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Opinion | What makes cuomo grabby?



What makes cuomo grabby: Andrew Cuomo has been governor of New York for more than a decade, and he’s recently begun fundraising for a fourth term. This would be a poor plan even if he had been living in a monastic community for all of that time.

Long experience does not make you a better employee in this type of office. You’re attracting a growing number of erstwhile supporters who want you to resign so that someone else may take your place. Nobody should ever seek re-election to a fourth term. Nobody should run a third time except F.D.R.

What Makes Cuomo Graby Know the Question

What makes cuomo grabby

But the question now is whether Cuomo should serve out the remainder of his present term, which ends next year.

On the one hand, there’s a damning 165-page report by State Attorney General Letitia James, which confirms some longstanding claims regarding the governor’s graft as well as some new ones.

At a campaign event, he rubbed a state trooper’s stomach, grabbed an assistant’s buttocks during embraces, and pressed his finger across the lettering on a woman’s T-shirt.

Should he make a hasty exit? Cuomo, on the other hand, is a full-time governor. There doesn’t appear to be any other residence. If New Yorkers were seeking clues that Andrew would not go gently, here’s another one. If a person is forced to leave his official quarters because he has nowhere else to go, he will be far less responsive.

His personal life appears to be a little — unsatisfactory. Kerry Kennedy, the mother of his three girls, has been divorced from him for a long time. Sandra Lee, his long-time lover, departed town two years ago.

He’s been accused of sexual harassment, and no one is defending him. Well, almost no one. According to Rudy Giuliani, Cuomo’s removal from office would be “unjust, dangerous, and completely un-American.” Do you believe this is because of:

A) Giuliani wants Cuomo to undergo a long and painful impeachment process.

B) Giuliani commented after several scotch tumblers at a party.

C) Giuliani believes it will aid his son Andrew’s campaign for governor.

Well, all three may be true. On the other hand, Cuomo appears to need all the support he can get in the absence of Rudy. He’s been attempting to justify himself by posting photos of himself embracing and hugging a slew of people who appear to like the attention.

Of course, some of the people in line are elderly enthusiasts who have been waiting for it for a long time. Others, like as Al Gore, appear to be… not transferred.

Then there’s Cuomo, who appears to be almost as terrible in the James report. His “flirtatious behaviour,” according to several ladies, was troublesome, but it was nonetheless “a better alternative to the otherwise tense, unpleasant, and ‘poison’ experience in the Executive Chamber.”

Don’t believe you can prove your targets were even more traumatised when you screamed at them to defend yourself against claims of unwanted grasping.

Despite his global profile, Cuomo is a product of Albany, one of those state capitals chosen for its proximity to its geographic centre. Most constituents are rarely exposed to this realm, which is fairly isolated.

There are numerous parties available for those who are interested. And what happens in (Name Your Capital) stays in (Name Your Capital) (Your Capital). This is referred to as the Bear Mountain Compact in Albany.

For the majority of our history, these places have been inhabited by powerful men, less powerful men, and a tiny number of women, the majority of whom have no public identity.

When the State Legislature failed to pass a key bill — which was not uncommon — all power was transferred to the “three men in a room” in Albany.

The governor, the majority leader of the State Senate, and the speaker of the State Assembly would meet and negotiate until the guys came up with a solution.

When Cuomo became one of the three guys in 2011, it was still essentially the world he inherited. However, this is beginning to change. Andrea Stewart-Cousins is now the Senate President. “Two men and a woman in a room” may not make a difference in every situation, but it is still a significant step forward.

(Like almost everyone in Albany who saved the mice, Stewart-Cousins has called on Cuomo to resign: “Now that the investigation is complete and the claims have been proven, it should be plain to everyone that he can no longer serve as governor.”)

Sexual harassment can occur practically anywhere, although it is often easier to control when both genders are in positions of authority. Because the gender balance of power is so skewed, state legislatures have always had a lot of difficulties.

Even if things have improved, women still make up less than a third of the nation’s 7,383 state legislators. There are just eight states with female governors. New York is one of many cities that has never had a female mayor.

If Cuomo resigns or is ousted from office, we’ll have a lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul replacement. Historically, parties have used this method to acquire a girl on the ticket. To most New Yorkers, her responsibilities appeared to be limited to standing behind the governor and cheering enthusiastically.

However, this is not the case right now. Hochul, a former congresswoman, has downgraded Cuomo’s behavior to “repulsive & criminal behavior,” which is hardly respectful.

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