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Lucifer Morningstar: 10 Ways Lucifer Has Changed From Morningstar



Lucifer Morningstar may be coming to an end shortly, but the series’ central character has grown tremendously since the first episode.

Following a TV series for a long time increases the entertainment value, but it also causes one to lose focus on the character development. Lucifer is a show that has done an excellent job at developing its characters, despite the fact that viewers have tended to overlook it owing to their tendency of binge-watching the episodes.

10 Ways Lucifer Morningstar Has Changed From The First Episode

A closer exaLucifer Morningstarmination exposes the multiple transformations the main character has undergone over his tenure on the show. So much so that the Lucifer from the first episode and season differs dramatically from the evolved Lucifer. Here are ten ways Lucifer Morningstar has altered as a result of this.

Developing a Concern for Others

The only things Lucifer cared about in the world when the series began were his automobile and his nightclub partying. He had no regard for anyone, including Maze, whom he only saw as his bodyguard.


While he still puts himself first, Lucifer has recently gone out of his way to assist his pals. This was most evident when he actually cared about Ella’s sentiments and eagerly listened to her difficulties. It goes without saying that he is very protective of Chloe.

He Forgives Those Who Have Hurt Him

Fans would not have been able to see the best moments between Lucifer and Amenadiel if the latter had not forgiven his brother for attempting to kill him. When Lucifer was first betrayed, he was quick to demonstrate his fury, even cutting Maze out of his life.

Maze would subsequently do him wrong by siding with Cain, only to be forgiven instantaneously by Lucifer, who declared he no longer held long-term grudges. The original Lucifer would have locked Chloe in Hell because of her relationship with Father Kinley, but Lucifer learned to swallow his rage and forgive when asked.

Returning to His Mother’s Love

Lucifer’s contempt for his mother was so strong that he didn’t even acknowledge her in Season 1. Lucifer never visited Goddess when she was in Hell due to his disdain for her abandonment, but that changed.


After they were reunited, Lucifer gradually grew to love her anew, even going so far as to protect her from being discovered by God. Despite the fact that Goddess came close to killing Linda, Lucifer’s love for her pushed him to give her a second opportunity by escaping into another dimension. Given that Goddess is one of the most disliked characters in the storey, it says a lot about how much his animosity turned into love.

Self-Sacrifice is a quality that many people possess.

There’s always a debate about who’s more evil between Supernatural’s Lucifer and this one. Lucifer Morningstar has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he isn’t like that, as evidenced by his noble gesture of returning to Hell to protect people on Earth from demons.

At the start of the series, Lucifer wouldn’t have given up his hedonistic lifestyle to return to Hell, and there’s no way he would’ve given up his hedonistic lifestyle to return to Hell. Indeed, Lucifer had scoffed off the concept earlier on, making his later return all the more poignant because it signalled his shift toward selflessness.

Considering Other People’s Points Of View

Anyone familiar with Lucifer’s diabolical remarks is likely to believe that he is too self-absorbed to care about what others have to say. That was especially true of Lucifer from Season 1, who had a habit of talking over people and just laughing at their points of view rather than taking them seriously.


Because of his therapy sessions with Linda and encounters with others whose opinions have influenced him, Lucifer now places a high value on what others have to say. Lucifer has reached the point where he wants to legitimise his own thoughts by hearing what his buddies have to say.

Possessing Self-Control Over His Behavior

The best relationship in the series is Chloe and Lucifer’s since their romance grew rather than the two hooking up right away. However, Lucifer had plans for a hook-up in the first episode, and he would attempt to bed Chloe many times.

Lucifer eventually gained self-control and was able to refuse an intoxicated Chloe’s advances. After acquiring perspective, he’s also lost his need for petty vengeance, allowing him to resist the urge to provoke someone even when he had the opportunity.

Allowing Forgiveness

Lucifer was known for bestowing favours on others, which he expected to be repaid. However, the idea of giving someone a second chance after they had disappointed him was foreign to him. But, through time, he’s developed the habit of giving things another shot.


When someone wasn’t being helpful, Lucifer used to call them “useless,” but today the altered Lucifer searches for salvation in these people. This was seen in his contacts with Lee the thief, to whom Lucifer bestowed his riches in order to help him start a new life, despite the fact that Lee deserved it.

Developing the ability to empathise with others

In the first season, Lucifer’s apathy was so extreme that he didn’t care if someone was in pain, choosing instead to mock their grief because he felt it was humorous. After experiencing numerous tragedies in his cases, Lucifer evolved into a nice guy with a true empathetic side.

This is even more astounding when you consider how he’s taken to sympathising with Daniel during his despair, despite the fact that Daniel is the target of Lucifer’s jokes. Lucifer’s humanitarian side has also shown itself whenever he has witnessed injustice, which he would have dismissed in the past.

A desire to improve oneself

Lucifer’s character development is note worthy since he has deliberately pursued it. Rather than being struck by the awareness of his transformation, Lucifer has sought out the concept of being the best he can be. In the first episode, Lucifer had the audacity to believe that he was already flawless.


Lucifer’s first attempts at this weren’t conscious decisions, since he couldn’t understand why he was suddenly doing things that people thought were morally excellent. Lucifer, on the other hand, has taken a more active position in accomplishing what’s right, rather than what he thinks things should be, as he used to.

Prioritizing Love Over Lust

The love triangle between Lucifer, Eve, and Chloe symbolised Lucifer’s inner conflict between his lusty side and his loving side. This dynamic was intriguing because fans didn’t know which side he supported, but it would’ve been too easy to predict if Lucifer had appeared in the first episode.

This one would’ve chosen lust because it sounded like an easy way out of having to face what he really felt. The transformed Lucifer did take an introspective look at himself, and he emerged a happy man when he recognised that his love for Chloe would provide him with true fulfilment.

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