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Miami Dade surgeons take Dare to Operate Brazilian Butt Lift {BBL}



In this Article, You can able to clear about Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure, cost, and Death risk,etc  lets read

Seven plastic surgeons have asked an appeals court for a blockade to a state emergency rule that added restrictions on procedures called “Brazilian Butt Lifts”

After the Florida Board of Medicine had approved the emergency rule, the surgeons who are based in Miami-Dade County and the group Surgeons For Safety, Inc. filed Monday’s challenge in the 3rd District Court of Appeal.


The rule restricts surgeons to only performing three procedures per day. They must also use ultrasound. These procedures are also known as gluteal fat transplantation. They involve injecting fat into the buttocks to increase or change shape.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The surgeons’ attorneys disputed the legitimacy or fairness of an emergency rule Brazilian buttlifts need a lot of attention.

In a petition to the South Florida appeals court, attorneys Tara Campion and Bruce Rogow wrote that “Gluteal fat transfer is not per se deadly.” “If there were improvements to the procedure, there was no reason for a rule of emergency.”

The rule noted that 10 patients who had undergone Brazilian buttlifts in the last three years died. The Board of Medicine also issued an emergency rule in June 2019 to increase safety.

“The Board of Medicine continues to believe an outright ban of gluteal fat-grafting procedures is unnecessary, but the fact there has been at most a de minimis decrease in deaths related to gluteal grafting over the 36 month period following the board’s June 17, 2019, emergency rule leads the Board of Medicine concludes that the status quo was unacceptable and that it continues presenting an immediate threat to the health safety and welfare of Florida’s residents,” the emergency rule stated.

Brazilian buttlifts have attracted a lot of attention

Brazilian Butt Lift has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Board of Medicine member Kevin Cairns start during the June 3 meeting, that Florida is “ground zero” for this procedure.


According to the transcript of the Board of Medicine meeting, Cairns stated that patients from all parts of the country fly to South Florida, “and what… we see” according to the legal challenge. They’re bringing a bag, and they meet their surgeon for the first time when they… attend office surgery.

According to the emergency rule, the procedure involves removing fat from the abdominals and thighs of patients and injecting it into their buttocks. Pulmonary fat embolisms are a condition where fat gets into the bloodstreams of patients, causing them to die.

The emergency rule limited surgeons to three Brazilian buttlifts per day. This was done to reduce surgeon fatigue and to minimize errors. The legal challenge argued that the limit was arbitrary and surgeons could still perform other procedures on the same days as Brazilian buttlifts.

The challenge stated that “if ‘fatigue” was the theoretical basis of the ’emergency ‘limitation, then the limitation is neither rational nor just.” “Especially when there has not been an adequate, complete opportunity to be heard in relation to the consequences – practical, economic, and safety-wise.


Instruments used to inject fat into Brazilian Butt Lift {BBL}

To help guide cannulas (instruments used to inject fat), the emergency rule will require ultrasound. However, the challenge was that ultrasound would in part require additional equipment and training.

The surgeons’ lawyers wrote that the ultrasound rule requires that procedures are performed in a way that surgeons are not trained to do. Because ultrasound is not used in plastic surgery, additional training would be required for surgeons to integrate ultrasound use into gluteal fat transfer procedures. Ultrasound is not taught in any way.

The emergency rule stated that the Board of Medicine was “of the opinion” that its actions were a measured regulatory approach that protected Florida’s patients and maintained the availability of the popular aesthetic surgery procedure.


what does the Brazilian butt lift cost? 


Our Latham practice in Albany, NY offers Brazilian buttlifts starting at $8,000 to $10,000. The price includes all fees, including anesthesia, facility, post-op, and all other office and surgeon fees

what Does the Brazilian butt lift death rate ?

The high death rate from Brazilian buttlifts was investigated by a task force. It found that approximately 3% of surgeons had witnessed a patient die after the procedure.

is a Brazilian butt lift can be dangerous ?


The surgery can leave patients paralyzed or in long-term pain. An investigation into the high mortality rate from Brazilian buttlifts revealed that around 3% of surgeons had witnessed a patient die.

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