Home News Milwaukee Shooting: Shooter kills 1 and injures 3 during a family gathering

Milwaukee Shooting: Shooter kills 1 and injures 3 during a family gathering


Milwaukee Shooting: Around 9:19 p.m., the incident took place close to 22nd and Clarke, according to authorities.

Milwaukee police are investigating after a quadruple shooting Wednesday night. MPD reported a two-alarm fire occurred during the incident.

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Shirley Mallory, 82, was killed. Her son knows the gunman and doesn’t know why he fired.

Gregory Mallory has known the shooter since he was young but had strange feelings about him.

Gregory told his father, “He’s weird, leave him alone.” “My dad would say something, but he didn’t.” The incident occured 9:19 p.m. near 22nd and Clarke.

Police found a shot 82-year-old woman’s body. A 88-year-old woman was found shot in Colorado and hospitalised.

Two additional men, ages 85 and 65, were shot and treated at a hospital.

The footage we obtained from a neighbor shows very little, but you can clearly hear laughter immediately following the gunfire.

No firefighter was hurt, police say. According to investigators, the homeowner knows the alleged shooter.

After the shooting, the fire department held a press conference Wednesday night and stated the suspect had gone back inside the residence.

The gunshot and fire’s cause is unknown.

Upon hearing the news, a man who had grown up in the area hurried over.

Saturday was going to be the 53206 block party, he said. He said he no longer has faith that something so “devastating” will never happen again.

Milwaukee police have issued a public appeal for help locating a wanted individual, requesting that anybody with information call either 414-935-7360 or 414-224-TIPS.

Milwaukee Shooting: The Sufferers

milwaukee shooting

According to Mallory’s son, Gregory, three people were killed, including his father and a Colorado-visiting aunt. They’ll probably make it through alive.

According to Gregory and the neighbours, the gunshot occurred as the victims were having fun on the porch.

“Really, she was fantastic. It bothered no one and caused no problems “Gregor said. She raised my older sister and I while she was having fun.

Sue and Ivory are 60-year-olds. People who lived near them remarked on how kind and nice they were.

“They were wonderful neighbours who made friends easily. They said “hello” whenever they saw you, and we had frequent conversations with them “reported one anonymous neighbour.

A neighbouring resident filmed the shooting and confrontation.

It’s not some random person, Gregory assured us.

According to Gregory and other neighbours, the suspect used to live next door to the Mallorys but they no longer saw him there.

The motive for the shooting remains unknown.

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