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Love Languages Quality Time: What It Means & Examples of How to Show It


Love Languages Quality Time: For a relationship to thrive and develop, it is essential that they spend quality time together. What happens when one partner is passionate about quality time? What happens when one partner’s love language is quality time?

Let’s take a closer look at the ways that expressing your love language of quality can improve your relationship and show your “quality-time” partner you know their love language. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

What does it signify if your love language refers to quality time?

Love Languages Quality Time

Starwood explains that this love language is a way to enjoy “fruitful, attentive time” with your closest friends and family. This is where the key lies: you are not simply looking at your phones side-by-side, but actually engaging with each other.

Valerie Poppel, PhD is a clinical sexologist who co-founded The Swann Center. The center offers inclusive sexual education, training, and support. “In today’s world, we are plugged into everything except perhaps our partners.”

Below are more specific examples, advice and ideas. Dr. Poppel states that people with this love language value being together–physically and emotionally–with those they love.

You might think this sounds negative or clingy. However, the pros all agree that quality time is a good love language.

Alysha Jeney, a licensed marriage and family therapist and the owner of Modern Love Counseling says that none of these love languages suggest that you are needy. We all want to feel loved and special. You will appreciate the simplicity and joy of human interaction when you spend quality time with your loved ones. You want to feel understood and seen.”

What are the signs that your love language is quality?

It can be difficult to identify quality time as a love language, since most people desire time together in some way. Jeney says that the main thing is that you consider quality time as the most important source of validation for your relationships.

She explains that you feel the most loved when you spend uninterrupted time with your loved ones. You may have a lot of quality communication, eye contact and mutual communication. You both appreciate the shared experience that you have together.

The hard part is that many of us love spending quality time with our loved ones to some degree. People who have this love language will go to great lengths to make it happen.

Damona Hoffman is OkCupid’s official dating coach, and host of Dates & Mates podcast.

There are other signs you should be aware of: Feeling hurt when your loved ones are distracted while you talk, feeling lonely if there isn’t enough time with your partner, and feeling upset if activities or time together are canceled or delayed.

How can you demonstrate quality time?

Quality time is one of the most important love languages. Although it may seem obvious, it can take some practice to master. Hoffman, whose love language quality time is, states that for some people it may mean one-on-one appointments. Others might simply mean being present in one another’s presence.

These are some suggestions from experts to help you make someone feel loved.

  • You can watch a movie or show together, even if you’re not using your phone.
  • Together, we will start a new TV series
  • Read aloud a book
  • Cooking together
  • Going to the dog park with your partner
  • Walking around the block
  • Eat out without your phone
  • Coffee together
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Volunteering together
  • Listening and responding actively to their stories
  • When they are talking, put your phone down
  • Engaging in stimulating conversations
  • Working together on a home improvement project
  • Plan a vacation or staycation
  • Staycation or vacation
  • Walking or exercising together
  • As a couple, you can take up a new hobby.
  • Talking about and planning together your goals
  • Schedule weekly date nights
  • Relaxing together – like in the tub, or at the beach
  • Seasonal activities like pumpkin carving, ice skateboarding, or tree decoration

What happens if you love quality time but are in a long-distance relationship and your love language is not?

Before you panic about how to spend quality times together in LDR, Jasmine Akins, a sexual health educator and founder Of It’s Just A Coochie Jasmine Akins, says that there are many ways to be together even if you’re not together.

Virtual lunch dates, video chats, and morning rituals via Skype are all possibilities. Take what you have learned from lockdown and use it to build long-distance relationships that are worth your time. It is possible, but it takes effort.

What if your love language is different from that of your partner?

It’s not necessary to have the exact same love language as your partner to make things work. Communication and understanding your preferences for love and how you want to receive it is key. Knowing your partner’s love language can help you understand that they are showing you love when you plan special dates or work with you to sync your schedules.

Jeney suggests that you both invest in learning and practicing your love languages together as often as possible, even if it isn’t natural at first. All the experts agree that communicating your needs, wants, and boundaries can help you reach a compromise and balance that works for both of you.

Sparks says that it doesn’t really matter if you speak the same love languages. “Love is a choice. You have chosen to love them. So, love them the way you want to be loved. You will be able to enjoy a lifetime full of couples massages, quality times, and happy ever after.

How to show your love to someone who loves quality time?

Love Languages Quality Time

1.Bring some cake quality to your day.

Make an effort to spend quality time with your partner if you enjoy quality time. Paul suggests that you make it a priority to plan quality time into your day. It could be as simple as sharing a meal, sitting on a patio, or cuddling up when you get up in the morning to share your dreams.

2.Begin and end your day together.

Chapman recommends that you start your day with something that will allow you to connect and chat, such as a cup of coffee before going to work. Find a way to connect at the end of each day. Chapman suggests that you set aside 10 minutes after work to talk, no phones allowed. This will allow you to unwind from the workday, and also give you an opportunity to talk about your day.

You may not be able to do this every day, but it is worth planning for the moments when you can connect and just be with your partner.

3.When you are together, avoid distractions

People who love quality time as their love language don’t want interruptions to their time together.

Chapman says, “Being there to support this type of person can be critical, but truly being there will make you feel truly loved and special.” Distractions, delayed activities or failure to listen can all be particularly hurtful.

Multitasking can cause you to be extremely distracted when speaking with your children.

4.Prioritize meaningful eye contact.

Quality time is all about quality. If quality time is your love language, you want to feel that your partner has your full attention. Chapman suggests that you avoid distractions and make eye contact while having a conversation to enrich the moment.

5.Pay attention to what they are saying and feeling.

Love languages are about connecting using different means. Quality time can often be in the form of discussion and conversation. Quality time is not to be confused by words of affirmation which are more about saying “I Love You” or other validating languages.

Paul says, “Be curious about what your partner feels and how their day went,” Paul adds.

Do your best to listen to your partner when they speak to you. This means being mindful of distractions, but also not interrupting your partner. Interrupting can be frustrating and invalidating. Show them that you are listening and acknowledge their feelings.

6.Plan date nights regularly.

A solid date night is essential for any couple. If quality time is what your partner values most, it is important to make date nights part of your daily routine. This gives them something to look forward too and makes them feel that you value spending time with them.

7.Staycations are a great idea.

It is always good to have something to look forward too. Chapman recommends that you plan a staycation once in a while to make your relationship more special.

8.Avoid canceling plans.

Chapman says that people whose primary love language involves quality time will be most hurt by cancelled or postponed plans. They see time spent with you as a sign you love them. If you cancel or postpone spending time with them, it could be taken as an indication that you aren’t interested in them or withholding affection.

There will be times when plans fall apart and people need to have their own time. You should let your partner know if you have to cancel plans or require more alone time. This will show them how much you enjoy spending time together and that you are eager to attend the next event.

9.Make a habit of doing this every day.

Chapman suggests taking a walk after dinner or sharing a hobby like writing or music. Someone who values quality time can find the time to do this every day, even if it is only for 15 minutes.

10.You can go to bed simultaneously.

Chapman suggests that you go to bed together if your schedule allows. You can end the day together and have time to get to know each other before you go to bed.

Although there are no perfect ways to maintain a relationship with your partner, it is possible to learn about their love language and how you love to give and get love. If you suspect that your partner may not be speaking the language you need to have quality time with you, plan a date night and take advantage of every second.

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