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Marvel’s Eternals comic hands in the Marvel Cinematic Universe



Thanos may be (sort of) dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he’s still alive and well in the current arc of the Eternals comic, and the Mad Titan has just received a Huge Titan new promotion.

Kieron Gillen’s current Eternals series, with Esad Ribi’s art and Matthew Wilson’s colour, is taking the weird characters to absolutely strange places.

In July, the first arc came to a head with a shocking revelation regarding the true cost of the Eternals’ unlimited resurrection technology. The Eternals have an unexpected new supreme leader in the story’s new arc, which begins this week.

Thanos is looking for a new way to gain control and reclaim his birthright as an Eternal


Eternals #7 The Mad Titan was reborn in the last tale cycle, but with a killswitch, which the wise Eternal Druig kindly dealt with, but he’s still not himself.

Druig has a suggestion for Thanos this week: it’s election season for the Eternals, and Thanos should put his hat in the ring.

Eternals #7, which came out on Wednesday, brought the Eternals together to form the Uni-mind — a type of psychic communion that Eternals utilise to make choices and/or do super strong stuff — so that Eternals from all around the universe(s) could vote for the new Prime Eternal.

The Eternal Zuras, who had been in charge since the beginning, was running unopposed.


Thanos would ordinarily never enter the Unimind, much less stand a chance of getting elected.

However, as Druig indicated, many of the Eternals were dissatisfied with Zuras’ leadership or just didn’t vote at all for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some of them had been duped by Druig.

So, in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Thanos enters the Uni-mind and triumphs.

All Eternals are now under the command of the half-Eternal, half-Deviant warlord. Aside from being able to command them all what to do, this also grants him the ability to connect to the Eternals’ Great Machine, allowing him to resurrect himself an infinite number of times.


Thanos murders Zuras and Druig — who had secretly maintained Thanos’ killswitch to try to control him — and prepares to start his scheme for immortality in the last issue. So, what’s next? “Whatever Thanos desires,” as he puts it.

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