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Michaiah Hanks: All You Need To Know About Chet Hanks Daughter


Michaiah Hanks was born to actor and musician Chester Marlon Hanks (Chet Hanks), and Tiffany Miles. Michaiah Hanks is best known for being the granddaughter of veteran actor Tom Hanks. Her father Chet Hanks played prominent roles in “Empire” as well as “Shameless.”

Although Chet’s daughter was not born from a relationship, her father believes she is the best thing to have ever happened to him. He says Michaiah was a great help in his recovery.

He doesn’t hesitate to mention how much his daughter means. How did she get to know Chet Hanks. They were just friends? How much does Tom love Michaiah himself? All this and more is available in the details. To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

Michaiah Hanks’ Parents Never Had a Relationshipmichaiah hanks

Hanks was born April 2016. She is of Greek and Bulgarian, Portuguese, English, and English descent. Her father is from Portugal. Michaiah is maternal-wise and has African-American ancestry. Her mother is from Indio in California.

Tiffany Miles, Michaiah’s mother, was not Chet’s girlfriend or had any kind of romantic relationship with him. According to what we hear, the couple had just a one-night stand as Chet’s son was drinking.

Chet however claims that the woman who gave birth to his daughter is the most sweet person he’s ever met.

In the midst of George Floyd protests, the heavily tattooed artist paid tribute to Miles, his daughter’s mother, in a touching tribute. Chet also posted a series Instagram photos of him standing in front Geroge Floyd’s artwork. He wrote how grateful he was to Tiffany, calling her the mother of his child and a beautiful, black woman.

  • Full name: Michaiah Hanks
  • Date of birth: 16th April 2016
  • Age: 6 years as of 2021
  • Place of birth: California, Los Angeles, United States
  • Current residence: Palm Springs, California
  • Nationality: America
  • Ethnicity: African- American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eye colour: Dark Brown
  • Father: Chester Marlon
  • Hanks Father’s profession: Actor, musician
  • Mother: Tiffany Miles
  • Mother’s profession: Broadcasting journalist
  • Grandfather: Tom Hanks
  • Grandmother: Rita Wilson
  • Uncle: Colin and Truman
  • Aunt: Elizabeth Hanks
  • Cousins: Olivia and Charlotte

Chet announced his relationship on Instagram

Chet, Tom’s son and Rita’s daughter posted the news to his Instagram account to announce their relationship with Michaiah. However, the post has been deleted. The actor/musician stated in the video:

“I wanted to share something because it was about to be shared in the media, which is the fact I have a girl. My daughter is the best thing to ever happen to me. She’s the reason I changed my life and became sober.

Chet also shared that he has been sober for more than a year and half since he quit everything. He said that his daughter was not something to post and that he loved her. That’s how he’s changed his entire life.

But it wasn’t until February 2019 that the proud father took his first steps outside with Michaiah Hanks, Michaiah’s daughter, in La Quinta in California.

Michaiah’s Father is an Actor & Singer

Although he has a lot of screen experience, Chet Hanks still struggles to achieve the same fame as his father over the years. Michaiah was still a star on hit shows like Empire and Shameless. He was also the Showtime legal drama miniseries Your Honor’s Joey Maldini. He’s appeared in Bratz and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as well as Project X and Fantastic Four.

Chet is a singer/songwriter and actor. Under the alias Chet Heze, he recorded “White and Purple”, in 2011. This song was a remix from Wiz Khalifa’s single “Black and Yellow”.

Drew Arthur and Chet formed FTRZ in 2016 as a musical duo. They released their first singles “Models” in 2016 and “NowhereLand” two years later, as well as the Ocean Park EP. The duo then released two singles in 2020 (“Models” and “NowhereLand”), as well as the Ocean Park EP under the new name Something Out West.

Tiffany Miles, Michaiah’s mother is a California State University graduate. Moguldom Media Group LLC is her internship. Miles works in Downtown La’s news industry. She assists with managing YouTube, Twitter and Email accounts. Other jobs she does include operating the teleprompter on live shoots, processing documentation and preparing equipment to be used for red carpet appearances.

Michaiah Hanks’ Famous Grandparents

As we have already mentioned, Michaiah was born into a prominent family. It is not necessary to introduce her grandfather. Tom, her grandad and film star is a cultural icon in America.

Michaiah’s actor grandfather’s films have grossed more than $4.9 billion in North America and more than $9.96 billion worldwide, making him the fourth-highest-grossing actor in North America.

Tom is best known for his films Splash, Bachelor Party and Big. He won two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor in Philadelphia (1993), and Forrest Gump (1994).

Michaiah was born to a grandfather who was the first husband of late actress Samantha Lewes. He lived from 1978 to 1987. Their son Colin Hanks also is an actor. Samantha and Tom also had a daughter, Elizabeth Hanks.

Forrest Gump actor Hanks was in a 33 year marital relationship with Rita Wilson (also Michaiah’s grandmother). Hanks and Wilson are parents to two sons. The father of Michaiah is Chester Marlon “Chet”, Hanks. The younger son is Truman Theodore. He was born in 1995. The Hanks family lives in Los Angeles, California and Ketchum Idaho.

Relationship Between Michaiah And The Hanks Family

According to an insider, the Hanks family is in love with Michaiah.

The Hanks have fallen in love and are still in love with the little girl. They love that baby so much they even celebrated Halloween together. The Hanks family will continue to love and care for her.”

His Oscar-winning father Tom provided financial assistance to Chet, including the rent of his Santa Monica home at $2,800. Tiffany was also able to assist Chet with his daughter’s custody.

Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks and Michaiah shared their stories of being great grandparents to their grandchildren.

“We are the cool grandparents.”

Wilson stated. Her long-term husband said, “I think [we] are] the coolest,”

Rita and Tom agreed that they don’t need TV, radio or books when their grandchildren visit. Their grandkids were able to put up with them, they thought. Wilson explained, “Sometimes they just stare at us like, ‘What?

Michaiah’s father struggled with substance abuse

Chet Hanks, Hanks’ dad, struggled with addiction in his past. In several interviews, he has spoken out candidly and apologized for his past addictions.

Chet, who revealed that he suffered from substance abuse since he was 16, but became sober in his twenties, said this November 2014. In June 2015, Chet made headlines on Instagram for using the N-word. Some sources claimed that he was missing for several weeks.

His Instagram video showed him selling cocaine until his nose clogged. Michaiah’s dad said that he had even smoked crack. He once trashed a hotel, posed for pictures with Guns and spent several times in rehab.

Michaiah helped her father get sober

Chet’s quirky. Drugs got him in trouble with his parents.

Michaiah was allegedly under the influence when his father caused a car crash in mid-2016. Chet was, however, driving the car of his parents. Terry Morgan, the victim of the accident, sued them.

Chet suffered whiplash and a brain injury. Trouble and parties were the only things that defined Rita and Tom’s first child.

Now, these days seem behind him. Chet credits Michaiah for this. According to Empire star, his daughter is the best thing he’s ever done. He says Michaiah is why he changed his life and became sober. The Shameless actor said, “I have been sober for more than a year and half from everything.”

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