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My Hero Academia Midnight Mha Death Explained


Midnight Mha: was one of the numerous victims of the Paranormal Liberation War, but what happened to her in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime series created by Kihei Horikoshi set in an universe where most of the human population has superpowers known as “quirks,” resulting in the formation of superheroes and villains.

My Hero Academia Midnight Mha

Midnight Mha

Young aspiring superheroes are forced to attend hero academies, one of which being U.A. High School, an elite institution.

U.A. High School features one of the top training programmes in the world and an experienced faculty of superheroes.

One of the professors is a superhero named Midnight (civilian name: Nemuri Kayama), who teaches a class called “contemporary hero art history” and has the “Somnambulist” quirk, which allows her to exude a sleep-inducing perfume from her naked skin.

Midnight is one of My Hero Academia’s more risqué characters, with her charming nature, exposing clothes, and dominatrix tendencies. As such is a fan favourite among some sectors of the series’ audience.

Midnight’s appearance on My Hero Academia was unfortunately brief. During the Paranormal Liberation War arc of the manga, Hawks learnt that the wicked Paranormal Liberation Front gang planned to assault numerous major cities to destroy hero civilization.

Midnight from My Hero Academia was part of a team of superheroes sent to raid the Paranormal Liberation Front’s headquarters and arrest its members. Still, the mission proved to be Midnight’s last.

A battle between heroes and villains began, and My Hero Academia chapter 278 followed Midnight as she used her Somnambulist quirk to take down the colossal foe Gigantomachia.

Mr. Compress, a fellow villain, thwarted her efforts by throwing rubble her way, leaving her injured and isolated from her comrades.

Midnight was assaulted by a small gang of Paranormal Liberation Front villains. Her fate remained unknown until My Hero Academia chapter 296 announced her death — likely at the hands of her assailants.

The fact that Midnight died off-screen did not go over well with fans of My Hero Academia.

The good news (sort of) is that the Studio Bones anime version of the manga is set to start filming the Paranormal Liberation War arc, so there’s a chance it’ll reveal more about Midnight’s final moments.

My Hero Academia fans, on the other hand, may find Midnight’s anime demise just as sad, given how accurate the anime is to its source material.

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