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Pain Naruto : Is Pain a Boy or Girl Naruto?



Nagato (Naruto) was an Amegakure shinobi and an Uzumaki clan descendant.

Pain Naruto is a boy. Nagato dreamed of bringing peace to the warring shinobi world by forming Akatsuki with his pals (and fellow war orphans) Yahiko and Konan.

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pain naruto

Manga Volume #41, Naruto Chapter #372
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #128
Novel Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
movie Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie (Pain)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel, Game, Movie
Birthdate September 19
Gender Male
Age 35yr
Height 175.5 cm
Weight 40.1 kg

Following Yahiko’s death, Nagato assumed the moniker Pain and, along with Konan, began heading a new Akatsuki – one that would use all means necessary to bring the world to peace.


On the outskirts of Amegakure, Nagato lived with his parents, Fus and Ise.

Madara Uchiha covertly transplanted his Rinnegan into Nagato when he was very young, without his or his parents’ knowledge.

Nagato and his parents took refuge in their home during the Second Shinobi World War to avoid the fighting going on around them.

Nagato and his dad tried to sneak out unseen one day when two Konoha shinobi stormed into their home hunting for food.


His parents attacked the shinobi when they were discovered, allowing Nagato to flee.

When the Konoha ninja realised his parents were simply civilians, he killed them in self-defense and tried to make amends with Nagato.

Nagato was overcome with grief and for the first time used Madara’s Rinnegan to murder them and avenge his parents.

Nagato, now an orphan, was forced to leave home after his parents were buried and began travelling in search of food and shelter.


With resources scarce owing to the ongoing conflict, no one would aid him until Konan and Yahiko, orphans like him, discovered Nagato, who had fainted from hunger.

They banded together, scavenged food in any way they could, and dreamed of a future in which they were in command and could use their power to end war.

This was an issue about which Yahiko was extremely enthusiastic, and Nagato was encouraged to pursue the same aim.

The three would have to train as ninjas in order to do this. With little options, they sought Konoha’s Legendary Sannin and requested ninjutsu instruction.


Orochimaru offered to kill them to put an end to their misery, but Jiraiya, who felt sorry for his role in the battle, offered to teach them how to protect themselves.

Jiraiya provided them with a place to live and taught them to fish, but he refused to teach them ninjutsu.

An Iwagakure chnin caught and abused the orphans when they were out one day.

Nagato utilised his Rinnegan to kill the Iwa-nin because he was afraid for his companions’ lives.


When Jiraiya arrived to assist them, he first observed Nagato’s eyes and was reminded of the legends surrounding the Sage of the Six Paths, the Rinnegan’s original possessor.

Jiraiya altered his mind and began teaching them ninjutsu as a result.

Nagato felt bad about killing the Iwa-nin, but Jiraiya persuaded him that violence and personal suffering were sometimes essential to defend others.

He eventually conveyed his opinion that Nagato was the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths, and that, like the original Sage, Nagato would use his Rinnegan to bring peace to the world.


Jiraiya spent three years training the orphans. Nagato was able to master everything he was taught because to his Rinnegan.

Jiraiya thought they were ready to move forth on their own after defeating one of his shadow clones in a combat, and he returned to Konoha, sure they would bring reform to the land.

The three founded the Akatsuki organisation, with Yahiko as its leader, and began advocating for the end of war.

Their message was well-received, and they gained a large following, Jiraiya would occasionally hear about their adventures.


They were contacted by a disguised Obito Uchiha during the Third Shinobi World War.

He introduced himself as Madara Uchiha and promised to assist them in their endeavours, as well as show Nagato how to fully utilise his Rinnegan.

Tobi offered them to Yahiko, but he declined since he thought Tobi merely wanted to utilise them.

Akatsuki’s ranks increased and became renowned across Amegakure throughout their search for peace, to the point where the village’s leader, Hanz of the Salamander, began to feel threatened by Akatsuki’s leadership.


He approached Akatsuki and offered to assist them in negotiating with the other warring villages.

The next day, at a meeting to finalise the deal, Hanz and his men ambushed Yahiko and Nagato, with the help of Konoha’s Danz Shimura.

Hanz threatened to kill Konan if Nagato would not kill Yahiko, using her as a hostage.

Unwilling to let Nagato have that on his mind, Yahiko impaled himself on Nagato’s kunai, declaring his faith in Nagato’s ability to transform the world with his dying breath.


Nagato, enraged by Yahiko’s death, reclaimed Konan from Hanz, despite his legs being gravely hurt in the process.

He then summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and used it to massacre Hanz’s troops after bonding with it, however Hanz himself escaped.

Nagato then cut links with Amegakure by slashing the town’s insignia from his forehead protector, indicating that he no longer wanted to be associated with Hanz’s village.

Nagato’s views about reaching peace were ultimately proven to be ridiculous by Yahiko’s death; the world would never willingly cease the cycle of death and hatred it had been operating on for so long.


No one can sincerely seek peace unless they had firsthand experience with war and all of the losses and anguish it brings.

Nagato adopted the moniker “Pain” in order to personally transmit that amount of anguish to the globe.

Nagato built the Six Paths of Pain out of corpses that he controlled remotely after the damage he got from Hanz’s attack and the link with the Demonic Statue rendered him fragile and immobile.

He utilised Yahiko’s body for the Deva Path since he still wanted him to head the organisation in spirit, and he used the bodies of other miscellaneous shinobi who had met Jiraiya while alive without his knowledge.


Pain began to lead Akatsuki in a new direction, accepting Obito’s earlier offer of assistance in secret.

Akatsuki formed a mercenary group with S-rank missing-nin and began providing its services to ninja villages, earning the money needed to support its long-term ambitions.


Nagato was a sensitive child who was prone to crying over his own and others’ tragedies.

He tried to quit this behaviour when he met Yahiko by following Yahiko’s idea that sobbing wouldn’t change anything, but he failed.


Jiraiya subsequently told him that his sensitivity was a strength since it allowed him to better understand pain and, as a result, be kinder to others.

Nagato was moved by this viewpoint, and he decided that he wanted to bear all of his friends’ suffering so that they wouldn’t have to.

It also stopped him from grieving; when Jiraiya left their group, Yahiko was the one who wept, while Nagato just thanked him for all the help he’d given them.

Nagato spent his entire life, in one form or another, putting the needs of others ahead of his own: his primary motivation for becoming a ninja was to protect Yahiko and Konan;


he saw his role in the original Akatsuki as a powerful tool meant to aid Yahiko in bringing peace to their country; and as leader of his own version of Akatsuki, he felt it was his responsibility to save the world from itself, inflicting pains of such magnitude that no

While this reflects Nagato’s increasing sense of self-importance, it was bolstered by others’ increasing regard for him as a result of his Rinnegan:

Jiraiya thought he was the reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths; Yahiko and the rest of Akatsuki thought he was the “Saviour of the World,” and the villagers of Amegakure thought he was a “God.”

Nagato was of Uzumaki ancestry, with light white skin and straight red hair.


His eyes were obscured by his hair when he was young, preventing his Rinnegan from being seen.

He split his hair so that only his right eye was hidden when he began his ninja training.

When he linked with the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, he was left with a number of black receivers embedded in his back and his body became emaciated, limiting his mobility.

As a result, he spent the most of his adult life controlling the Six Paths of Pain from a mechanical walker.


He didn’t wear any of the traditional Akatsuki garb himself, instead relying on his Paths to do so.

Nagato’s hair turns white as a side effect of performing Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, and it stays that colour after he is reincarnated, during which he is dressed in a maroon long-sleeved cloak.

His hair turned red again after absorbing some of the Eight-Tails’ chakra, and his fragile physique reverted to allow him to move more freely.

Nagato’s position as Akatsuki’s leader was well-deserved, as he was the group’s most powerful member.


Kabuto Yakushi recognised Nagato as his second most powerful reborn shinobi, second only to an upgraded Madara Uchiha, despite his frail state and shattered legs.

Using the Tailed Beast chakra he took from B to restore and rejuvenate his body, he easily overcame and immobilised the Eight and Nine-Tails jinchriki, despite his legs being weakened.

Despite his efficacy being lessened owing to Kabuto Yakushi’s direct control, Naruto, Killer B, and Itachi Uchiha had to work together to defeat and seal him.

Various people thought he was unbeatable as Pain, and his power allowed him to defeat and kill Hanz, despite Hanz’s talents having long since deteriorated.


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