January 11, 2022

MOVER’S TARIFF: Have you decided to relocate to another place? If yes, then you might be looking for the best national moving companies at Moving Apt for a successful moving process.

But to deal with them successfully, it is essential to know all the terms. If you are unaware of the moving tariff document then you might face difficulties later. But now it is time to know what is it and why it is important in detail. Check out this.  



What do you mean by a mover’s tariff?

A mover’s tariff is basically a document that is provided by the relocation companies to their customers after the request made by them.

This document specifies all necessary details including the services offered by the particular moving company, terms, and conditions for the services, the price charged for different types of move, claim policies, terms of payment, etc.

The mover’s tariff can be as short as one page or can be as long as dozens of pages. It has been made compulsory for the interstate movers to provide their tariff document in case it is requested by their clients. 

Why do you need to have a mover’s tariff?

Aside from the fact that the moving companies must provide you their mover’s tariff document, the same can be very useful to you.

The main benefit of the tariff document is that it eradicates the chance of surprises or you can say shocks. Now you will know everything about the moving company beforehand leading to a smooth move in the future. 

There will be no hidden cost as movers can’t charge you more than the moving rates specified in the mover’s tariff. 

What costs are included in the mover’s tariff?

One of the main elements included in the mover’s tariff is the breakdown of the different types of moving cots. Not only the overall moving cost is mentioned but other charges you may incur during the move are also mentioned in the document. You might be thinking on what basis the moving cost is provided. So, the answer to this question is that moving cost is determined based on the size and weight of all your belongings that are to be relocated, distance to be traveled, moving services, and hours of labor required. 

Remember, once you know the moving cost charged by the relocation company as mentioned in the tariff document, you can’t claim for the same in the future. 

Following mentioned are moving costs that are specified in nearly every mover’s tariff:

  • Packing cost: Packing charges are usually specified according to the per-box price which depends on the size of the carton used and labor rate to pack the box. Many moving companies charge fixed packing rates no matter what time is taken by the packer to pack all your stuff. 
  • Supply cost: Several moving companies charge an additional price for the extra supplies used in packing and moving the stuff. 
  • Insurance cost: usually two types of insurance plans are offered by the relocation companies- released value coverage plan and full-value replacement plan. Charges for both plans are different and are specified in the given mover’s tariff.
  • Storage cost: In case you don’t have much space in your new home to store all your belongings, you might need storage services apart from the moving services. Relocation companies providing storage facilities charge storage costs as per the number and weight of the belongings and the period for which these are to be stored.
  • Accessorials charges: Moving companies charge additional rates for moving the below-mentioned accessorials:
  • Long carries: In case there is too much distance from the main gate of your house to the place where the moving truck is passed then additional charges are applied.
  • Heavy items: In case you want to move heavy items such as piano, vehicle, hot tubs, or many others, then accessorials charges are applied.
  • Extra labor: In case moving labor services are required for assembling ad dissembling the home gyms and playground equipment then accessorials charges are specified in the tariff document. 

How to use it?

In several respects, the document serves like menus to the customers. Just like any restaurant can’t charge you more when you are liking a particular thing more than what is written on the menu, in the same manner, no matter what moving services are essential for you, you will get these at a certain cost that is mentioned in the menu.

If you know the cost written in the tariff then making a plan like what services you should hire will become easier and efficient for you. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

Getting the moving tariff defining all the charges of the services helps you to plan your relocation process in the right manner. As per law governed by the department of transportation, it is mandatory to provide tariffs for the convenience of the people. 

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