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Mildred Williams: Biography of Hugh Hefner’s ex-wife



Mildred Williams: is certified in psychodynamic therapy, EMDR and child therapy. Millie Williams earned her bachelor’s in social work at East Tennessee State University. She was also a graduate magna cum lauree of Florida State University. After that, she completed a fellowship at the Institute for Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Research and Training in Advanced Psychotherapy at the Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center.

Ms. Williams is an expert in psychotherapy and assessment for children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of problems. With the exception of five years where she provided intensive psychotherapy for children in residential psychiatric treatment, her practice was in outpatient settings. In addition to direct treatment experience, Ms. Williams also provides consultation and clinical supervision to child-serving agencies. She also provides assistance to employees in crisis situations at work. Ms. Williams’ specialties include the treatment and assessment of trauma victims of all ages, as well as adults suffering from anxiety and depression.

Mildred William’s Biography

Mildred Williams

She (also known as Millie Williams), was the first wife to Hugh Hefner. Williams and Hefner were married young, but their marriage was cut short by Williams’ shocking confession about her infidelity. Williams was able to make a new start with their children after Hefner started Playboy magazine. Hefner was a media entrepreneur, but Williams preferred to be quiet. Hefner was also a student at Northwestern University. She studied sociology for one semester before she dropped out. Williams was bolder than Hefner, who was shy and conservative. After high school, she met Hugh. Later they dated for a time. Mildred waited patiently for Hugh when he went to the American army.


Hugh Hefner’s First Wife Millie Williams

Hugh’s ex-wife continues to intrigue many people around the globe. Millie was born March 10, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois. She was popularized by her marriage to her celebrity husband.

Millie finished her elementary schooling and passed her exams. She enrolled at Northwestern University in sociology. After the first semester, Millie dropped out.

Millie and Hugh met after Millie dropped out of school. However, it is not clear when they connected. However, they did get closer and started dating passionately. This eventually led to marriage in June 1949.

Hugh’s first marriage to his wife ended in 1959 due to infidelity. This was a marital problem that had impacted their relationship long before they got married.


Hugh was shocked to learn from Millie that she had an affair while he was still serving in the army. She made Hugh have an extramarital affair because of her infidelity.

Hugh and Millie’s kids

Hugh and Millie received Christie in November 1952. graduated in 1974 from Brandeis University with a bachelor’s in English and American literature.One year later, she started working for her father’s business, eventually becoming president of Playboy Enterprises 1982 and CEO 1988. Christie resigned in 2008 to pursue charitable work.

Hugh and Millie had their second child, David. He was born August 1955 in Palos Alto (California). According to reports, he studied film at Santa Barbara University and also did computer consulting.David reportedly made “Forgotten Pills”, an independent film that won him the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature at 2010 Dances with Films Festival. David is very private about his personal life.

Hugh, in addition to Christie, David, is the father of Marston and Cooper, both of whom he was born to Kimberley Conrad , 1989’s Playmate of the year. Marston was born to the couple in 1990.Hugh and Kimberley were blessed with their second child. Cooper was born in Los Angeles on September 21, 1991. In 2015, he graduated from Chapman University and started his media startup, Hop the next year.


After his father’s death, Cooper assumed the role of Chief Creative Officer at Playboy Enterprises. He enlisted in 2019 with the United States Air Force.He and Scarlett Byrne welcomed their daughter Betsy Rose Hefner on August 24, 2020.Hugh passed away September 27, 2017 at his Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. He was 91.

Millie Williams: Personal life

She had previously married Hugh Hefner, a Playboy Enterprises Hugh Hefner. The couple met shortly after graduating from school and began dating. She had waited patiently for Hef to return from the American army. They were both 23 years old when they got married on 25 June 1949. After spending close to ten years together, their relationship ended on March 18, 1959.

They had two children from their marriage: Christie, who was born on 8/11/52, and Dave, who was born on 30/8/55. She remained single throughout her divorce. Her husband was married three times and had several relationships with girls. She later married Edwin Gunn, her second husband. He also adopted her children. However, this marriage didn’t last and they divorced.

Hugh, her first husband, died at home in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles on September 27, 2017, at the age of just 91. Sepsis, a disease caused by an E.coli infection, was what caused his death. His body was also buried in Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, near Marilyn Monroe.


Millie Williams: Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

Her income might indicate that she may have earned a lot from what she does. She has not provided any information about her professional career. She might have been able to inherit some good fortune from her divorce settlement with Hugh. Hugh Hefner, her first husband, had a net worth of approximately $45 million as of 2017.

She seems to be unavailable on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. She has also disappeared from the media since her divorce from Hefner.

Millie Williams: Measurements of the Body

Her average height is approximately 5′ 4in or 1.63m. Other than that, information about her body weight and body measurements is not available. She has silver hair and dark eyes.

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