MacBook Air/Pro Gets Frozen on Starting Up, What to Do?

July 26, 2022
MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Living in an era of technology has its own advantages and edges. The MacBook is one of the great inventions and contributions of technology in our daily life. Now People can perform pretty important tasks with great ease and with literally few clicks. But technology is still man-made and inevitable to have faults at times.

Sometimes we go through different situations including upgrading the macOS to experience more enhanced technology. At times this could lead to a situation when your MacBook not turning on. Fixing this condition could be very challenging but by following this article, you can be able to fix frozen Mac when booting up. 

Why My MacBook is not turning on?

Mac device users can enjoy a great deal of user reliability in different daily life tasks and as an entertainment choice. But sometimes you ran into various kinds of problems when your MacBook not turning on. Multiple reasons and causes might be involved in this process. Typically, one of the scenarios is the Mac prohibitory symbol that shows up while booting. Sometimes the issues might not be very serious but still they could prevent your Mac from starting up. 

If your Mac is not booting up or stuck on the starting up like usual, there must be some hidden reason or cause for it. Before going toward a method to fix this problem, make sure you are well aware of the actual cause. Some of the most common reasons for your Mac not booting in might involve the following issues.

  • A software conflict.
  • Downgrading or upgrading macOS.
  • Failed hardware of the Mac device.
  • Power issue.

You can try to fix the boot failure problem but many users find the task challenging. It is understandable. But now you can be your own tech expert with our simply explained methods. There are various ways to start up your Mac. This article summarizes the most promising methods. By following up our simple stepwise guide to fixing the MacBook not turning on, you can fix the problem.

What To Do When MacBook Stuck at Start Up?

Fixing a MacBook device that is stuck at the startup could be very challenging. You can fix this problem by following different methods as listed below. The impact of the method depends on the cause that leads to MacBook not turning on. You can quickly fix this problem by following one of these methods.

Perform a Power Cycle

This process will completely cut off all power traces of from your Mac and let you to restart it from scratch.

  • Disconnect the power cable.
  • Hit and hold the power button to completely shut off the power. 
  • Remove the battery if you have any older version.
  • Connect the power button and restart your mac. 
  • This might work and let your mac boot in like normal

Reset The PRAM

You can fix the PRAM to solve the MacBook not turning on problem on by following these easy steps.

  • Switch off the MacBook either from the Apple menu or by pressing the power button.
  • Hit and hold the key combinations, Option + Command + P + R.
  • The system will start to reset by making the boot chimes.
  • Let it cycle a few times.
  • Release the keys after some seconds.
  • This might will help the system boot.

Boot in Safe Mode

You can also fix the MacBook not turning on problem by booting in safe mode. The process is very simple and help you start your mac like normal.

  • Press the power button.
  • Immediately press and hold Shift key.
  • Release the key when you reach to the log in screen.
  • Continue to start up your mac like usual.

By following the above-mentioned method, you can be able to fix your MacBook startup issue. The result of any of these methods depends on the cause and technical issue behind the problem. You can also recover the data that is stuck in your Mac that won’t boot up normally to prevent data loss by using Mac data recovery software.

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