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Ludex Gundyr – Description, Location, Knowledge & Strategy



Ludex Gundyr: Hi, Guys. Today I will be sharing much exciting information on the topic of Ludex Gundyr. Please move on to the article and enjoy reading it.

Ludex Gundyr – Description, Location, Knowledge & Strategy

Ludex Gundyr


Description of Ludex Gundyr

Ludex Gundyr is a boss in Dark Souls third. Gundyr towers above a normal man. He wears significantly complicate cast-iron armor and holds and uses a halberd on his back; oily black tendrils indicate that the Pus of Man damages him.


Location of Ludex Gundyr

It finds in the Cemetery of Ash, near the entrance to Firelink Shrine. He is the first to see kneeling and is immune to damage. Once the sword in his chest is removing, he will rise, and the war will begin.

A Body of Traditions and Knowledge

Once a champion, Gundyr arriving late to Firelink Shrine and was greeted by a shrine without fire. A bell that will not make a charge payable to use a bridge. An unknown warrior bested Gundyr, then became a sword to the Coiled Sword. They were hoping that someday, will link the First Flame once more. Gundyr thereby became a judge, awaits the arrival of chose ash to give them the Coiled Sword.

He receives a special halberd upon charges with his duty and dispassionate with a steel chain. During his vigil sometimes, he became host to a making twisting corruption that mad a will of its own.

The strategy of Ludex Gundyr

Gundyr cannot damage until the Coiled Sword has out his chest. Once done, he will start to rise and is emotional to damages even though his health bar will appear until he has taken up his weapon. It allows the player to deal of considerable importance damage at the beginning of the fight without a Gundyr attack in return for a similar attack.


While his attacks are threatening and aggressive, most of them have poor tracking, are very slow and plentifully telegraph. Serving to hold an object in place a medium distance from him will help avoid his attacks accordingly. Rolling him, seizures or both will allow the player to punish Gundyr with many hits at a time.

When about half of his health has depleted, a gigantic Pus of Man will emerge from within his body and considerably change the battle mechanics. But impressive at first, this quality also suffers severely from poor tracking. However, it does has higher output damage.

Remain behind Gundyr and rolling accordingly to attack he uses is an effective method for avoiding injury in the second half of the fight. Most episodes of Gundyr make him pause to recover, which allows the player to successive land attack.

Keeping in a long distance from Gundyr, he will become more aggressive. Is backing too far away will result in Gundyr dealing significant amounts of damage to an unprepared player.



  • Gundyr will question and make a quick during both phases of the fight.
  • Gundyr will toddle. A comeback cannot follow staggers, but instability will cause damage for the animated period.
  • Gundyr will gain a considerable weakness to fire once the second phase starts.
  • Shoot Gundyr in the head with a bow during the brief time between him standing and his health weapon is appearing. Gundyr will permanently freeze in place and unable to fight back as such will kill him without any real fight.

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