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Merrianne Jessop: Who is She & Where is She Now?


Merrianne Jessop, the youngest wife of Warren Jeffs, President of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is Merrianne Jessop. Jessop was only 12 years old when they were married. Here are the most recent updates on their marriage.

After his father’s passing, Warren Jeffs assumed the role of prophet in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 2002. He then began to commit horrific behavior, including marrying underage girls and raping his family members.

Peacock’s documentary ‘Preaching Evil: A Wife On the Run with Warren Jeffs’ shows how he was finally arrested and convicted for sexually abusing two teenage girls. According to the show, the girls were Merrianne and Veda Jessop. Here’s what we know about their current location.

Warren Jeffs’ wife Merrianne Jessop, president of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is Merrianne Jessop. Jeffs took over the role of prophet at FLDS Church after his father died in 2002. Jeffs went on to commit other egregious acts, including marrying underage girls and raping family members and sexually assaulting children.

Jessop was 12 years old when she married Jeffs. Police discovered that Jeffs had taken Veda Keate and Jessop, both underage girls in celestial marital relationships.

Jessop is also the brother of Naomie Fells Jessop who is believed to be Jeffs’s wife. People are now curious to learn more about Jessop’s current life, which we have listed below. To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

Who is Merrianne Jessop?Merrianne jessop

Merrianne Jessop, Warren Jeffs’ wife, was convicted in 2011 of two counts of child sexual assault. He is currently serving a 20-year sentence. Jeffs was appointed counselor to the church leader after his father died in 2002. After a while, Jeffs married all of his father’s wives, except two. The first denied Jeffs marriage and was later banned from marrying again. Rebecca Wall ran the FLDS compound.

He also married several women who were underage. Merrianne, who was 12 years old when they were married in July 2006, is another one. Jeffs had moved many FLDS members to Texas in 2003.

After some time, he was detained and sent to jail for rape as a complicit. After receiving a tip about the sexual abuse of a minor girl, officers raided the ranch and conducted a thorough search. The police discovered evidence that teenage girls were being married to older men, even though the information was a fraud. The state took over 400 children from the ranch and placed them in state custody.

Later, authorities discovered that Jeffs had married two girls who were under age in celestial marriages. Jessop was one, and Veda Keate was the other. Veda was only 14 years old at the time they were married.

Merrianne Jessop Marriage

Merrianne Jessop, as we mentioned, was only 12 years old when she married Warren Jeffs. She was the wife of Jeffs and the sister to Naomie Fells. Naomie was Warren’s wife and scribe.

In 2011, Jeffs convicted of two counts of child sexual abuse in relationto Jessop. She was sentenced to life imprisonment. Jessop was later placed in foster care and she lived there for a time before being given custody to her cousin. She is also said to have returned to Texas ranch.

Where is Merrianne Jessop Now?

Warren convicted in 2011 of two counts of sexual abuse against a child in relation Merrianne and Veda. He sentenced to life imprisonment. Merrianne was placed in foster care until her guardianship was granted to her cousin who wasn’t an FLDS member. It was reported that she had returned to Texas’ ranch by August 2009. This is her last known place. Veda has remained away from the public eye since the end of her case. According to a 2008 report, she was in Converse, Texas.

Who is Merrianne Father?

Merrianne Jessop was born to her father Merril Jessop. Merril had Merriane with his third (and favored) “wife” Barbara Jessop. At the time Merril had had six wives and numerous children. Their family would continue to grow with wives and children as time went on.

Merrianne’s father moved her and the rest of his family to Texas in 2003, when she was nine years old, on a big acreage owned by the church named Yearning For Zion Ranch. The purpose was so the new leader of the church, Warren Jeffs could train Merrianne on how to be a “heavenly comfort wife”.

Her two brothers (Leroy and Raymond) also received child brides-one fifteen year old each in July 2006. The court charged Merril with “conducting a marriage ceremony prohibited by law”. Several reports revealed that Merrianne’s father performed the ceremony. He is now out of jail.

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