Where Was Pale Rider Filmed? Know About The Locations Of Clint Eastwood’s Western Film

September 17, 2022

Pale Rider was filmed in which location? Fans of Clint Eastwood’s Western film, Pale Rider, ask this question. Learn more about the locations.

Pale Rider was a 1985 Western film. Clint Eastwood was the director and producer of the film. He played the Preacher’s lead role. It received a lot of praise from both critics and audiences. They loved the stunning scenery.If you’re curious about where pale rider was shot, here are some details.

Is there a film of ‘Pale Rider?

Pale Rider takes place in the snowy mountain community of Lahood, California. Filmed in California, USA, the movie is true. The movie was filmed extensively in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area just north of Sun Valley, Idaho in late 1984.

This location contains 756,000 acres of beautiful mountain country, which includes White Clouds Wilderness and Sawtooth Wilderness. The scene opened with the Sawtooth Mountains to the south of Stanley. Clint Eastwood’s entrance scene in this picturesque location caught many people’s attention. There are multiple scenes in Pale Rider that take place close to the train station. It was shot at Railtown 1987 State Historic Park. It is located in Tuolumne County near Jamestown, California. It is open for round-trip train rides from Monday through Thursday, April to October.

Popular is the scene in which the Preacher grabs his pistol at a Wells Fargo branch in established Gold Rush Town. It was shot in Columbia State Historic Park at 11255 Jackson Street. It was shot in central California’s Tuolumne County.

Pale Rider plot

Pale Rider is the story of a mysterious preacher who defends a small village of prospectors from a greedy mining corporation that wants to invade their lands. Dennis Shryack and Michael Butler wrote the story. The Malpaso Company, Clint Eastwood’s financier, funded the projects. The movie was distributed by Warner Bros Pictures. The film was made with a budget of $7 million and earned more than $41million at the box office. It was the highest-grossing Western in the 1980s.

Where was Pale Rider filmed?

Pale Rider, directed by Clint Eastwood is an American Western movie about the Preacher. To protect a group gold miners who are being threatened by the marshal and local banker, the Preacher rode into Lahood. They want to purchase the miner’s land.

They refuse and tensions rise. Eastwood comes to town to provide much-needed support to the miners. But where was it shot? Continue reading to learn more.

Filming Location #1: Idaho

To film the movie, the filmmakers needed a snowy place to shoot. The Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho was chosen as the filming location.

This scene was even included in the opening scene. The Sawtooth National Recreation Area continues to be a popular tourist spot, with many tourists visiting each year to hike, rock climb, kayak and paddle.

The crew didn’t stop there! The crew also shot in Idaho’s Sun Valley Resort City, which has very cold winter temperatures.

Filming Location #2: California


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By Lakshya Kaushik -November 30, 2021

Clint Eastwood directed, produced, and starred in Pale Rider, an American western fantasy movie. The film was made in the United States in June 1985 with a budget $6.9 million. It became one of the most successful Western films of the 80s with a collection of $41.4 Million. The film’s title is a reference the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, where the pale horse is Eastwood and the ghost rider is Eastwood. This is the death.

Pale Rider cast

  • Clint Eastwood is the Preacher
  • John Russell is Marshal Stockburn
  • Michael Moriarty is the Hull Barret
  • Richard Dysart is Coy LaHood
  • Terrence Evans is Jake Henderson
  • Chris Penn and Josh LaHood
  • Carrie Snodgress is Sarah Wheeler
  • Richard Hamilton is Pa Blankenship
  • Megan Wheeler and Sydney Penny
  • Richard Kiel joins the Club
  • Jeffrey Weissman plays Teddy Conway
  • Charles Hallahan is McGill
  • Chuck Lafont as Eddie Conway
  • Marvin J. McIntyre is a Jagou
  • Fran Ryan as Ma Blankenship
  • Doug McGrath is Spider Conway

Pale Rider Movie Review

Eastwood is the preacher. There will be many questions you have while watching the movie. This is common with preachers. You don’t know what they are up to, which leads to our curiosity to find out more. How the movie progresses depends entirely on how the viewers or critics view it.

The supporting cast did an outstanding job, especially in the scene where the town had to decide between selling the land or staying at home.

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