London Stabbing: Four people are fatally stabbed

October 31, 2022
london stabbing

london stabbingThe police reported that three women and one man were fatally attacked in Southwark, London stabbing, early Monday morning. According to police, the suspect was described as a man in his 20s and was taken into custody.

Police believe the attacker and victims knew each other, according to police. According to police, the victims were between their 40s and 60s while the man was in his late-60s.

There was no immediate information available about the circumstances of the murders.

“This is an awful incident and I fully comprehend how worried the community will feel,” Colin Wingrove (chief superintendent of the Metropolitan Police) stated in a statement. “We are working closely together with our partners, and local community groups, to keep everyone informed. We also answer any questions.

At 1:40 AM, officers responded to a report of a disturbance on Delaford Road in Southwark. The police stated that they forced entry and found four people with apparent stab wounds inside.

Police added that the four victims were declared dead on the spot.

Homicides in Britain are much less common than those in the United States. However, safety and policing in London stabbings remain important issues. According to statistics from police, there were 103 murders in the city by 2021. 71 of these were committed using knives or sharp tools.

Three people were stabbed to death in central London during what is thought to be a phone-snatch robbery.

On Thursday morning, paramedics from the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and police officers responded to the call at Bishopsgate, just near Liverpool Street Station.

Four people were treated on the spot, with witnesses stating that they saw men with bloody faces lying on the ground.

An invisible cordon was placed on the pavement in front of an office building. There were pieces of medical equipment, scissors, and what looked like bandages lying on the ground.

Toby Hammond was a software engineer cycling to work and said that he had interacted in what appeared to be an altercation, but he soon realized it was a robbery.

“By the moment I arrived, there was already a huge happening. It was about half on the road, half on the pavement. I was riding my bike. He said that there were about five to six people involved, but it was obvious that two of them were “bad actors” with bandanas covering their noses and faces.

“I saw another man wearing a motorcycle helmet and a T-shirt who I later realized was one of those who had been stabbed. Then there was a guy trying to break it apart and I said something along the lines: ‘Those guys want to commit a burglary.

“One of the men was wearing a bandana and trying to get on his bicycle – it may have been an electric bike. I kicked his wheels and caused them to fall over as he attempted to get off. My thought was to keep them there until the police arrived.

“But then, the second man raised his hand to show me that he had a knife. It was small, maybe not even a pen knife size. He said something like ‘Fuck off’ or “Step back” and then they left.

The spokesperson for the City of London Police stated that the incident was being treated like a suspected robbery, involving the theft of a phone and was not terror-related.

According to a police statement, “We received reports that there were three stabbings and one person being pushed to the ground on Bishopsgate at 9:46 AM. Officers arrived on the scene at 9:51 am. Three victims were transported by LAS to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“This is an ongoing circumstance, but it is not being considered terror-related.”

According to a spokesperson for London’s ambulance service, three ambulance crews, two advanced paramedics, and two incident response officers were dispatched to the scene. A clinical team manager was also present as well as members of its tactical reaction unit.

“Our crews treated 4 patients. Three of these patients were taken to the hospital, and one was discharged on the spot.

Saye d Dukanwala is the owner of a nearby newsstand. He said that he was in his shop when he heard shouting outside and saw people running.

” London stabbing I saw three to four people fighting when I went outside. I then saw four people lying on the ground with bloody faces. They were being helped by others.”

Social media footage showed multiple emergency vehicles parked at the 22 Bishopsgate skyscraper. Its tenants come from the technology and sustainable energy sectors as well as financial, asset management, and professional services.

A spokesperson stated that they are aware of the distressing incident at Bishopsgate this morning. Our security team also provided any support needed to the emergency services and police while they were there.

London stabbing another witness stated that he saw three or four teenagers riding bicycles and watching an older man before they grabbed him.

According to PA Media, the worker who requested anonymity said that he saw three or four teenagers riding bicycles. They were following a middle-aged man around 40-50 years old, who was well-dressed.

“Then I saw a teenager grab a middle-aged man, and the next thing I knew was that. Things escalated so quickly. The middle-aged man was helped by pedestrians. There were many shouts and screams. A white man riding a moped saw the situation and ran to get involved.

“There was a fight between these teenagers. The moped rider was suddenly stabbed. After he was stabbed, the middle-aged man was already lying on the ground. Another pedestrian was also hurt and his head was broken. The teens then took off.”

He claimed that the knifeman was wearing a fleece-covered mask, which is what people use to keep warm.

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