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October 6, 2022
Mo3 Death

Mo3 Death: He, also known by Melvin Noble, was shot and killed on Nov. 11 in broad daylight. Police described it as a “brazen assault” on Interstate 35 at Oak Cliff. Kewon Dotrell White, a suspect later identified, was seen exiting a dark-colored Chevrolet Camaro, chasing Noble. Noble also exited his car, southward, on I-35 at Clarendon Drive. White took multiple shots of Noble.

Uninjured bystander also was shot while sitting in his car during the shooting. The victim was transported to the local hospital, but he did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Mo3 Death was brought to Methodist Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

White fled the scene, traveling northbound on I-35. White was on bond for a felony of unlawfully possessing a firearm by felon and a misdemeanor of evading arrests in Dallas County at the time of the fatal incident. On Dec. 9, White was taken into federal custody for possession of a prohibited firearm.

Following White’s arrest, the Northern Texas Attorney’s Office said he and Brown were charged with “gun- and drug-crime.”

White’s arrest did not involve Noble’s murder. A November criminal complaint called both “affiliates.”

Law enforcement discovered a 9mm pistol inside White’s pants pocket. According to the complaint, White fled on his dirtbike and then on foot as officers tried to pull him over for a traffic violation.

Who Is MO3 The Rapper? Biography

Mo3 Death

Melvin Noble, also known as Mo3, was born in Dallas on 31 May 1993. He is American and holds American citizenship. His rap songs are all written by him.A separate criminal complaint was filed in the same month.

Brown had a stolen AK-47 and a botanical substance.The latter contained synthetic cannabinoids, methamphetamine tablets, scales, and more than $3,000.

Brown was charged with gun possession by an incarcerated felon and drug conspiracy.

What Happened To Mo3?

Mo3 Death Urban Islandz was told by a source that the rapper was driving down I-35 in Dallas when another car pulled up beside him. The driver opened fire and sprayed his car with bullets.

Mo3’s car was then reported to have lost control and crashed into a concrete barrier before it came to a halt.It was claimed that the 28-year old fled the vehicle and the gunman followed him on foot. Noble was shot in the back.

Another motorist was struck by a stray gun and was taken to the hospital.Both were in stable condition, but Noble was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Online videos showing a man lying down on his back and another performing CPR on him have been circulated. It’s not clear if the rapper is involved or the bystander.

Dallas Police confirmed that a shooting occurred and that the victim had died, but they could not confirm their identity.Urban Islandz, and later TMZ, reported that the star had died from gunshot wounds.Mo3 was shot in December 2019, but survived the attack.

Urban Islandz reported that he had shared a video showing blood pouring from his head moments after the attack.

Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Mo3?

Mo3 Death Although no one has been indicted for the murder Mo3 has been arrested in connection to the shooting death of the Dallas rapper.

Kewon White, 22 years old, was taken into custody on Wednesday. He is facing a murder charge in connection to his death.

Mo3 Education And Early Life

He comes from a tough family, as is the case with many rappers. Although he doesn’t like to share his childhood, he does openly discuss the difficulties he faced. After his father left them, he lived with his mother.

They often had no money or place to sleep and ate noodles, or none at all, sometimes without even a bed. They could have been seen together sleeping on patios, while waiting for people to charge their phones.

He got a job to support his mother and then matriculated from highschool. After that, he was completely focused on his career as a rapper and didn’t think about college.

The Rapping Career Of MO3

Mo3 was 21 years old when he released “Shottaz”, his first mixtape. He became a popular rapper in his hometown and began to spend time with other prominent rappers. His second mixtape, “Shottaz Reloaded”, was his first.

It was released in 2014, and it took Mo3 two years to complete. The mixtape featured the lead singles “Gagsta Love” and “Hold Ya Tongue”. This made Mo3 a star and allowed him to collaborate with Boosie.

Lil Ronny, and Dorrough. Mo3’s third mixtape, “4 Indictments”, was released in October 2016. It climbed to #23 on Billboard 100. The mixtape is motivational and was highly praised and appreciated by his fans.

Mo3 has released three mixtapes in the last three years. “Gangsta love Pt.1” was released in February 2017, “Shottaz3.0” was released in 2018, and “911 Gagsta Grillz” was released in February 2019. He is most famous for “Errybody Not Your Friend”, which has been viewed over 16 million times on YouTube.

Mo3 has collaborated extensively with many popular rappers including Young Og, Trap Boy Freddy and Phat Boy Fresh.

Personal And Romantic Relationships

Mo3 is very private about his love life. However, he has been with many women over the years. Mo3 is said to have a son and daughter. However, rumours suggest that he may have many more children.

Although he has not spoken about the mother of his children yet, he said that they were from different women. Mo3 is currently single and does not plan to get married or start a family.

However, he is financially responsible for his children.According to his social media accounts, he is single and not married. He also has at least two children.

Hobbies And Other Interests

Mo3 may seem to be focused solely on his career as a rapper. However, he expressed an interest in other things and said that he would be willing to pay to appear in any movie. He has not been offered any roles.

Mo3 loves fast cars and drives a Bentley. He seems happy with all of the money he has made and shows it off on his Instagram.

Mo3 is an animal lover and recently bought a dog. He plans to take the dog on his trips around the state, but he sometimes feels lonely and needs to be accompanied by the dog.

Mo3 has been arrested for theft, drug possession, DUI, weapons possession, and more. Recent arrest for nightclub shooting.

Mo3 admitted that he spent more than $90,000. He could be sentenced to serious prison time if convicted of his latest charge.

Net Worth And Appearance

Mo3 is 26 years old at the moment. Mo3 is 5ft 3ins (1.66m) tall with short black hair. His weight is unknown.

One Million Dollars Is The Net Worth

Mo3 is a rapper who must maintain a positive image online. This is why he has multiple accounts on social media.

His Twitter account was launched in May 2014. He has more than 7,500 followers, nearly 5,500 tweets and has nearly 7500 likes. His Instagram account has almost 440,000 followers and he’s uploaded more than 200 photos to it. Mo3 also runs a Facebook page, with more than 135,000 likes.

Mo3 also has a YouTube channel, called “HSM”. It was launched on 30 July 2013. There are more than 375,000 subscribers to the channel, and it boasts over 183,000,000 views for all his videos. Mo3 appears to only use the channel to upload his music videos.

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