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Lucene Duarte: Biography Age, Husband, Family And Networth



Lucene Duarte: There’s a piece of really interesting news about an Instagram model named Lucene Duarte in today’s highlights. Her teenage son created her ad on the OnlyFans app.

Yes, we’re talking about the platform that continues to grow in popularity.

This app is a great way to make money. As we all know, many online personalities are creating accounts on this site on which they post their private photos, and people pay a fee to view them, which is their income. Duarte’s son has recently created another account, but it is for Duarte.


What is the name of Lucene Duarte?

Lucene Duarte

Leonardo Hathway, Lucene’s son, created an account on the OnlyFans app for her mother so that she might make more money. Leonardo is a 19-year-old young man.

We understand that this sounds unusual, but it is the reality. Yes, Lucene’s son creates her account on the app, and he isn’t at all embarrassed.

He told The Mirror that he created her mother’s account on the OnlyFans app so that she might make more money for their future. He also says he doesn’t mind if her mother flaunts her physique on that app.

When it comes to Lucene’s personal and professional life, she is a model and an Instagram influencer. Her Instagram account now has 945,000 followers.


She is highly active on social media and regularly posts her beautiful and stunning photos, which have received millions of likes.

She won the Brazilian Miss Bumbum beauty pageant in 2020. She appeared in several Portuguese publications, such Vietnamese Harpers Bazar and Playboy.

Lucene is a gorgeous model who is one of the most well-known models and Internet personalities. She is also the mother of one child, Leonardo, yet she has kept herself in excellent shape and appears lovely and attractive.

Her age is unknown, although she must be under 40. When she became pregnant, she was still in her adolescent years. His son is quite supportive, and the two of them have a very loved and lovely relationship.


They are currently residing in London, England. Stay in touch with us for further information.

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