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Otis Perkins dies after sports car overturns on died nearly weeks


According to cops, Otis Perkins, a powerlifter nicknamed “Black Tom Cruise” died nearly two weeks after losing control of his sports car and overturning on Manhattan’s Henry Hudson Parkway, colliding into two SUVs and a boulder.

Otis Perkins, 39, was speeding south on the parkway at the Dyckman St. exit ramp in Inwood when authorities and friends claimed he lost control of his Dodge Viper convertible.

Officials said the muscular driver clipped a Subaru Crosstrek traveling in the same direction before veering onto the shoulder, where he vaulted a jersey barrier and collided with a protruding boulder.

How Otis Perkins dies after sports car overturns?

Optis Perkins

After hitting the boulder, the sports vehicle rolled onto its top. According to officers, it landed back on the parkway, where it collided with a Chevrolet Equinox before sliding to a stop.

Perkins was discovered inside the overturned car with major injuries to his head and torso by first responders.

The man was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside, where he died on Saturday. Officials stated the 31-year-old driver of the Crosstrek and the 57-year-old driver of the Equinox were unharmed.

According to barbend.com, Perkins suffered major injuries to his back and right eye because the convertible’s top was down.

According to an online fundraiser, Perkins was expected to survive the crash but died as a result of problems in the hospital. According to cops, he lived in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

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He had serious injuries from a vehicle accident on 7/11, but he couldn’t receive enough oxygen to his lungs owing to a high temperature and lung issues from pneumonia, and his heart gave out,” wrote Lynn Wilson, who created the GoFundMe page. “Our hearts are broken as a whole.”

Perkins’ medical treatment was funded through a GoFundMe campaign, which raised $42,000 before his death. Perkins was supposed to reside with his elderly mother, according to friends.

Perkins was well-liked in the powerlifting scene and was a training partner of Larry “Wheels” Williams, who posted about his friend’s death on his Instagram page.

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“Everywhere he went, the man-made people laugh. Williams wrote, “The funniest man I’ve ever met.” “I adore him and consider him to be my closest friend. It’s difficult to accept that he’s no longer with us.

“He had a smile on his face, and his head held high no matter what life threw at him,” Williams continued. “You will be missed, Otis Perkins.”

Jen Marie, 25, a friend, claimed Perkins frequently assisted her with her workouts.

“It was the first time we met in 2019.” Marie explained, “He took me to one of his gyms.” “He knew everything there was to know about lifting and working out. He assisted me with my nutrients and workouts. He was an outgoing individual who genuinely cared about his friends.

“I’m a nurse, and he would check in on me throughout the pandemic, wondering how I was doing,” Marie explained. “He really wants to help people get better and learn more by sharing his knowledge of working out.”

Susy Oluvele, 26, said she wished she had had more time to get to know him

She and Perkins met three weeks ago in a Nigerian club, she added, and they exchanged information.

He told me everything about his workout. “It was a fun encounter,” Oluvele stated. “It was insane when I saw my friend post anything about his death on Facebook.” “How can you meet someone right before they die away?” you might wonder.

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