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Linda McMahon, Business Administrator | Resigns from Cabinet


WASHINGTON — Linda McMahon (one of five women in President Trump’s cabinet) resigned Friday as head of the Small Business Administration.

McMahon was one of Donald Trump’s most generous donors in 2016. She joined the Trump administration during his term early and avoided the scandals and high-profile attention her cabinet colleagues suffered over the past two years.

Trump was accompanied by Ms. McMahon at Mar-a-Lago and praised her for being a “superstar”, who had done much in improving the Small Business Administration’s operation.

The president stated that she was “one of our all-time favorite” and thanked reporters. It was so easy. She has been a great help to so many in the small business world.

Recent weeks have seen Ms. McMahon being considered as a candidate to succeed Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary, when he leaves the government. McMahon stated that she was proud for the work she did in government.

Linda McMahon: Trump’s Turnover at the Top

linda mcmahon

White House staffers, including cabinet officials, have resigned or been fired since President Trump’s inauguration.

In a statement released by the Small Business Administration, she stated that “the focus that we have placed on supporting women entrepreneurs, veteran businesses, and rural development has been especially rewarding for me.”

McMahon, a business executive, turned her attention to politics later in her life. She ran unsuccessfully for the United States Senate of Connecticut in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Politico first reported her expected departure from government.

Her connection to Donald Trump was what finally got her into the top ranks of government. In 2016, Trump nominated her because of her business experience.

“Linda has an incredible background and is widely acknowledged as one of the top female executives advising companies around the world,” Mr. Trump stated at the time. She helped to grow W.W.E. From a small 13-person operation, W.W.E. has grown to be a publicly traded global company with over 800 employees worldwide.

As the agency’s administrator Ms. McMahon was admired by some Democrats for her efforts to expand loans for women and improve efficiency.

People who know McMahon’s thinking say she is expected to be a member of the America First PAC. This political action committee supports Mr. Trump’s reelection bid. The organization is expecting her to raise funds.

Ms. McMahon was approached several weeks ago to be a possible official of the political action committee. People familiar with the appointment stated that she can raise money and is trusted to be close to Donald Trump.


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