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Natalie Morales: Bio, Age, Family, Movies & Net Worth {2022}



Natalie Morales An American journalist, host of a TV show as well as co-host on The Talk, a CBS talk program “The Talk.”

She was also an anchor on NBC News’ Today show in which she served as reporter on the west coast. She also has been as a guest on Dateline NBC Nightly News.

In addition , she co-hosts The Talk, Morales has been featured in a variety of other films and shows on TV.


Natalie Morales Biography

Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales was born on June 6, 1972 at Taipei, Taiwan. She’s 49 years old. She went to Caesar Rodney High School, which she graduated with an Associate of Arts degree. She also was an active participant in the Phi Beta Kappa honor society

Natalie Morales is a well-known American journalist. She is co-anchoring the NBC’s The Today Show on the west coast. She also has been an often-repeated appearance as a regular guest on Dateline NBC Nightly News.

Her name is Natalie Leticia Morales. Natalie Morales grew up in Camden, Delaware. The college she attended was Rutgers University in 1990.

She was a journalist as well as Latin American studies, and was an active participant in Phi Beta Kappa. After graduation, she was reporter for Court TV, where she worked on her involvement in the “Spare our Sound” story.


Following Rio’s 2016 Olympics during Rio, Morales moved to Los Angeles, where she was later replaced by Billy Bush as host of Access Hollywood Live.

She continued to be the correspondent for Dateline as well as co-host on the Behind Closed Doors series on Reelz. .

Natalie Family

As co-anchor of “Today as the co-anchor of ‘Today’ Natalie Morales is a mother of two sons. The girl was born in Miami, Florida, Natalie Morales is the daughter of Cuban immigrants. Her husband is a successful businessman, Joseph Rhodes, who founded Stockton Road Capital LLC.

Morales along with Rhodes were wed on the 22nd of August 1998, in the Phipps Mansion in Denver, Colorado. The couple has two sons, Joe and Christopher who were born in 2004.


The reports that there was an affair among Morales and Lauer did not get a response. In the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, Morales dated NBC’s Matt Lauer, who later filed for divorce.

Rumors of a relationship with Morales as well as Lauer were later dispelled and their relationship remained at a low level. Joe Rhodes, meanwhile, is still married to Natalie Morales.

Before becoming an anchor Morales was reporter for WVIT-TV, a station in Connecticut. There, she covered the Columbine shootings and in 2000, the Presidential election as well as 9/11.

11 attacks. Her career in reporting was further broadened by assignments as presenter of an environmental documentary series on environmental issues. She also anchors MSNBC from 2002 until the year 2006.


Natalie Movies

  • I’m Totally Fine 2022
  • Today’s Special 2021
  • Happily 2021
  • Stuber 2019
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2018

Her most memorable role was on the sci-fi show “The Middleman” (2008) the show was a short but highly successful season for Morales. Following high school she met the manager of her company, and secured her a part in “Fruitvale.”

After being offered lead roles on television, Morales turned to directing. Finding lead roles did not solve all of her issues, and getting a lead role on a well-established network didn’t solve her problems.

The actress was playing in the NBC show “Abby’s” when she was replaced by a series executive however she was concerned that NBC was not interested in her show due to a period of high turnover in the executive department.

Then, she got the chance to be the director of the first episode on HBO’s series “Room 104” that was created by Jay and Mark Duplass.

Natalie Net Worth

If you’re looking to find out the value of Natalie Morales is worth, you’re in the right location. Natalie Morales is an American model was born and raised to the United States on February 15 in 1985.


According to various sources the net worth of her is estimated at $18 million. In addition, she earns an estimated amount of $6 million each year.

For more information about the net worth of Morales learn more about her net worth in the following article. We’ve put together the most important information for you below.

The most important part of Natalie Morales’ net worth is her earnings. Natalie earns a significant part of her net worth through her various film and TV roles, as well as her business ventures have enabled her to accumulate an income of a decent amount.

Although the majority of actors struggle to earn money, Natalie is able to earn a good living from her film and television appearances.


Her family is committed to her career and she is extremely grateful for the love and support she receives from their followers.

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