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Nuru massage – About, Origin & Procedure


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Nuru massage – About, Origin & Procedure

About Nuru Massage

A part of erotic massage is originates in Japan. The massive use uses oil for his or her entire body massage. The client is providing more bodily contact than found in traditional massage therapy.

Nuru Massage Origin

When the word” Nuru” body to body massage steams from a Japanese word for slippery, why both the client and the masseuse are covers in Nuru massage gel and oil when the gel and oil are colour-less, odourless and made of natural nori seaweed.

Procedure of Nuru Massage

This massage is a “sensual” entire body to body massage. It is doing with both “giver” and “receiver”, which is naked. The “giver” starts by applying an appropriate amount of this special Nuru gel or lotion all over the “receivers” body begins it basically the same way as a regular full body massage. Then it moves on to a point where the “giver” starts gliding their body and body parts over the “receivers” body to massage them sensually. From there, well, it’s up to the “giver” to end it after the specified time has reached, or at any given point where the “receiver” is satisfied and is happy to finish.

In a commercial salon, the “giver” is generally the dominant partner. There is no exchanging of roles; however, in certain situations, especially in personal problems, it can be much more flexible. The parts will reverse by mutual agreement. These role changes can be implemented or reversed at a mutually agreed point of time during the massage.

Lying, usually without clothes, while a woman is massaging you with all her body, rubbing and sliding through yours. It happens thanks to a special; natural Nuru gel applied to both of you. The masseuse then glides her glistening body over yours, causing a unique tactile sensation that is startlingly arousing. Every minute massage becomes more and more exciting.

Massage with gel Nuru is much more sensual than a massage with essential oil. Using the whole body to relieve to take pressure away can lead you to an exceptional level of satisfaction.

Indeed, two most often without any clothes bodies cooperating, using a gel Nuru which is very slippery can cause extreme excitement.

Nuru massage and similar Soapy massage is very popular and loved by tourists in Bangkok.

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