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Madison Klepesky: How did she die?


This page contains information about Madison Klepesky’s death. This page will provide information about the tragic events and how you can help.

Madison Klepesky: John Paul Gonzalez

Madison Klepesky

Two teens were killed in a car accident that occurred in South Carolina. The Highway Patrol is investigating the matter. One of the teens was an 18-year-old from Philadelphia, PA and the other was a 19-year-old from Bluffton SC.

Investigators are still investigating the details of the collision, even though no cause of death has been established. The highway patrol also updated Jasper County accident data. This may give a better picture of the incident.

Madison’s family has a GoFundMe set up to support them in their grief. Her mother plans to honour her daughter with an extra special ceremony for children. To help underprivileged students pay for proms, a philanthropic trust fund was established in her honour.

The incident may prove to be a valuable learning opportunity for both the young and the old. Madison was an artist and a great athlete. She studied business at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort. Before leaving for college, she was part of the track team as well as president of Babies for Life.

Madison Klepesky

Madison Klepesky’s family is still grieving her tragic passing. She was among three people who were killed in a car accident Saturday night in Aiken South Carolina. The accident happened at the intersection with Old Charleston Highway, Becks Ferry Road.

Two teenage boys died at the scene. John Paul Gonzalez (19 years old) and Herbert Parker (35 years old) were both passengers in the vehicle. Parker was not wearing his seatbelt when the accident occurred.

The accident’s cause has not been determined by investigators. One vehicle ran off the road and struck several trees. Both vehicles were driven by teenage drivers. Madison’s mother also plans to hold a memorial service for her daughter.

Madison was part of the track team at St. Hubert High School and also attended Semper Fi Martial Arts. She met JonPaul Gonzalez while at USCB and they began to date.

Herbert Parker

Madison Klepesky, a young woman, was killed in a car accident on December 4. Madison Klepesky was 18 years old and had lived in South Carolina for six months. She was a student in business management at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort, when she died. Jenifer, her parents, and James are in deep mourning.

After Madison’s death, Madison’s brother wrote a heartfelt message to his sister. He described her as a beautiful, loving girl. He asked her family to support him in the aftermath. Her sister created a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses.

Although there is no information available about the cause of the accident, the Southern Geographic Area Main Highway Patrol has begun investigating. A spokesperson for the highway patrol said that the crime scene was on the “old Charleston highway”.

Car Accident

Madison Klepesky was a teenage girl who died in a crash that resulted in her being hit by a car. It happened at the intersection with Becks Ferry Road on Old Charleston Highway.

The accident involved three people, according to Jasper County Coroner. These were John Paul Gonzalez (a 19-year-old from Bluffton SC), Herbert Parker (a 35-year-old from Hardeeville), and Madison Klepesky.

To determine who was responsible, the investigation is ongoing. Investigators are still looking for the driver of the Altima and Hyundai that collided with each other.

They discovered that the drivers of both Altima and Hyundai were not wearing seatbelts at the crash scene. This is thought to be the main cause of death.

Madison Klepesky was a student of the University of South Carolina, Beaufort. She was studying business administration. Her family moved to South Carolina.

Memorial Vigil

On December 4, last year, the world lost an innocent young woman. Madison Klepesky was a teenager with big dreams. Six months had passed since she arrived in South Carolina.

She was a Business major at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort, when she died. Her family wanted to create a lasting memory of her.

First was the State Capitol’s Christmas lights. This was just one of many memorials to the young woman who was struck and killed by a car. Madison, a South Carolina native, was a top soccer player who had dreams of opening a fashion store.

Jenifer, her mother is a Philadelphia Police Officer. Two of her siblings, who are the oldest of her three children, remain in Philadelphia. Two of her younger sisters live in South Carolina

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