Megan Zalonka: Matt Gaetz paid companion And Instagram model

December 16, 2021
Megan Zalonka

Megan Zalonka: According to a new storey, Congressman Matt Gaetz snorted cocaine two years ago and had wild sex with an attendant at a fundraiser after the party.

According to a revelation in the Daily Beast, Megan Zalonka, an alleged accompanist and part-time model on Instagram, compensated taxpayers for a profession that entailed no work.

According to reports on Friday, Gaetz’s ‘wing’ Joel Greenberg will appear in court on Monday to plead guilty to six counts of fraud and sex offences.

After a cocaine-fueled party at a Trump fundraiser, he’ll accuse Gaetz of paying prostitute Megan Zalonka. Gaetz allegedly had a deal with Zalonka to pay her in exchange for sex.

Money and sex go hand in hand

Megan Zalonka

Greenberg, a former Florida tax collector, will accuse Gaetz of paying at least 15 young women for sex, according to the Daily Beast. One of them, Zalonka, is simply one of them.

The Florida congressman withdrew to the Westgate Lake Resort in Orlando after an afterparty following the ‘Trump Defender Gala,’ according to two witnesses who spoke to the site. Other women were present, including Zalonka.

Gaetz was in the hotel room bathroom with Zalonka, a cannabis legalisation campaigner, when she pulled cocaine from a make-up bag and drew lines on the worksheet.

Gaetz is said to have deducted the hotel bill as a campaign expense because his contributors were willing to take the risk.

According to the reports, Zalonka and Gaetz had a long-term financial relationship in exchange for sex.

Greenberg is said to have paid the mentee up to $15,000 in government money after hiring her for a job as a social media manager in Seminole County, Florida.

She was not, however, expected to work. “She was just one of many pieces of poverty he possessed,” a source familiar with Gaetz and Zalonka’s discussions claimed.

Switches that are hazardous

The Justice Department is apparently looking into Gaetz for alleged sexual misconduct and claims he broke sex trafficking rules.

Gaetz However, he categorically refuted all charges, as well as previous reports that he and his former party wing, as well as Greenberg, had sex with a lady aged 17 years old.

Gaetz has also stated that he will not resign his congressional seat.

Zalonka, on the other hand, is just one of many women linked to Gaetz in recent weeks. According to the website, Zalonka secured the position on social media in 2017 and made up to $ 17,500 at Greenberg.

The ‘job’ started in December 2017, when she was forming her own company, MZ Strategy Group LLC, and liaising with Greenberg.

Greenberg offered her a contract the following month, agreeing to pay her $ 3,500 a month for “digital content management” and “social media connections.”

According to the Daily Beast, the assertions are backed up by a check of “matching government documents.” The woman had never worked at Greenberg’s office, according to four persons who were under Zalonka’s control, and it’s unclear what kind of services she delivers.

“I’m not sure what they did.” Employees will have no idea what they’re doing.

Daniel O’Keefe, who led a forensic examination of Greenberg’s alleged self-enrichment schemes, described it as “completely a job that doesn’t show up.”

According to the site, Zalonka discovered that during his first term in office in 2017, he received usually $ 500 instalments from Greenberg’s Venmo.

“Congressman Gaetz does not wish to comment on whether he has dated specific ladies or not,” the Logan Circle Group, a Gaetz-hired liaison business, stated in a statement. “Women’s privacy in their private life must be preserved.”

A criminal defence attorney, Mark J. O’Brien, claimed the claims against Zalonka were not “correct,” but that she would not clarify them.

Zalonka is currently the communications director for the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association, a group that Gaetz’s buddies formed and openly endorse.

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