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Ondreaz Lopez 23 year old TikTok Celebrity And Social Media Star



Ondreaz Lopez: Fans were outraged when word broke that Ondreaz Lopez, a 23-year-old TikTok celebrity, had been having sexual contact with a juvenile. Check it out.

Ondreaz Lopez, a TikTok personality and social media star, is 23 years old. However, the TikToker has recently come under criticism when reports that he had been having sexual contact with a 14-year-old surfaced.

The surprising revelation was shared on TikTok by the user ‘Sainttbaby.’ Along with the alarming charges, the account also revealed a slew of details about Lopez’s purported relationship with the youngster.


As soon as the charges became public, rumours circulated that the TikTok singer may be sued if the allegations were proven to be true. What happened to Ondreaz Lopez, and what happened to him?

What was Ondreaz Lopez crime?

Ondreaz Lopez

On January 27, the Twitter account Def Noodles tweeted another tweet titled “Pedophilia.” A document and a screenshot were attached to the tweet.

Lopez had sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girlchild, according to the paper, which is of legal nature. The second file is a screenshot of Ondreaz’s girlfriend Hannah Stocking receiving this legal document.

Lopez’s lawyer received the legal papers. Many admirers quickly pointed out that this uproar also implied that Ondreaz Lopez had been cheating on his girlfriend Hannah Stocking.


Ondreaz Lopez isn’t the only Lopez sibling accused of having affairs with minors. Tony Lopez, his brother, is dealing with similar challenges. According to a Sportskeeda article, he had affairs with two 15-year-old girls.

A lawsuit has been filed against Tony Lopez, alleging that he groomed the girls on social media and requested images from them in an attempt to exploit them. The lawsuit mentions both brothers as members of the Hype House, but only for negligence.

Hannah Stocking, did Ondreaz Lopez propose to her?

Last October, Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking had been dating for a while when they decided to take their relationship to the next level. Hannah proposed to Ondreaz at New York City’s Time Square.

The influencer had received a beautiful engagement ring. But, regrettably, the proposal was a little less than flawless, since she dropped it in a road gutter while proposing to Ondreaz.


The Instagrammer had even purchased a billboard in Time Square for a day that featured her and Ondreaz’s photos along with the question, “Will you marry me?”

However, it appears that the pair is currently separated. They haven’t shared any photos together in nearly four months.

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