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November 5, 2022
nina pedrad

Nina Pedrad was born in 1990. She is an American Screenwriter. Nina is also well-known as an actress, producer and writer. However, she is best known as the sister to a comedian and actress named Nasim Pedrad.

Some sources claim that she rose to fame and gained much recognition in Hollywood after her sister’s success.

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Nina Pedrad Bionina pedrad

Nina Pedrad, an American actress and screenwriter is also a producer by profession. Her sister, the famous actress Nasim Pedrad, is more well-known.

Her work as a writer and producer on Borat Subsequent Moviefilm made her famous.

Nina was born in 1990, but the exact date and month of her birth are not known. She was raised in Irvine with her older sibling, Nasim Pedrad. Her sister is an Iranian-American comedian and actress.

Arasteh Amani, Parviz Pedrad are her parents. Her parents immigrated to America from Iran in 1984. She is Iranian-American and holds American citizenship.

She has not yet revealed her education background when it comes to her academics.

Full Name Nina Pedrad
Born November 18, 1981
Place of Birth Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian-American
Parents Parviz Pedrad and Arasteh Amani.
Sister Nasim Pedrad

Nina Pedrad Career

Nina is a comedian, producer, actress, and writer in the entertainment business. Her sister, Nasim, is an actress and producer in Hollywood.

Nina was a star in the comedy series ’30Rock’. She worked as a writer on the series from 2012 through 2013. In 2011, she was an executive story editor for the comedy-drama series New Girl. Popular characters include Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson.

He was the writer and producer of the comedy series, “Borat Subsequent Filmfilm”, which aired in 2020. He is likely to be the author of ‘Of Will & Grace. Max Mutchnisk directed the series, which aired on NBC from September 21st 1998 to April 23rd 202. It aired for 246 episodes.

Nina Pedrad Relationship

Famous American lady, but she sometimes avoids the media. This is why her private life is kept secret from the media. She also did not want to reveal any information to the media.

This is her private life, but if she would like to share any information, our team will upload it onto this site. She is currently single and lives in America with her family. We don’t have any information about her past and ongoing BFs.

Nina Awards

  • WGA Award (Screen) [Winner] (2021) Adapted Screenplay. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2020)
  • WGA Award (TV) [Nominee] (2014) Comedy Series.
  • WGA Award (TV) [Nominee] (2013) Comedy Series.

Nina Pedrad Height & Weight

she is approximately 31 years old. Although she was born in Iran, her family raised her almost four years later in America. She also moved with her family to America in 1994 with her family. There she lives the next year with her parents. American Screenwriter became famous when her sister appeared on Saturday Night Live, an American late-night television sketch comedy program.

She is a dual nationality, Iranian and American. She stands at 5’6inches tall, which equals 168 cm. Her body weight is 58 kg, which is close to 128 lbs. Nina body measurements are 34-28-32. Her eyes are hazel-black and her hair is black.

Nina Pedrad Social Media

Nina is active on Twitter, where she has nearly 1.1k followers. He is not available on Instagram and Facebook.

Nina Pedrad Net Worth

Nina has not yet disclosed her net worth, annual income, or other assets. Her multiple roles as an actor, writer, and producer might have paid her a lot of money. Her sister, Nasim Pedrad, has a net worth of approximately $3 million.


Q. Is Nina pedrad related to Nasim Pedrad?

A.  Her elder sister is comedy writer Nasim Pedrad.

Q. What ethnicity is Nina Pedrad?

A. Iranian American.

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