 7 inches. Her native title is ieunsaem, and she was born in South Korea.

It is unknown if the actress has a boyfriend, but she has appeared in a few movies and dramas.


Lee Eun-saem’s height and weight have been the subject of much speculation. While her height is impressive, there is still a mystery surrounding her personal life.

Lee Movies & TV Shows

Lee Eun-saem is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her roles in dramas and movies.

She has been on the scene for more than two decades and is a familiar face to fans of South Korean dramas and movies.

Watch Lee Eun-saem movies and TV shows to learn more about her. She has an impressive list of films to choose from.


Since her early days as a child actress, Lee Eun-saem has been acting in films and TV shows.

She first appeared in the 2009 drama film Fly, Penguin, and returned to acting in 2017 with Midnight Runners.

Throughout 2018, she joined the casts of various television dramas.

She played a supporting role in the popular tvN drama, Black Dog, in 2018. In 2019, she appeared in the hit MBC series, ‘Sageuk’ with Junho.


Lee Relationship

As of January 2022, the age of the couple is twenty-two years old. According to their social media accounts, they have 146K followers and 39 posts.

As of March 2020, they started posting their life moments on Instagram. Lee Eun-saem was born in 1999. She turned 22 in 2021.

Her native name is ieun-saem. Their relationship started after meeting on the set of a movie, “Midnight Runners,” and continues to this day.

Although the relationship between the actors is not publicized, it has been rumored since the two first started working together in 2013.


As of January 2015, the actor had been busy promoting her career.

Lee Eun-Saem spent her free time with her dog. Although they have not spoken publicly about their relationship, they have been seen together a couple of times on the silver screen.

Lee Eun-Saem is the daughter of Kim Jong-Jin, a former Korean actress and now a South Korean actor.

Lee Net Worth

The net worth of Lee Eun-saem is not known publicly, but she has been featured in a number of films and dramas.


In 2007 she made her acting debut in a supporting role in Landscape In My Heart.

Her most recent film was Kokkiri. She also appeared in Fly, Penguin, in which she played the role of Soo Ji.

Before she began acting, Lee Eun-saem had a few years off to pursue her education. She kept her educational background a secret.

Saem is South Korean by nationality and holds an identity of Ieun-saem.


Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches. Her net worth is not yet revealed, and she has never referenced her family foundation.

The actress’ net worth is currently unknown, but her countless credits include such films as The Fault Is Yours, Harmless Witness, and Midnight Runners.

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