Moon in Virgo: What It Means If You Were Born Under The Virgo Moon Sign

September 26, 2022
Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo: Our destiny cannot be escaped, and it is determined by where our cosmic forces were at our time of birth. Our Moon sign, like all other planetary positions in our natal charts, is an important part our identity.

Because you are so much more than your Sun sign and Rising sign. This is especially true if your Moon sign is Virgo. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

What does it mean to be a Moon in Virgo?

Moon in Virgo

Our Moon sign refers to the location of the Moon in the sky at the time we were born. By location, we mean the constellation that was rising in the sky at the time of our birth, as well as the position of the Moon according to that constellation.

If the constellation of Virgo was visible above you when you were born and the Moon was within that constellation, then you have a this moon.

Your Moon is a reflection of who you really are, how you feel, what your thoughts are, what your moods and emotions are, as well as what your dreams and desires might be.

Because the Moon is so close to earth, it has obvious and obvious influences on our lives down there. It is something we have all experienced and know to be true.

Because it is so close, the Moon could be our greatest influence.

New Moon in Virgo

We have what’s known as a Virgo new moon in the late summer when the Sun is under the sign of Virgo. This New Moon is a time for new beginnings and a new emotional cycle. The New Moon is different because we don’t plant any new seeds, but instead try to make the most of what we have. It will be easy to ask yourself, “Where do you go from here?” It’s important to figure out how you can use the things that you have been working on to make a new kind of beginning. How will you use the wheat that Virgo is famous for harvesting?

Full Moon in Virgo

Six months later, at winter’s end, we see what is called a Virgo full moon. This is a time to lose yourself in thoughts and dream about the future, as the Sun is in Pisces. This Full Moon’s energy helps to balance all this by bringing us back into reality and showing us how to make our fantasies come true.

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Moon In Virgo


A Virgo Moon in your chart means you appreciate the small things. You value details almost to the point that you obsess over them, which is related to Virgo’s earth sign.

Your life is organized and planned. You believe in organization, so you are very anxious when things don’t go according to plan. Because you are Virgo Moon, a good plan is essential for your mental health and it is a key player in getting things done.

Hypersensitivity and the desire to please are two traits that can be associated this Moon. Although you want to help others, you can also be highly suggestive. This trait could lead to you losing your independence.

Because you value structure and attendance, you will stay with the same job for many years. You are trustworthy, trustworthy, kind, and reliable. However, you can also be naive, prone to follow, and you may lose your job. Even if you don’t want to, you will follow an order and complete it.

However, there are many other characteristics that can be found in people who were born with this Moon.

1. Perfectionist

You may find it difficult to live up the high standards set by Virgo Moon. They are often impossible to achieve.

Those who have Virgo Moon in their charts will make everyone around them mad. They are driven to achieve perfection in a world that is not perfect. They are driven by high expectations and can be disappointed if they don’t meet them.

2. Analytical and detail-oriented

If there’s a Virgo moon involved, bills get paid on time and everything goes according to plan because there is always a plan with the Virgo moon.

They don’t like surprises and aren’t spontaneous people. They must plan and execute according to the information they have received in advance.

3. Deep-thinking

They may not always have the right answers but it will be the Virgo moon who will plunge into deep thought.

If left to their own devices, they are ruminators and will think about meaningless things. Virgo Moon will also torture themselves with negative thoughts, constantly searching their minds in search of rationality and reason.

4. Argumentative

The Virgo Moon has an ego. This ego manifests when they disagree. When you are fighting with a Virgo Moon, arguments can quickly escalate and reach uncanny heights.

They don’t care if they are right or wrong. Virgo Moon enjoys a nasty relationship and their talent at insulting others not only makes them look bad but also keeps them from ever being contradicted.

The Best Careers for Virgo Moon

You will be attracted to careers that promise steady income, attendance, and structure because you are This moon’s.

It is important to you that you are able to work for your safety. A job that involves accounting might make you happy.

You will be attracted to numbers and names; administration and management will appeal to you. You are more of an observer than a leader so you don’t automatically gravitate towards positions of authority. we are naturally motivated to complete the task, get paid and return home happy.

As someone who is passionate about helping people solve their problems, you would be a good therapist. You are an excellent listener and want to help. Therefore, you would be suited for special care and consideration such as working with the elderly.

Even though you may not be a computer expert, you can still excel in technology if you want.

Virgo Moon Sign Traits:

  • Analytical
  • Detail-oriented
  • Modest
  • Dedicated
  • Perfectionist
  • Sensible
  • Health-conscious
  • Shy
  • Service-minded

Compatibility with This Moon Sign

If you are a This moon, your love life will be based on finding truth, practicality, and romance based on reality. Capricorn is a down-to-earth and realistic sign that will make you your best friend.

Your Moon sign, regardless of your Sun sign, is what will rule you in love and romance.

Your best match in sexual terms is someone with a Taurus Moon. However, that relationship might end up being strictly sexual and may not provide you the emotional security you seek.

You can find everything you desire in a Cancer Moon mate, since they are all about security, home, and sexy sex.

Scorpio, Sun and Moon sign will form the strongest bonds. Your Zodiac line is back-to-back, which automatically creates a commonality. Scorpio will keep your feet on the ground and inspire you to think about what you enjoy doing.

Scorpio is your best option for romance, but Taurus will be your most attractive sign, since they share the most with you.

Virgo Moon and Aries Moon

This is not the ideal match for friends and lovers. The Virgo Moon will pick apart the Aries Moon until they are completely confused. The Virgo Moon will try to make the Aries Moon laugh, while the Aries Moon will become bored with them.

Virgo Moon and Taurus Moon

It’s not a bad match because Taurus Moon is able to ignore the Virgo Moon’s nit-picky nature.

Virgo Moon will see that the Taurus Moon isn’t having it and will stop hurling insults at them. After the insults have been cleared up, the two can start to enjoy a very respectful relationship.

Virgo Moon and Gemini Moon

This Moon will feel the need for healing and saving the troubled, nervous Gemini Moon until they realize that Gemini Moon is too attached to their ways and won’t listen to or accept the guidance of anyone else.

Virgo Moon and Cancer Moon

The Cancer Moon will bring out best in the Virgo Moon. Even though they may not agree, they often complement one another and let the other have a say.

Although both signs can be very opinionated and intense, there is an inherent respect between them. When Virgo Moons meet Cancer Moons, they form great friendships.

Virgo Moon and Leo 

They will initially be enchanted by one another for a while, believing they are adorable and darling… but then Virgo decides that Leo is an insufferable bore who must be discarded.

Leo Moon won’t take the Virgo Moon seriously and what may seem like a flirtation, will eventually end in a complete shut down.

Virgo Moon and Virgo Moon

It will start out as all agree and then it will degrade into, “You are just like mine!” Soon, it will become “You are just like me!” and “I thought that first.”

Both parties will walk away from the arguments between two Virgo Moons.

Virgo Moon and Scorpio 

These two make for great situations if they are able to fight and argue over plans. Scorpio Moon and Virgo moon are both rebellious and aggressive. They inspire each other to do the worst things.

Both enjoy the darker side of their personalities, and they work well together in the same way as witches who agree to throw deadly things into a fiery pot.

Virgo Moon and Sagittarius 

It is impossible to know what you can do with Sagittarius Moon, and that is what makes this the biggest surprise: Virgo Sun and Sagittarius Moon have an incredible friendship that will last a lifetime.

Virgo Moon is a natural respecter of Sagittarius Moon’s independence. In fact, they look up to the Sagittarius Moon as inspiration. Sagittarius Moon and Virgo Moon make an inspiring couple.

Virgo and Capricorn 

They make a great couple, provided that the relationship is not based on romance but friendship. Both have a lot in common: they are both hard workers and extremely detail-oriented.

This is a good thing for friendship, as they can support each other. In romance, however, Capricorn Moon will fall apart and Virgo Moon will break down; it will be difficult to keep up with the low blows.

Virgo and Pisces 

This is a good match. The Virgo Moon really likes the Pisces Moon personality.

Virgo is often blamed for being “the b ****,””, but they have a side that is compassionate and understanding. The Pisces Moon brings that side out.

Pisces is a sign that brings out the best in Virgo. In turn, this complements each other because Pisces can really benefit from Virgo’s more aggressive traits.

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