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Orochimaru: “A Naruto’s Character”


Orochimaru is a fictional character from Naruto, a manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

In the anime and manga, Orochimaru is a former ninja from the village of Konohagakure who is well known for his abilities.

He is one of the three Legendary Sannin and a former member of the terrorist organization Akatsuki

Orochimaru Starting Story

orochimaruOrochimaru defected from Konoha rather than be persecuted for his ambitions after being caught red-handed performing unethical experiments on his fellow citizens for the sake of immortality and many years sought the village’s destruction to exact revenge and demonstrate what he had learned.

Orochimaru realises his strategy is faulty through Kabuto Yakushi, his former associate, and begins monitoring the decisions and actions of his former disciple, Sasuke Uchiha, after multiple seeming deaths in pursuit of his ambitions.

Orochimaru, like Jiraiya and Tsunade, was originally an orphan who became a student of Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Orochimaru stood out as a genius compared to the more laid-back Jiraiya; Hiruzen believed his talents, knowledge, and dedication to be those of a prodigy seen only once in a generation.

Orochimaru, according to Tsunade, had a warped personality even as a toddler.

The death of his parents most likely influenced his sadistic behaviour.

Orochimaru discovered a white snake at his parents’ grave after losing them, and Hiruzen’s explanation that it represented fortune and rebirth inspired Orochimaru to study ninjutsu and master all methods.

Orochimaru, according to Jiraiya, travelled down this route to erasing his sad memories.

During the Second Shinobi World War, Orochimaru fought alongside Jiraiya and Tsunade against Hanz, who rewarded them with the title of Konoha’s “Three Legendary Shinobi” (Densetsu no Sannin) for surviving their combat with him, even though the rest of their party was easily destroyed.

They came upon three Amegakure orphans on their way back to Konoha, and Orochimaru proposed a mercy killing before Jiraiya elected to train them instead.

Orochimaru staged the final known rampage of the Eight-Tails in Kumogakure by infiltrating the village while disguised as a Kumo-nin and masquerading as Blue B’s doctor to dupe him into taking special genjutsu induced tablets, allowing him to extract the tailed beast.

Orochimaru retrieved the Eight-Tails’ severed horn after its rampage and extracted Blue B’s DNA from it.

Orochimaru became an Anbu member and joined Root to work directly under Danz Shimura and become a mentor to Anko Mitarashi once Team Hiruzen was disbanded.

Orochimaru met Kabuto Yakushi while assisting Danz in forcing the boy’s guardian, Non, into a task.

While becoming the Fourth Hokage was one of Orochimaru’s goals, he meant to utilise the title for his purposes.

Though Hiruzen was well aware of Orochimaru’s potential for evil, he attempted to sway him away from the path before gradually comprehending that he was beyond anyone’s aid.

Orochimaru found no reason to stay in Konoha after Hiruzen named Minato Namikaze as his successor, and he began to be less careful with his acts.

With the help of Danz, he experimented on Hashirama Senju’s DNA with sixty children he kidnapped to reproduce the First’s Wood Release.

Orochimaru was unaware that one child had survived his Wood Release experiment, despite believing that it was a failure.

He eventually perfected the technique sufficiently to inject Hashirama’s cells into Shin Uchiha’s Sharingan-infused right arm, transplanted to Danz.

Orochimaru experimented on his captives; some of them were fellow Konoha shinobi he kidnapped.

He utilised them as human test subjects for ways that would offer him immortality, the result of which was Living Corpse Reincarnation.

Orochimaru was on the borders of Kirigakure when he came across Kimimaro, the Kaguya clan’s lone survivor.

Soon later, Orochimaru’s inquiry into the source of Jgo’s talents leads him to the Rychi Cave to master senjutsu, partly due to Kimimaro.

Because he couldn’t enter Sage Mode due to the fragility of his host body, Orochimaru devised a new technique of controlling his senjutsu chakra using cursed seals, which he tested on Anko a few others before deploying the finalised versions on Kimimaro and the Sound Four.

Orochimaru discovered the Iburi clan dwelling underground near Konoha in the anime.

Orochimaru, intrigued by their power to turn into smoke, took advantage of the clan’s concern of the transformation’s flawed and potentially lethal nature by partially stabilising it with his cursed seals.

The clan happily supplied Orochimaru test subjects after explaining that he required additional research to perfect the method.

Orochimaru saw Itachi Uchiha complete a training run generally reserved for older and more experienced users due to the danger involved.

Orochimaru was immediately astonished and pleased by Itachi’s rapid growth rate once the young Uchiha accomplished it brilliantly.

He also aligned himself with Amachi in the anime because he was interested in producing a shinobi capable of underwater warfare, kidnapping Land of the Sea residents for their experiments and introducing Anko to the idea.

Orochimaru eventually lost interest in the project and instructed Amachi to cancel it and consider Anko as a lost cause for refusing to utilise the cursed seal and wiping her memory as she left him.

Danz later dispatched Orochimaru to Iwagakure on a mission to guarantee that Kabuto and Non, the former having joined Root as a spy, killed each other because they had become big liabilities.

Instead, Orochimaru took Kabuto to his lair, which would later become a part of his hidden village, Otogakure, and revealed Root’s plan for Kabuto’s life and his role in playing in it.

Even though Orochimaru admitted that he was also dispatched to murder the survivor of the ordeal, he told Kabuto that he recognised a part of himself in the youngster and determined that killing him would be a waste of wonderful talent.

As a result, Orochimaru offered Kabuto a job as his right-hand man and spy in exchange for an alias.

Hiruzen caught Orochimaru red-handed as his test subjects began to die off.

Hiruzen lacked the desire to kill his student despite knowing it was his duty, allowing him to flee.

Kakashi Hatake discovered Orochimaru during his escape in the anime.

Despite his best attempts, Orochimaru easily overpowered the young prodigy.

When Orochimaru let his guard down when a snake approached, he was severely hurt by an explosive tag hidden in the snake’s mouth.

Despite being severely injured, Orochimaru soon regained his composure, cursing Hiruzen for wrecking his goals.

He then continued on his way out of the nation, leaving a scared Kakashi stuck in place by his menacing gaze alone.

Orochimaru went to the cave where the Iburi clan lived and killed them all to regain his authority.

When the youngest member, Yukimi, arrived, Orochimaru tracked her down while being pursued by Kakashi Hatake and Kinoe.

He eventually got a sample of Yukimi’s blood and planned to inject it into himself to gain her power and slip across the border briefly, but he was ambushed before he could do so and had to flee.

Orochimaru was able to destroy the majority of his research facilities while booby-trapping the remainder.

Orochimaru eventually fled Konoha, leaving his deeply distraught mentor, despite Jiraiya’s pleas to reconsider.

Orochimaru quickly became a member of the Akatsuki, an elite criminal organisation.

Orochimaru was after that, paired with Sasori, with whom he was able to accomplish a great deal for the organisation.

Later, when Itachi Uchiha joined the organisation, he was astounded.

Later, when Orochimaru saw an opportunity to steal his body to obtain the Sharingan, Itachi used his Sharingan to stop him, as well as cutting off Orochimaru’s left hand to prevent him from breaking the genjutsu he was under, forcing him to leave Akatsuki in search of a new body.

Sasori was enraged by Orochimaru’s desertion and employed Kabuto, whom Orochimaru had recruited to serve as his spy within Akatsuki, as a counter-spy as his sleeper agent. Orochimaru, on the other hand, found and undid Sasori’s technique on him.

When Kabuto warned off Orochimaru that Sasori was on his tail in the anime, he decided to take it as an opportunity to put his Second Hokage’s Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation to the test.

Orochimaru used his method to summon the real Third Kazekage against Sasori’s Third Kazekage puppet.

While demonstrating the strength of his resurrected ninja over the human instrument, the technique eventually proved ineffective, as the Third Kazekage was able to recover control and dissolve the summoning contract.

Orochimaru had been on a life-long quest for the Totsuka Weapon, an ethereal sword, but had no idea it was in Itachi’s Susanoo’s possession.

Orochimaru saw Mizuki kill a teammate on a mission in the anime. Orochimaru awarded Mizuki a specialised cursed seal under the guise of a present for his brave actions.

In reality, it was an unfinished experimental instrument that would destroy anyone who used it, and Orochimaru was interested in seeing how the consequences would affect Mizuki.


Orochimaru has a complicated personality; yet, many people, including Tsunade, have referred to him as “twisted.”

Jiraiya hypothesised that Orochimaru grew to despised the fragility of human life and how it affected those still alive as a result of his parents’ deaths when he was young, as well as his horror at Tsunade losing Nawaki and later crying when she lost Dan, implying that Orochimaru grew to despised the fragility of human life and how it affected those still living, leading him to desire immortality.

To that end, Orochimaru’s human research primarily aims to determine what alterations the human body can withstand and harness a subject’s particular skills for personal gain.

Orochimaru hoped that by achieving this aim, he would be worthy of the title of “ultimate being,” immortal and able to complete his secondary goal of learning every ninja skill in the world, which would ordinarily take several lifetimes.

According to Sasuke, Orochimaru’s objective caused him to develop a god complex and greatly value himself while revelling in striking horror in his first impressions, with any good he had as a member of the Team Hiruzen long gone.

Orochimaru is uninterested in conflicts created by others, even though initiating conflict relieves his boredom.

His charisma attracts a large number of followers, many of whom he would not hesitate to send on potentially suicide missions if it was for his gain, expressing some remorse if they fail to complete a task properly, and having no sentimental attachments to any of them despite their importance to his goals.

Despite this, Orochimaru is genuinely concerned about the progress of his subordinates and research.

Taking Sasuke as an apprentice and considering him as a prodigy like himself, Orochimaru planned to use the youth’s body to attain the Sharingan and go one step closer to his goal of immortality and mastery of all techniques.

This ambition has grown to the point of obsession. Despite knowing that Sasuke was willing to go to any length for vengeance, including sacrificing his own body, Orochimaru foresaw his disciple’s betrayal and was only slightly surprised when it occurred.

Orochimaru was taken aback by Sasuke’s decision to take his path and eventually defend the hamlet he had sworn to destroy, a decision that Orochimaru openly supported and was eager to watch how it would play out.

He initially despised Naruto Uzumaki, believing him to be a lousy excuse for a ninja until he used the Rasengan to kill Kabuto.

Despite aiming to kill Naruto after realising that he would become a problem in the future, Orochimaru became intrigued by Naruto’s development and provoked Naruto during their combat to bring out his full talents.

Orochimaru began to respect Naruto after witnessing his indomitable willpower and memories with Jiraiya throughout the fight.

Orochimaru disliked his former Akatsuki companions even more than he despised his hamlet, coordinating a few attempts to destroy it.

As seen in the “Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission” and “Three-Tails’ Appearance” arcs, if Orochimaru weren’t busy with Sasuke’s development, he would try to damage Akatsuki’s operations.

He displays joy over Sasori’s death and subsequently persuades Sasuke not to kill Team Kakashi to thin out Akatsuki’s membership.

Orochimaru’s greatest flaw is his hubris, which is a feature of his nature.

He sometimes believed he was immortal, striking great opponents like his former teacher and Itachi Uchiha with reckless abandon.

In both cases, he was disabled in some way because he either wanted to make his opponent suffer, as he did against Hiruzen, or he was too uninformed to face his opponent, as he was against Itachi.

Despite his seeming lack of morals, Orochimaru appears to be well-versed in psychological warfare and demonstrates deep intelligence when criticising Tobirama’s policies.

He’s also terrified of insects and bugs, as evidenced by his appearance at Naruto and Hinata’s wedding.

His personality changed after being resurrected by Sasuke. While he remains self-serving as usual, his observation of Kabuto taught him that imitating someone is a mistake, and he expressed curiosity in Sasuke’s “alternative route.”

He chose to fight alongside the Uchiha rather than ignore Madara’s war as he had planned, and he even made it a priority to heal Tsunade and the other Kage after their defeat before rushing to the battlefield.

Orochimaru also seemed to care about Sasuke’s well-being, as he initially believed it would be better to take his time figuring out how to fight Tobi, but swiftly changed his mind when Karin sensed Sasuke was about to die.

Orochimaru has also expressed regret, as though devastated by the death of his childhood friend Jiraiya.

He was one of the persons who congratulated Naruto and Hinata on their wedding in the anime.

Years later, while he remains as zealous as ever in his pursuit of life’s biggest mysteries, he appears to be doing so in a more humane manner.

While his relationship with the rest of the world is still shaky at best, he has built a rather trusting relationship with Konohagakure’s higher-ups, readily assisting them in research on current issues and also feeling responsible enough to make up for previous misdeeds.

By sending his son, Mitsuki, to the hamlet, he appears to be on good terms with Konoha. In the anime, he also feels obligated to Naruto for protecting Mitsuki as the Hokage.

Orochimaru’s experiences also led him to want Mitsuki could make his own decisions, confessing that he has high hopes for the boy’s natural evolution, even though he has manipulated and deceived him into making significant decisions.

He’s also taken an interest in Naruto and Sasuke’s respective offspring, particularly Boruto, who shares his father’s unyielding spirit and commitment. Even the White Snake Sage thinks Orochimaru is becoming “soft” as a result of his transformations.


Orochimaru’s most distinguishing feature is his snake-like look, including extremely pale skin, golden eyes with slitted pupils, purple marks surrounding his eyes, and fang-like teeth.

He also has prominent cheekbones and straight black hair that falls to his waist, with some strands framing and obscuring his face or reaching his shoulders.

Except for the height variances, the different bodies he takes over have all been modified to resemble his original appearance.

Orochimaru’s facial features soften and become more androgynous in Naruto Gaiden, with his eye marks becoming black.

He also wears his hair in a ponytail, which frames the sides of his face with two strands. His skin tone becomes notably fairer in colour throughout the manga.

Orochimaru normally dresses in plain grey robes with a black polo shirt and slacks underneath, a strong purple rope belt knotted in a giant knot behind his back, blue tomoe-shaped earrings, and shinobi sandals with bandages around his calves.

He is seen wearing a kimono of various colours on multiple instances, generally in flashbacks or within his hideouts.

He donned the usual red and black Akatsuki robes with a blue slate ring on his left pinky finger bearing the characters for “sky” or “void” (, k) during his tenure with Akatsuki.

His actual form evolved into a large white snake made up of numerous smaller snakes, with longer, spikier hair, a scaled face with snake-like teeth and a long tongue, black eye markings, and a pointed chin, after countless trials with his body.

Years later, he wears a white robe with a dark-coloured sash and a purple rope knotted around his waist, blue slacks, and a blue shirt.


Orochimaru is a legendary shinobi, widely regarded as one of the most powerful ever.

He earned a Sannin after being one of the few persons who could contend with Hanz in his heyday.

At the same time, Orochimaru stood out as a natural genius and the greatest of his generation among his teammates, gaining acclaim from even Hashirama Senju.

Orochimaru was previously considered for Fourth Hokage and is easily Kage-calibre.

His might is feared throughout the world, to the point, even Akatsuki, of whom he was once a member, considered him a threat.

While the Konoha invasion failed, Orochimaru’s actions crippled the village for years and killed the Third Hokage.

Orochimaru was a strong opponent even in his crippled, weakening state, able to compete with either of his fellow Sannin and even toy with a Version 2 jinchriki.

Despite their gigantic prowess and Shinobi-Ware enhancements, he easily defeated an Inner of Kara in the anime.

Physical Prowess and Chakra

Orochimaru possesses vast amounts of tremendous chakra, capable of causing winds to blow and stone to crumble.

Similarly, the intensity of his deadly intent may make even the most fearful adversaries scared.

Through physical touch, he can absorb chakra, which offers him their abilities and knowledge.

His chakra control is quite advanced, and he excels at many chakra applications.

Even though his hands were sealed, preventing him from making hand signs, he was still able to use a variety of powerful techniques with ease.

Orochimaru is a master of taijutsu, and despite his Sharingan-enhanced clarity, he was able to overpower Sasuke in Part I.

He is a powerful fighter that can bring down a tree with a single kick and briefly paralyse a Four-Tailed Naruto with a single blow.

He’s also incredibly quick, capable of making such abrupt changes in direction that his opponents become disoriented.

Changes to the Body

Orochimaru has made various changes to himself over the years in his quest for immortality and the perfect body.

He can recover from most types of injuries in a short amount of time.

He can rejoin himself or vomit a new, fully-healed body for more serious injuries, such as bisection. Orochimaru’s body can also extend and modify its shape to give him more manoeuvrability.

He can withstand being stabbed by the enormous Totsuka Sword and shrug off the harm, as well as many solidly-landed augmented punches from the already-super powerful Tsunade.

Changes to the Body

Orochimaru’s true form has been transformed into a huge white serpent as a result of his modifications.

Its body is made up of several tiny snakes that are capable of attacking.

The deadly blood evaporating in the air paralyses anyone who inhales it.

This form is employed for the Living Corpse Reincarnation, which allows him to transfer his soul and bodily essence into a new body by eating that person whole, giving him power over the new body and increasing his longevity.

Only once every three years can this be used. Orochimaru’s subconscious retains the souls of the bodies he has taken, allowing him to alter his body as he sees appropriate.

After Orochimaru died physically, Sasuke utilised a sample of Kabuto’s tissue to resurrect him, as Kabuto had heavily transformed his body with different genetic origins, including Orochimaru himself.

This provided Orochimaru with increased chakra reserves and access to Kabuto’s many techniques and unique talents.

Sakon and Ukon’s Kekkei Genkai, Jgo’s Clan’s Kekkei Genkai, Kimimaro’s Shikotsumyaku, a form of Suigetsu Hzuki’s Hydrification Technique, and Karin’s Uzumaki life-force and healing powers were all included.

After taking over the body of a White Zetsu clone that had been enhanced with Hashirama’s DNA, he gained the skills of that clone, including fast healing, perfect shapeshifting, and no need for nutrition.

Orochimaru’s body developed the ability to instantly rebuild his missing anatomy following the Fourth Shinobi World War.


Orochimaru has more ninjutsu knowledge and skill than any other shinobi in history, allowing him to wield an unrivalled array of styles and techniques.

He can stay undetected for long periods thanks to his Transformation Technique proficiency; his finjutsu skill allows him to use the Five Elements Seal to seal off a person’s chakra; he can summon Rashmon gates to protect himself from enemy attacks; he can hide within surfaces to avoid damage, or use juinjutsu to temporarily paralyse an opponent.

Orochimaru’s superior ability in clone techniques, medical ninjutsu, space-time ninjutsu, and barrier ninjutsu is demonstrated in the anime.

Orochimaru is a master of the renowned Kusanagi Sword, competing with his former teacher while wielding his enormous bo-staff.

The blade can travel long distances, cut through practically anything, and can even be controlled remotely. He generally maintains the edge in the mouth of a snake inside his throat and recovers it by having it transform into a snake after usage.

Nature’s Evolution

All five basic nature transformations, as well as Yin and Yang Release, are available to Orochimaru.

He can create a huge gust of wind with Wind Release and travel underground with Earth Release. He can make mud-based clones in the anime.

He can effortlessly unleash powerful fire streams using Fire Release.

Orochimaru obtained access to Hashirama’s Wood Release — a simultaneous mixing of earth and water — after taking over the body of a White Zetsu clone modified with Hashirama’s DNA.


Orochimaru has a fondness for snakes, and he uses his distinctive arm tattoo to instantly summon them for help, the largest and most powerful of which is Manda.

He can strike with snakes spat from his sleeves or lips, and the snakes can sprout blades from their mouths for a more lethal effect.

He may even transform his bottom body into a snake’s tail to increase his speed and mobility in fight.

The Eight Branches Technique is Orochimaru’s ultimate snake-related technique, in which he turns into an eight-headed, eight-tailed enormous serpent with a size greater than Manda’s.


Orochimaru has further mastered Tobirama Senju’s kinjutsu and can perform the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation.

He can implant unique tags into the dead that obliterate their personalities and free will, giving him complete control over their activities.

Despite boosting the technique’s quality compared to its creator, Orochimaru’s reborn warriors’ overall capacities were still significantly reduced compared to when he was alive.

Orochimaru’s prowess was enhanced during the Fourth Shinobi World War after his powers and knowledge of the technique were further enhanced via Kabuto’s essence, as he revived all four previous Hokage with nearly full capacity and could use Hashirama’s cells to reinforce his control.


Orochimaru ultimately discovered the power source at the Rychi Cave and senjutsu while researching Jgo’s clan.

Orochimaru devised another purpose for senjutsu chakra: his cursed seals, despite his host body’s inability to enter Sage Mode.

These seals contain a combination of Orochimaru’s senjutsu chakra and Jgo’s enzyme, causing a transformation akin to Sage Transformation but with various adverse effects.

These cursed seals also increase the effectiveness of one’s techniques and act as an extension of an anchor to Orochimaru’s awareness, allowing him to view events through those who the seal has branded.

Using the Evil Releasing Method, he can even be resurrected from a cursed seal an unlimited number of times, as long as a suitable DNA supply is available.

He also devised the Mind Awakening Pill to aid in the advancement of the cursed seal.


Orochimaru has amassed a huge amount of knowledge about the shinobi world throughout his time with Root and Akatsuki and has established a network of fully equipped hideouts across several countries.

He has a lot of charisma when it comes to persuading individuals to become his pawns by giving them insight into their past and offering them power in exchange for their commitment.

He can deduce the workings of an enemy’s fighting technique and respond appropriately in battle.

Orochimaru did considerable research and various experiments on himself and other people’s DNA to comprehend, obtain, or recreate their powers to decipher all of the world’s secrets.

Researching skills like Hashirama Senju’s Wood Release and Jgo’s Sage Transformation has allowed him to resurrect those powers in other people or construct techniques based on them.

Orochimaru has gained a better understanding of human genetics due to his experiments on Shin Uchiha, which has aided his entire studies.

He can develop a sophisticated robot with powerful weaponry, make genjutsu pills that can subjugate a jinchriki and their tailed beast simultaneously, and even nurture the cells of a tailed beast to create a pseudo-jinchriki in the anime.

1st part

Exams for Chnin

Since leaving Konoha, Orochimaru had been neglecting his homeland until the opportunity to destroy it arose.

The opportunity came when he formed a collaboration with Sunagakure’s Fourth Kazekage, who, like him, desired Konoha’s annihilation and planned their assault during the Chnin Exams.

Orochimaru also took advantage of the invasion to put Itachi’s younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha, to the test as a vessel.

Orochimaru assassinated a team of Kusagakure genin to mimic its leader Shiore and infiltrate the Forest of Death before the second portion of the Chnin Exams began.

The disguised Orochimaru used a snake summon to split Naruto and Team 7, and then subjected Sasuke to his Killing Intent, rendering the adolescent unable to fight owing to the dread created in him.

The worry was alleviated by Naruto’s timely appearance, which persuaded Sasuke to summon his courage before Orochimaru interfered with the jinchriki’s seal, knocking him out for the rest of the battle.

After being partially burned off by Sasuke’s Dragon Fire Technique, Orochimaru professes his admiration for Sasuke’s abilities before marking his target with his Cursed Seal of Heaven and departing.

Anko approaches Orochimaru as he tells her that the Konoha would continue the examinations under threat of his retaliation if they cancel it, as he sends Team Dosu as sacrificial lambs to test Sasuke, with Kabuto accompanying Team 7 to observe Sasuke wield the curse seal’s power.

During the early rounds of the Chnin Exams, Orochimaru pretended to be the captain of his genin team to observe Sasuke’s performance against Yoroi Akad, becoming further obsessed after witnessing him resist the Cursed Seal with sheer willpower.

Orochimaru confronted Kakashi after he was able to seal away the mark on Sasuke.

He made little attempt to hide his admiration for Kakashi’s Sharingan and remarked that Sasuke would someday seek power from him before departing.

Crush of Konoha

On the day of the final round bouts, Orochimaru assassinated the Fourth Kazekage and took his identity to sit next to Hiruzen and supervise the proceedings.

However, Orochimaru makes his move to murder his former master as the Konoha Crush begins.

Orochimaru has the Sound Four remove the guises of the Kazekage’s bodyguards and create a barrier to keep the other Konoha ninja at bay, preventing any intervention.

Hiruzen accepts to fight his former pupil since he regrets letting Orochimaru escape years ago.

Orochimaru, ecstatic at the prospect of finally confronting his former teacher, used Impure World Reincarnation to summon Hashirama Senju and his brother Tobirama, the first two Hokage to attack their successor.

Orochimaru shows to Hiruzen the benefits of his labour in mastering Living Corpse Reincarnation with the host body he took after his brush with Itachi and his goal to make Sasuke his next host during the fight.

Tsunade is the name of a character in the anime Tsunade.

Orochimaru aims to have his condition fixed by appealing to Tsunade with the opportunity to reincarnate her Nawaki and Dan to gain her cooperation after hardly being able to tolerate the pain of his rotting arms.

Despite appearing to agree, Tsunade had intended to murder him so that he would never assault Konoha again.

Before she could do so, Kabuto intervened, trying to force her to help before Jiraiya, Shizune, and Naruto rushed to her aid.

While Orochimaru and Jiraiya fought, Kabuto confronted Naruto until being vanquished (after being poisoned by Tsunade and consequently unable to use techniques properly).

Orochimaru, sensing this as a potential threat, decides to murder Naruto before Tsunade and Jiraiya face their former teammate. Despite summoning Manda and successfully concealing his condition from the enormous serpent while fighting Gamabunta, Orochimaru is forced to forego repairing his arms in favour of a new host body.

Sasuke’s Rescue Mission

Despite his desire to wait for Sasuke to mature, Orochimaru dispatched his Sound Four to find and bring Sasuke to him.

He waited as long as he could, awaiting Sasuke’s arrival, but the pain in his arms became too much to endure, and he was forced to take Gen’ymaru’s body, which Kabuto had prepared earlier.

Orochimaru uses Living Corpse Reincarnation on his new host after offering to liberate Gen’ymaru’s clansmen in exchange for his sacrifice.

Even though the act reversed most of the damage inflicted by the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Orochimaru was still unable to employ techniques that required hand seals.

Reconnaissance Mission at Tenchi Bridge

Two and a half years later, Team Kakashi, led by Yamato, learnt of an opportunity from a dying Sasori who met with his spy, Kabuto, and set out to find Sasuke.

The group’s temporary leader Yamato met with Kabuto as the others watched, posing as Sasori inside his Hiruko puppet.

However, Orochimaru arrived just as Kabuto was about to destroy the Hiruko, and Orochimaru clarified to a befuddled Kabuto that Sasori had never come.

At the same time, the remainder of Team Kakashi appeared to attack the two ninja.

Orochimaru was more interested in seeing if Naruto had become as strong as “his Sasuke,” even though Yamato had survived his experiments utilising Hashirama’s DNA.

Orochimaru eluded Naruto as Naruto assumed his three-tailed form in response, enjoying the duel further tormenting Naruto.

The Pursuit Mission of Itachi

Orochimaru pondered the best way to seize Sasuke’s body since his present body would reject him.

He and Kabuto recapped all of the events that led to Sasuke defecting and how far he had progressed since then in the anime.

Sasuke attacked him before formulating his plan, believing Orochimaru was unworthy of a Uchiha’s body and attempting to kill him with Chidori Sharp Spear, but only succeeding in piercing his arm.

To begin the body-switch process, Orochimaru revealed his actual body, a giant white snake with a swarm of lesser snakes.


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