Owl as Symbol: The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Owls

September 27, 2022
Owl as Symbol

Owl as Symbol: The fascinating owl is a very interesting animal, and it is worth trying to spot one. They are nocturnal and birds of prey. Instead of eating insects or seeds, they hunt.

These birds of prey have symbolic meanings. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

Owl Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings of Owls

Owl as Symbol

Owl sightings or dreams can mean many things. Owls can be symbolic of wisdom, intelligence, courage, intuition and independent thinking.

These birds of prey depend on their intelligence and intuition when hunting. Owls trust their instincts to find the next meal and rely on their intellect to decide which animals to hunt.

Owl Encounters and Omens

It is rare to see owls in the wild during daylight hours because they are nocturnal creatures. If you do happen to see one, it is not a bad sign. It’s more of a warning.

Although owls are a symbol of death in some cultures they also symbolize change. It is a way to end something and start something new.

An owl encounter involves intuition, knowledge, and understanding.

Different Species Of Owls: Owl as Symbol

Each species of owl will not represent the exact same thing. The owl is generally associated with wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. This bird can also be associated with transition, change or death.

These broad interpretations show that specific owl species represent one or more aspects. Understanding what an owl might be trying to communicate is easier if you see it.

1.Barn owl

Owl as Symbol

The Barn owl is a symbol of transformation, death, and rebirth. This species of owl is also linked to future deals or foretellings. The Barn owl is often associated with mystery, omens or deception because of these ties. The Barn owl is believed to help you understand the meaning of a mysterious encounter, or the truth behind deception.

2.Barred owl

Owl as Symbol Barred owl

A Barred Owl is a positive symbol, unlike other species of owls that might indicate death or darker omens. This species is a symbol of protection, but also peacemaking. The Barred Owl can be used as an omen to signify the building of relationships and forgiveness.

The Barred Owl acts as a guardian for those it appears to and, in certain cultures, can even bring the gift of sacred wisdom.

3.Snowy owl

Owl as Symbol snowy owl

The Snowy Owl symbolizes individuality and adaptability. Its white plumage can also be used to indicate danger or concealment. The Snowy Owl can signify hidden dangers or adaptability to change. The Snowy Owl is a symbol of wildness and unpredictability in some cultures.

4.Great Horned Owl

Owl as Symbol

The Great Horned Owl is a well-known owl species. It represents strength, courage, beauty, and strength. They are often known for their ability to act with confidence and fearlessness. A Great Horned Owl is a sign of good fortune. It symbolizes decisive action. They are also a symbol of determination and overcoming a problem without fear.

What do Owls of Different Colours Signify?

There are many colors available for owls, including brown, yellow, white, golden and reddish-brown. Sometimes, however, owls can appear in dreams in other colors. The color they appear in can be interpreted as a variety of things.

1.White Owl Meaning

A white owl is a symbol of life-changing events. You must remember that change is necessary in order to grow and move ahead.

2.Grey Owl Meaning

Grey owls have the same meaning because they are unique and associated with mystery. Grey owls are also a symbol of communication with the spirit world, your guides and encourage you to trust the possibilities.

3.Black Owl Meaning

Black owls represent the unconscious mind, which allows certain information to surface.

4.Meaning of the Yellow Owl

The wild yellow owl doesn’t exist so seeing one in dreams can have a significant impact on your self-worth, and how you express your emotions. The association of yellow owls with independence, identity and discovering your true self is also a strong one.

5.Red Owl Meaning

Reddish-brown owls are not uncommon in the wild. However, seeing one in a dream that is strictly red can indicate issues with emotional and physical health as well as issues in the home and anger.

6.Brown Owl Meaning

The barn owl is the most common type of owl. It is brown in color. However, seeing one in real life or in dreams is directly connected to your intuition and how you see yourself. Brown owls can also be associated with compassion, forgiveness, patience and mindfulness.

Owl Symbolism in Different Cultures & Religions: Owl as Symbol

Many cultures have had a long history of owls. They’re associated with gods and goddesses. Although they might not look exactly the same, the owl is a recognized animal worldwide.


In Greek mythology, owls symbolised Athena’s blessings. As Athena’s protector, the owl flew in battle with the Greek Armies to display her control over the battle. The belief was that an owl flying above Greek Soldiers before a fight was a sign of victory.


Wisdom, healing, intuition, and arts are all linked to Minerva, the Roman Goddess Minerva, and her owl companion. Some Roman belief systems would have you believe that the hoot of an owl was a sign of impending death. To ward off evil that the owls’ hoot summoned, some believers would hunt down the owl and tie it to their doors.


The owl is shown in the hieroglyph for the letter M. Some people considered the owl a sign of death while others thought it was a messenger for good wine vintages. The owl’s keen eye for hunting was a hallmark of its reverence. It also symbolized death and mourning. Jmw is the ancient name of the owl, which means “the one who mourns.”

4.Biblical Christianity

The Old Testament Bible says that owls and other birds are unclean and thus inedible. Many owls were often written to symbolize isolation, loneliness, judgment. The ruins of Egypt and Holy Land have been used as habitats for owls, which adds to the belief that they are symbols death and desolation.


Considering that many Western cultures love the owl, its paradox is stark. Contrary to this, many African-born superstitions and ideals fear them. Kikuyu Kenyans believe that owls are associated with death. The Kikuyu people of Kenya continue to believe that death is imminent if an owl is heard or seen flying.


Celtic Irish Crones revere the owl. It is the oldest version of the triple goddess. Traditional Gaelic refers to the owl as the Cauilleach-oidhche or the Crone the Night. The goddess-face of death, the Crone is the Crone, who carries you from this plane of existence.

Owls represent soul ages and moon magic. According to Celtic myths, a shape-shifting spirit, often appearing in the form of an Owl, is a symbol of transition and change.

7.Norse Paganism

The Norse pagans embrace death in a way that the rest of the world does not. The owl is also considered a guide through the underworld. They guide spiritual realms and us to the afterlife. The hawthorn tree is also a connection for the owl.

8.Native American

Native American refers to a wide range of vivid belief systems. Native tribes often hold the owl high in respect, though they may have different reasons. Some tribes, including the Ojibqa, Cheyenne and Fox, believe that a sighted owl in daylight is both a symbol for death and a guide to afterlife. Hidatsas and Dakota tribes believe that the owl is a guardian spirit for their warriors.


Feng Shui considers the owl to be a symbol of wisdom, good luck, protection, and abundance. Mao-touying, or Cat-Headed Hawk is the Chinese word for Owl.

Many believe that the sound of an owl hooting will signal death or sickness. According to some legends, owls can be connected to the spiritual realm and will take your soul away if you touch them or kill them. In Chinese cemeteries, you will often find owls in statuary.


In Hindu mythology, owls hold double meanings. They are revered on Diwali as the vehicle of Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth), and they are also worshiped. Exorcists may also use owls in other times of the year to expel unresolved energies, bad luck and other sorcery. Every body part has a marginal meaning to the practitioner.

11.Aboriginal Australian

Aboriginal Australian beliefs are similar to African culture. Like African culture, they believe owls are bad spirits and omens. The only way to stop someone from dying was to kill an owl before they call at night. Nighttime owl sightings were harmless. Following the right rituals can help people find food or shelter.


Many cultures consider the owl a shapeshifter, capable of changing into human form. This ability is due to the owl’s connections with the supernatural or its role as a messenger. The owl is able to appear as a loved one who has died or transmit messages from the beyond. The owl’s connection to the moon allows for shapeshifting. It is a nocturnal creature and can assume some moon attributes such as altering its appearance.

Owl Symbolism in Dreams: Owl as Symbol

There are many interpretations for what your dream of an owl could mean. The dream of an owl in your dreams is a simple message that aims to alert you to the realities around you.

Depending on the meaning of the dream, it might mean something else.

1. Imagination an owl attacking you.

If you have a dream about an owl attacking your dreams, it is a sign you are afraid of what’s happening in your life right now and you need to take that leap. This type of dream is not a sign to be afraid. It’s a signal to accept change and grow from it.

2. Imagine a flying owl in your dreams

Dreaming of a flying Owl symbolizes change in the subconscious mind and the effort to bring it to the surface. This is a reminder to trust that even though you don’t know what changes are coming, the universe will be in your best interest.

3. Imagine a talking owl in your dreams

This is a serious message from God, whether you are dreaming of an owl speaking in a language or screeching in your dreams. This type of dream may indicate that you have psychic abilities and are receiving messages from souls who are no longer here.

4. Imagine a wounded owl in your dreams

A dream of an injured Owl could have many meanings, but the most important is that you are not completely free from something. Fear of something may be preventing you from moving forward.

5. A hypothetical owl eating you

Food is a symbol of a past experience that you are trying to rectify. To dream of an owl eating your dreams means that you are working to remove all negative thoughts and accept your inner guidance.

Owl Spirit or Totem Animal: Owl as Symbol

A spirit animals is a life guide that directs us in the right direction and teaches us lessons. Totem animals can also be spirit guides. However, they are those whom we call to guide us. They act as protectors and guardians, helping us to live our lives without forgetting our higher purpose.

Although you cannot choose your spirit animal they will. If you can resonate with an owl, you will know if it is your spirit animal.

People who have an owl spirit pet may have many lessons to learn.

A spirit animal owl is encouraging you to act.

This spirit animal trusts its intuition and warns you to not procrastinate or feel inadequate. The owl wants to tell you it’s time to make that big change that you are too afraid of.

A spirit animal of the owl wants you to see.

Your owl spirit pet is trying to encourage you to see the world from a different perspective and to recognize that there’s more to life than just your daily routine. You can challenge yourself to look at things from different perspectives and become more in touch with the world around.

People who have an owl spirit animal should trust their gut.

Trust yourself with the owl sign. You can trust your intuition and gut feeling to guide you. Do not allow outside factors to make you confused to the point that you don’t know what to do. The owl spirit animal is telling us to trust ourselves because we are capable.

A spirit owl warns

An owl can warn you about a symbolic or physical death. In ancient times, owls were considered to be the death announcers. The hoot of an Owl, according to superstition foreshadows the imminent death of a human being.

This is a warning sign that you will experience a change in your life. You’ll have to say goodbye to some things in order to make way for a new beginning.

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