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Pinterest Unveils Its Collage-making App, Shuffles, To The Public



After Pinterest matching wallpapers an invitation-only trial phase,Pinterest matching wallpapers new collage-making app Shuffles has been made available to everyone. Gen Z users embraced the app, using it to create “aesthetic” collages. Sometimes, they set the music to play and shared them on TikTok.

Or, they shared the collages privately with their friends or the Shuffles community. Shuffles soared to No. Shuffles was the No. 1 Lifestyle app in the U.S. App store in August.

Since then the app’s popularity has declined

Pinterest matching wallpapers

1 Lifestyle app in America. Sensor Tower data shows that Shuffles is now No. 228, Shuffles was downloaded over 20,000 times last month worldwide, which is a significant drop from the 211,000 iOS installations it received in its first month in the App Store, July 2022. According to estimates, Shuffles has received approximately 607,000 global installs.


Partly, Shuffles’ adoption may be hampered by the fact that it was invite-only, despite growing popularity through viral videos. To access the app you would need to either get an invite code from an existing user, or join a waiting list. Although this exclusivity created some initial demand among young people it is not a long-term strategy for generating interest in a product.

An app must be launched at some point to see if it is able to stand on its own. This is the next step.

TikTok is a hot spot for Shuffles, Pinterest matching wallpapers invitation-only collage-making app. Here’s how you can get in

TikTok is awash with collage-style video “mood board” videos. Pinterest’s newly soft-launched collage maker Shuffles is climbing up the App Store’s top charts thanks to Gen Z users who are using the new creative expression tool to create, publish, and share visual content. Continue reading

Pinterest’s TwoTwenty team created the app. Their goal is to encourage more internal experimentation and improve its innovation rate. This team also launched Pinterest TV, a live shopping feature that allows users to shop on the go. Shuffles was however the first app that emerged from this group.


Users can create collages with Shuffles by using Pinterest matching wallpapers photo library, or simply snapping photos of objects that they wish to include with the camera on their iPhone.

Pinterest has also developed a technology that allows users cut objects from photos, Pinterest boards, or by searching for new Pins.

Similar to iOS 16’s “image cutout” feature, you can copy an object from a photograph and paste it into another app. This makes it easier to cut out objects with Shuffles. It automatically recognizes them in your photos and makes them available for you to paste into your collages.

Your images can be  to move and shake

You can also apply these effects to specific items. You could, for example, add an image of a record-player to your item and then animated it so that it spins.


Pinterest is a partner in the app, so it’s not just a source of imagery. Pinterest is linked to the objects in the collages. Users can tap on items that they like, and they will be display in Pinterest matching wallpapers app. If they are available on a retailer’s site, they can also be purchase.

The initial success of Shuffles was due to its target audience, a younger generation who uses social media for creativity and self-expression as well as networking.

After Apple introduced the ability to add widgets to iOS 14, Pinterest was the most popular tool for creating custom iPhone Home Screens.

This resulted in a flurry of Home Screen designs that included widgets, custom icons, and matching wallpapers.

A startup called Landing recently created a digital platform to create vision boards. This has gained popularity with Gen Z users, and may have inspired Shuffles.


Pinterest has removed the requirement that you sign up for a waitlist to access Shuffles. The company said that Shuffles is still in its “test phase.”

The iOS-only app is available in the U.S.A, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

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