Mike Pompeo: How He Loss Weight 90 Pounds in Six Months

August 31, 2022
mike pompeo

Mike Pompeo has shed a staggering 90 pounds in six months after making drastic lifestyle changes since he left the Trump administration last year.

In an interview with the New York Post, the former director of the CIA said losing weight has been “a lifetime struggle,” but the turning point was stepping on a scale on June 14, 2021, and seeing that he weighed nearly 300 pounds for the first time in his life.

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Mike Pompeo Weight 

mike pompeo

Once Donald Trump’s presidency is over. Mike’s health began to worry him in June 2021 when he stepped on a scale and saw that he was only 10 pounds away from 300. Later that day, after waking up, he declared to his wife, Susan Pompeo, “Today is the day.”

Within a matter of months, Mike Pompeo shed a massive 90 pounds. Being Secretary of State is not an easy job, so it’s no surprise that Pompeo spends a lot of his day on the road. He was frequently compelled to dine away from home, and as most people favour unhealthy fast food options, this presented a significant challenge. Junk food is the leading cause of unhealthy weight gain and, in the long run, obesity. This was also the case for Pompeo.

How Did Mike Lose Weight

Mike’s Weight Gain Is Work-Related. Fly 13-14 hours a day and work to use as much time as he can. Pompeo gained 100 pounds in the last decade, and as State Secretary, it’s hard to maintain a regimen or plan.

Mike determined to improve his life after learning he weighs about 300 pounds. He worked out at his basement gym. Mike told the Post, “I had no trainer or dietician, I did it myself.” Many fitness trainers and dieticians say it’s impossible to lose weight on your own, but Mike explains how he did it.

Mike said, “It’s true that I’ve struggled to lose weight. Pompeo said the appropriate mindset and discipline are needed to feel healthy. “Doing the right thing and being disciplined” This is how he handled high-pressure government posts, but not his health until recently.

Pompeo must stop eating cheeseburgers and fries while working late or travelling the world to reduce weight. 58-year-old mike lost weight by making small lifestyle modifications and avoiding carbs.

Mike used dumbbells and an elliptical in his basement gym. He exercises daily. He claimed in an interview, “I went virtually every day. I try to spend at least 30 minutes there.

Changes of Mike life to lose weight

Pompeo’s family custom is going to a restaurant for spaghetti, bread, cheeses, and dessert. Mike didn’t stop having gatherings when he chose to get in shape, but he now prefers egg whites and a salad to pancakes drenched in syrup. Mike changed his daily routine to reduce weight. The former C.I.A. director remarked, “First I had to be in good shape mentally, then physically.”

Not just Pompeo promotes fitness. George HW Bush used the Air Force One treadmill on long overseas flights. Bill Clinton started jogging after triple bypass surgery. Mike Huckabee was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes after a cabinet meeting chair fell on him. The Republican presidential contender shed 100 lbs by dieting and running.

Internet users say Mike had weight-loss surgery. Mike’s side or any media house hasn’t commented on his weight loss procedure. We think he didn’t have weight-loss surgery, but he’s lost 90 pounds naturally.

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