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Let’s Break Down On My Block Season 4 Is Ending?


On My Block Season 4: It’s time to say our final goodbyes to our staff. The series finale of On My Block has arrived, and as much as we’d like to keep following the Core Four, it’s only right that we say our goodbyes as they head off to college and adulthood.

Things are changing in Freeridge, but that doesn’t mean we can’t send our favourite programme out on a high note. So, what happens at the end of the series?
As the series comes to a conclusion, here is the ultimate breakdown of the On My Block season 4 finale.

What Happens At The End Of On My Block Season 4?

On My Block Season 4

Our Core Four may be approaching graduation, but they still have one more big high school rite of passage to complete: prom.

Monse, still outraged and heartbroken after Cesar’s rejection of her prom proposal, chooses to read her mother’s book for the first time. After being captivated by it for days and learning more about the woman who abandoned her all those years ago, she meets with her father and Brian to share what she has discovered and express her desire for them to once again be a family, which they accept.

Meanwhile, Jamal, still convinced that someone is after him, sets cameras in his room while attempting to find a prom date before settling on popular Charlize. Jamal goes outside after seeing a gnome on his windowsill and discovers Chivo.

Despite the fact that Jamal discovered him outside, he claims that Chive is not the one who has been following him around, and that he is actually there because Spooky Gnomie “wants to be with him.” Jamal declines, stating that he does not want a ghost with him, and walks away.

Monse decides to go to prom last minute after her father informs her that she doesn’t need a date to have a good time. Ruby has an emergency after getting his eyebrows waxed (causing him to panic), but he eventually leaves.

Cesar sees Oscar’s soul in a mirror as he gets dressed at home, and he reminds him how to wear a tie. Cesar promises him, tearfully, that he’ll be someone and make him proud, to which Oscar says that he already has. When he turns to face him, he instead sees Spooky Gnomie and smiles.

Jamal goes to Abuelita and says he’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life, and Abuelita assures him that it will come to him when the time is right, just like it did for her “the manner in which you discovered me You’ve given me a cause to live thanks to your wild schemes. To keep me fighting even when I’m dying.”

How Does Prom Work, However?

Ruby, Jasmine, and Monse are irritated when they learn that Jamal’s huge prom theme is “Illuminati Nights” after arriving at prom.

The couples head to the dance floor, and Jamal discovers that while Charlize is attractive, she isn’t really fond of him. After noticing that everyone is dancing the night away with their dates, Monse sits alone.

While trying to cheer Monse up by asking her to live her best life in the restroom, Jasmine advises her to forget about “the foolish bitch that sole Cesar.”

Vero enters unexpectedly and inquires for a tampon. Monse chooses the high road and gives her one, and the two of them put their differences aside. Ruby is quickly crowned prom king, and the entire crew rejoices.

What About Jamal, Was He The Target Of Someone?

When Jamal observes Juanita sitting at the table, she “tells” him to go outside. On his way out, though, he catches Kendra staring at him. When he steps outside, he sees the automobile that has been following him all along.

Noel Aroma, a Fortune 500 tech billionaire, has been keeping an eye on him due to Kendra, who works as an intern for him. After high school, Noel offers him a job, which he accepts.

Monse and Cesar are almost ready to dance during one of the night’s last slow songs, but Vero interrupts them. Outside, they reunite, and Cesar remarks that for the first time in his life, he sees a future, and he hopes that she is there with him as well. (Aww!)

After prom, they all return to Ruby’s house, where they learn that Abuelita has passed away. At her memorial party, everyone gets together one more time to smoke pot and drink tequila in her honour.

The crew notices a new set of kids peering into the yard, much like they did at the start of season one, and they discuss what comes next.

Cesar is preparing to fly to Portland to help raise his infant niece, while Monse tells she plans to take a year off to write a novel on their adventures.

Ruby adds that Abuelita gave them a map as a parting gift. As they find out who would be the leader this time, they start jokingly arguing as they did back in Rollerworld, and the screen fades to black.

Is This Actually The Final Step For My Block?

While the season 4 finale is the last time we’ll see this particular Core Four on our televisions, Freeridge isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Freeridge, a completely new spin-off series from Netflix, is in the works and will follow a different bunch in town.

We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same bunch from the finale, but we’ll have to wait a little longer for confirmation.

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