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October 3, 2022
Misa Death Note

Misa Death Note: Amane (, Amane Misa) is a young model, actress, and Kira supporter who grows up to become the Second Kira. After she gets a Death Note, she goes to find Kira to thank him for killing the person who killed her family and to offer to help him.

Misa finds out that Kira’s real name is Light Yagami after making the trade for the Shinigami Eyes. After she meets Light, she decides to spend her whole life helping Light in any way she can. She also becomes determined to use her eyes to find out L’s real name.

Misa Amane Showing Up

Misa Death Note

Misa Death Note is a short, slim, beautiful young woman with long, straight, golden-blonde hair that she usually wears in pigtails tied with red bands, but sometimes wears loose. In the anime, it looks like she was once a brunette.

She also wears blue contacts all the time. In the games, her eyes are usually a light brown colour, but they can also be pink. In the movie, Misa also seems to have black hair, which she wore in pigtails the whole time.

Misa dresses in a Gothic and Punk style a lot, but not as much since the time jump. She also usually paints her nails bright red or dark purple and wears bright red lipstick.

Misa’s crosses are fleur-de-lis in the anime (most notably on the Misa finger puppet). Misa has a cross in the first anime opening and third anime soundtrack liner notes.The collector’s figure of her that comes with volume 5 of the DVD sets also has a cross on it.

Character Misa’s career

makes her outgoing and popular. Misa Death Note draws a crowd near Light’s school. Hyperactive, impetuous, and infantile, she speaks in third person. Misa has moments of cleverness, such when she convinces Kyosuke Higuchi into revealing himself as Yotsuba Kira. Misa’s shinigami eyes allow her to see a person’s name and lifetime above their head, making it easier to use the Death Note.

As the Second Kira, she’s irresponsible, leading to her arrest and confinement on Kira suspicion. She delivered the recordings herself, failed to ensure no DNA was on the envelopes, and defied Light’s instruction to remain away (as he was already accused of being Kira) as he guessed L was following him.

Misa Death Note compassionate, but she’s also cruel: She threatens Light she’ll kill any other women he dates, even if they’re part of his plan to deflect suspicion from herself and Misa.

Misa’s sunny disposition has been damaged by seeing her parents murdered. In the movie, Rem claims Misa went through a profound melancholy after learning the perpetrator was acquitted. Misa’s gratitude and hero-worship after Kira kills the murderer drive her acts as the Second Kira. After she loves Light, she behaves differently.

Misa regularly comments on Light Yagami’s importance, proclaiming her love for him despite minimal reciprocation. She’s so loyal to Light that she won’t kiss Hideki Ryuga while shooting a film about it. After losing her Death Note memories for the first time, she helps Light catch Kira, her family’s avenger (who has joined the Task Force for the investigation of Kira case and also creating an alibi for yourself).

History Misa saw her family killed during an attempted

home robbery a year before the first episode of the show. The trial against the person who killed her parents went on for a long time.

Misa Death Note met an obsessed stalker with a knife one night not long after she started working as a model. He told Misa how he felt, but she turned him down, so he attacked her and tried to kill her. A Shinigami named Gelus fell in love with Misa while he was watching her from the Shinigami Realm. He wrote down the name of her stalker and killed him, which saved Misa’s life.

Since Shinigami are supposed to kill, not prolong life, She died and crumbled to dust, leaving his Death Note. Gelus saved Misa’s life. Because of this, she lived longer than she would have otherwise. Rem, a different Shinigami, saw the sacrifice and decided that Gelus’ notebook should go to Misa, just as Gelus had wanted. Rem has to stay with Misa because he gave her the Death Note, just like Ryuk has to stay with Light. Over time, Rem starts to like Misa, just like Gelus did. Misa made a deal with Rem to get the eye so she could meet Kira and thank her for taking care of her parents. She uses this ability to find Light Yagami.

Plot Misa plans to make videos

She has a friend prepare the cassettes so her fingerprints won’t be on them to grab Kira’s attention.She submits four cassettes to Sakura TV, which reports live four days later. He says the first tape predicts the death of two crooks.

The criminals die of heart failure at 7pm. Only Kira could conduct such an act, thus the host is positive the tapes are from her. He also says they were directed to air the second recording at 5:59 pm but had not seen it. The Japanese Task Force sees the broadcast.
A “Kira” voice kills a news anchor at the appointed moment.

The audio recording states that one death isn’t enough to prove they are Kira, so they’ll sacrifice another Taiyou TV analyst for opposing Kira. As the programme continues, the speaker states they don’t want to kill innocent people, the police aren’t enemies, and Kira wants a crime-free world. “Kira” continues by saying that you won’t be killed if you disagree with her in private.

Before Misa kills Ukita, he arrives at Sakura TV station.

Soichiro Yagami rams a bus into Sakura TV station. “Kira” asks the police to respond on April 22 if they will help her create a better world, and she will air videos at 6 pm on the same day in response. Soichiro exits the car with his jacket hiding his face and threatens Demegawa.

Sakura TV’s programme is cut while two other stations continue to report on the tragedy. L phones Vice-Director Kitamura and Soichiro and arranges for many police personnel to block Soichiro’s view from Kira. NHN reported the cops arrested Kira.

Task Force arrives at headquarters the next day.

L says tapes 3 and 4 included instructions. If the cops agree to collaborate with Kira, play recording number three; otherwise, play tape number four. The third recording has the agreement, which states that the police will give all criminal facts to Kira. Upper-level cops and L must divulge their identities to cement the deal.

Fourth tape is similar, but stated differently.

L tells Task Force to let Sakura TV show the fourth tape. The tape airs April 22. “Kira” says she’ll kill police officers and reporters if criminal reports stop, then wants the Director’s or L’s life. “Kira” says to choose one and reveal them in four days, and that there are no special rules because Kira knows the Directors’ faces.

However, if they choose L, he has to give a ten-minute speech on Sakura TV’s 6 o’clock news. “Kira” says he or she will decide if the newscaster is L, and if not, Kira will kill several police officers as compensation. “Kira” advises to be truthful since she won’t kill individuals who haven’t sinned and to think during the following four days.

Light Yagami and Ryuk watch the broadcast, delighted. Light decides to contact and manipulate the new Kira without exposing his identity.Soichiro Yagami tells L on April 24 that the ICPO wants him on TV. L also suspects a second Kira.L claims catching one Kira could help find the other.

He believes a race has begun between them and Kira to find the Second Kira, and they may find the actual Kira in the process.

Misa’s first appearance, where she discusses Kira with Rem

Rem asks Misa Death Note if she should not use the Death Note for herself, but Misa replies she will use it to meet Kira and learn about him. Misa moved here to live alone and sent the tapes to the TV station to attract Kira. She tells Rem that Kira must be interested in her and wants to meet her as much as she does. Rem warns Misa is playing a risky game and could die, but Misa believes she’ll be OK because Kira probably likes girls and she has the Shinigami Eyes.

Light joins L’s Task Force, and they pose as Kira. Misa comes up with her own answer later, which includes the word “Shinigami.” She uses this mention in a diary entry to throw off the inquiry by mentioning Shinigami at a sports event. But the most important part of the message is “My friend and I showed off our notebooks in Aoyama.” This gets Light to go as Kira to Aoyama, where a disguised Misa sees that his lifespan is missing, which means he has a Death Note, figures out that he is Kira, and falls in love with him right away.

Light hears Misa’s story

Misa Death Note arrives at Light’s residence after buying his address and says she has his notebook. When they are alone, she tells him what happened and asks to be his girlfriend and partner in crime. She says she doesn’t even mind if he just uses her.

L is killed by Light’s Shinigami Eyes. Light tells her to prepare a fresh tape claiming the first and second Kiras haven’t met. Misa threatens Light that she’ll kill his girlfriends if he gets too many to avoid suspicion. Rem claims he’ll kill Light if Misa dies, assuming it’s him. Misa must wait two weeks to meet Light.

Misa visits his home against his desires soon after. Light takes advantage of this and the fact that Rem said she would kill Light if Misa died by getting Rem to kill L, which would make Misa happy. Light uses Misa’s second phone for emergencies and kisses her.

Misa was locked up because people thought she was the Second Kira.

Misa Death Note meets Light on campus. She sees L and hears his name for the first time. Soon after that, she starts a crowd, where L steals her phone and takes it away. She is then taken by L, who thinks she is the second Kira.

The Task Force found several pieces of evidence in her apartment. There were stamps like the ones used to send the Kira tapes to Sakura TV, a pen with the same ink, and a notebook with paper like the paper sent with the tapes.

They also found train ticket receipts from Nagano and Tokyo, which is where the tapes were sent from, and pollen from flowers that grew where Misa used to live (the flowers happen to be a type that is not found in Kantou).

Since L and the other people watching haven’t touched Misa’s Death Note, they can’t see Rem, so they think Misa is talking to them. Rem eventually gets Misa to give up the Death Note as an alternative solution, even though she didn’t want to at first because she didn’t want to forget how much she loved Light. Rem tells Misa that her feelings for Light Yagami will not go away and that she will just forget that Light is Kira.

Misa Death Note gives up her Death Note, which makes her forget everything she knows about it, being the Second Kira, and meeting the Kira. After she lost her memories and didn’t know how she got where she was, she thinks a stalker who liked her modelling work took her hostage.

She starts talking out loud to try to convince “the stalker” to let her go. L and the Task Force think she’s acting dumb, but they come to realise it’s not a show.

Rem speaks to Misa.

Misa is an unexpected help to the investigation when she finds out who the Third Kira is.

She also makes a deal with L, who she only knew as Ryuzaki, to work together. L tells Misa that he understands how she feels about Light. This makes Misa feel good, so she gives L a kiss on the cheek and offers to be his friend. L says that she is the only person who has ever done that.

Misa Death Note becomes Kira again after recalling she was the Second Kira. Rem writes down Watari and L’s real names to save Misa. Rem becomes dust after Watari and L die, rescuing Misa and extending her life.

Misa helps Light during the years when time jumps. When Mello and the Mafia got the Death Note, she used her Eyes to find Jack Neylon, who owned it at the time. She also pretends to be Kira when Light wants to hand the Death Note over to the Task Force.

Later, Light sends Demegawa and his men to attack the SPK while she watches the entrance and waits for Near to leave so she can write down his name after he sees her face. This plan didn’t work because Near used money to get away and then put on a helmet.

Misa is getting ready to give up the Death Note.

After she loses her memories, Misa spends the rest of Light’s life (about two months) with Kanzo Mogi while he looks into her. She also makes trouble between herself and Light’s new girlfriend, Takada. In Death Note13: How to Read, Tsugumi Ohba also says that it’s likely that she killed herself.

Misa is a Musical star.

She’s grateful to Kira and wants to meet him, so she swaps for Shinigami eyes. Misa isn’t depicted killing anyone, therefore it’s uncertain if she uses Death Note.

Sayu is a Misa fan and takes Light to one of her concerts, where Misa encourages and thanks Kira. Misa insists on finding Kira when she meets Rem, so he offers her the eye deal. Sayu tells Light about a song Misa wrote for Kira.

Misa sends TV tapes as Second Kira. Light gets her message from the music and cassettes, and they meet surreptitiously. Misa offers they date, and Light accepts, but he asks her to name the man following him. Misa later visits Light on campus and finds L’s name, but L promptly arrests her.

She loses her memories and the notepad after several days in prison. Rem laments that Misa has forgotten her and sacrifices herself to help Light save Misa. Unknown is Misa’s fate. During the concluding song, she steps out on stage as sand falls from her hands, symbolising Rem’s remains and time passing.

Fuka Yuzuki as Misa, “Mortals and Fools”

Different actresses play Misa in musicals. Fuka Yuzuki played her in 2015 and 2017 Japanese productions. Jeong Sun-Ah () played her in 2015 and Ben () in 2017. Adrienne Warren played the character in 2014 for a New York workshop and studio demos.

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