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23rd December Molki Written Update Episode Virender Lets Purvi


TellyUpdates.com has the Molki Written Update for December 23rd, 2021.

If no one is here, the inspector questions the landlady. She smiles and nods. He’s about to leave when he hears someone inside snoring, when her husband isn’t at home, the landlady wonders who is snoring inside.

Juhi has placed the snoring recording on Haathi’s phone to avoid being detected. The landlady tries to stop him, but he enters. Who is it if you say no one is inside?

It is her spouse, she responds. He makes a gesture toward the lengthy hair. She begins to act.

This is incredibly painful for me. He was never shaved. Because of his lengthy hair, people mistake him for a lady from behind. Kids are having a hard time keeping their laughter in check.

The lady expresses her embarrassment by saying, “I’m really embarrassed.” Why did God bless me with a husband with longer hair than I do?

So, what should I do now? Inspector hands her his kerchief and advises her to keep her tears to herself. As the cops leave, she closes the door. Following that, the kids and the landlady give each other high fives.

23rd December Molki Written Update Episode

Molki Written Update

The kids are joyfully bouncing on the bed. Manas trips and falls, injuring his head. The wound isn’t very bad, according to the landlady. However, you should obtain a tetanus vaccination. In dread, he hugs her. I don’t want to get injected.

Virender has arrived at Purvi’s house. Her mother informs him that she will not be present. I’m concerned since I don’t know where she is.

Purvi’s father enters at that very moment, fully inebriated. Purvi was his responsibility, he tells Virender. If you’ve come to take Molkki’s money, I’m sorry, but I’m out of cash. Virender inquires about his financial concerns.

I’ve never met a person as cheap as you! According to Virender’s security, a mother has taken two children to a doctor in a neighbouring village. Those kids had never been seen before.

Purvi informs Juhi that Manas is a formidable opponent. When he was harmed, he didn’t cry. Juhi imitates Manas’s sobs when he injures himself on his head.

They run about the room chasing each other. Purvi intervenes. Chachi is here to bring you some tooty-fruity. I’m going to cook you some custard right now. Don’t be a naughty child. They are in agreement.

When Purvi opens the door, she is taken aback to see Virender. What brings you here right now? He intervenes to prevent her from slamming the door in his face.

Give someone who has travelled a long distance water. She brings him a drink of water. Virender inquires of the children as to whether they left to find haathi like him.

He isn’t like him, Manas assures him. Like haathi, I am honest and cute. Juhi agrees with him. We are not communicating with you since you have harmed our haathi. Virender expresses regret to Haathi. Now it’s time to return home.

No one makes a single movement. Juhi and Manas keep their gaze fixed on Purvi. Manas apologises to Virender and says he won’t be able to help him. We’ve resolved to stay exclusively here.

Virender assists him in appropriately pronouncing the term. Juhi informs Virender that they will not be leaving haathi. We’ll only be here for a short while.

Anjali chastises herself for abandoning the children. I’m not sure where they’d be or in what shape they’d be! She expresses her concern for their well-being. Yogi assuages her fears by assuring her that everything would be alright. They’re far too clever. They could easily have deceived you.

Bhaisahab is on the prowl for them. They will be discovered. He travels to the police station in order to learn more about them. In the temple, she decides to light a Diya in their honor. It rapidly returns the person to their home.

Satyam hugs her from behind at that very moment. Are you looking after my child well? She tries to get his hands away from her, but he pins her against the wall.

She asks him how he dares to refer to this child as his. To him, you’re nothing! Yogi is the father of this child, and I am the mother! I’m not going to let your shadow fall on my child. He chuckles. We’re going to be sharing a room now. Every now and again, I’ll come to see you and my baby.

She tells him to cut it out with the bullshit. Leave me alone. He warns her against acting. You’re well aware that your husband is unable to provide you with what I can. Allow me to do whatever I want. He tries to approach her, but she bites his hand and shoves him to the ground. Renu walks into the room just as Anjali is about to leave.

Manas and Juhi receive custard from Purvi. She then walks outside to chat with Virender. He admits to making a mistake. Please accept my apologies. You are aware that I was under the influence of drugs at the time.

I could see you all over the place. How will I manage without you? What will I do if I’m on my own? Please give me a chance one more time. I’ll earn your faith once more.

This was an unintended consequence. She takes a glance at the pot and motions for Manas to come out for a moment. He pursues her. She requests that he use his catapult to shoot the pot. He shatters it.

Renu grabs Anjali’s hand and twists it. You have no right to entice my spouse. What exactly were you up to with him? Anjali tells her she’s wrong. Satyam claims that coming here was a mistake. I assumed you’d get the luxuries, but things have taken a turn for the worse.

Your Bhabhi had initially unjustly blamed me, and she attempted to approach me today. I warned her against it, but she angrily bit my hand. It is excruciatingly painful. Renu pushes Anjali away from Satyam’s wound and cares about it. Allow Yogi Bhaiya to return home. We’ll pick who stays in this haveli right now! Satyam accompanies renu.

Purvi inquires as to whether Virender can notice the broken pot. He inquires as to how it relates to his issue. She requests that he mend it for her once more. Molki Written Update Instead, he recommends purchasing a new pot. She explains to him that this is how trust works. It is unable to be repaired. I’m not coming with you again, so get yourself another Bawri.

He advises her to give it a shot. She tells him there’s no use in talking about it. I will not accompany you. He inquires as to how she intends to raise two children on her alone. She responds that she is confident in her ability to care for all of them. I swear there will never be a day when I need to ask you for money. Virender invites her to accompany him.

She flatly refuses. He tells her to be patient. How are you going to fit all three of you into such a little space? He informs the children that their toys are stored in the haveli. Come along with me. Purvi informs the children that she is the one who is furious with Baba.

You two should accompany Baba to the haveli because your belongings are there. I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide them to you. Manas informs Virender that they do not require toys. All we need is our haathi. Juhi agrees with him. They embrace Purvi. It’s ours, Haathi! Virender relents. Purvi is told to look after herself and the children.

As his eyes flood up, he looks aside. With a heavy heart, he departs. He comes to a halt near a shrine, recalling all of his previous encounters with Purvi. I’m convinced Bawri and I was destined to be together for seven births. She could be angry with me, but I’ll do everything I can to win her back.

She must have been lonely when I took her home, but her honesty won everyone’s heart. Molki Written Update Today I’m also feeling lonely. Similarly, I must earn her and my children’s hearts. Would you please give me the courage to make it happen? I want to bring them back to my house.

Purvi has a job interview with the principal of a school. We’ve seen your demo talk and lecture, adds the principal. You’re also a natural with children. We’ll offer you the job, but it won’t pay as much as it did in the city. Purvi is unconcerned. I, too, have two children. Is it possible for me to get them admitted here? The principal permits her.

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