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How To Logout In To Messenger Step By Step In 2023


This article explains logout in messenger (essentially, logging out) without needing to delete the app from your device. This is unlike other apps that have clear buttons or options to sign out of your account. Messenger app is great for connecting with friends, but it can be difficult to figure out how to log out of Messenger on an iPhone.

logout in messenger: Log Out From Messenger Via Android Settings

Here are the steps to log out of your app using your settings

  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Choose Apps and Notifications

3. Select To view all apps, click here. Scroll down to tap Messenger. The apps are listed alphabetically.

4. Choose Storage and cache

5. Tap Clear Storage.

6. Confirm by OK. To confirm that the settings worked, close the Settings app.

Log out of Messenger via the Facebook App

To log out of iOS, users must use the official Facebook App. Android users can also do the same.

  1. Open the Facebook app, sign in to the account you wish to disconnect Messenger from, and then close the app.
  2. Tap the menu choice (represented as the hamburger icon at the bottom on Android and iOS’s home feed tab).
  3. Scroll down to tap PrivacySettings.

4. Tap Password & Security.

5. The section titled Where You’re Logged in will show you a list all devices and locations where Facebook has saved your login details. The Messengerplatform will be labeled below your device name, such as Android, iPhone, or iPad.

6. To log out, tap the three dots located to the right.

7. Select Log Out. You’ll see it disappear from your list.

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