Pamela Smart: Can you think of Pamela Smart by name?

September 3, 2022
pamela smart

The Pamela Smart who has spent more years in jail than out can mix with the Pamela Smarts of tabloid headlines (no, she wasn’t a schoolteacher) and fictional representations, such as the chilling figure she inspired for the Nicole Kidman film “To Die For.”

Smart, 51, says on the phone from prison, “It was easy to paint me as the femme fatale.” Smart agreed to a series of phone calls and a videotaped jail interview with The Washington Post in which she gave previously undisclosed data and an intimate insight of her inner life.

Her story intrigues as governors in Maryland, California, and Louisiana review and, in dozens of cases, erase life-without-parole sentences. There are webpages and tweetstorms for Smart, who has never used the Internet or an iPhone.

Amateur sleuths study the case to bolster her innocence claims. Her legal advisers and mother receive tips. They believe in two Pamela Smarts: one who was wrongfully convicted and one who’s been in prison too long, even if she’s guilty.

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The Incident: Pamela Smart

pamela smart

Pamela Wojas married Gregory Smart in 1989. They met in New Hampshire during her college break while visiting relatives.

Her partner moved to Florida as she earned her communications degree at FSU. She presented “Metal Madness” on the college radio station and interned at a TV news station. She was also the station’s promotions director, distributing backstage passes for the Scorpions and Whitesnake.

“I walked backstage with everyone,” Smart says. I’d everything.

After graduating, she couldn’t find a well-paying job as a TV features reporter like Barbara Walters. After her mother told her about a job as a media services director, the couple went to New Hampshire.

Smart says she once had a good marriage. Her husband became a broker. She named her puppy Haylen after Van Halen. She and her future mother-in-law furnished their condo near his parents. Trump’s Atlantic City casino hosted weekend trips.

Smart’s spouse confesses to a one-night fling before their first anniversary. Smart: “I thought I was flawed and not good enough.”

She was running a student self-esteem programme. Through the programme, she met 15-year-old Billy Flynn. She remembers Flynn complimenting her and “began to love him.” I thought he liked me.

Despite different accounts of who seduced whom, Flynn and Smart admitted to dating. Smart says they began having sexual relations when he was 16 and she slept with him five times in two months. She claims her husband’s admission impacted her throughout.

Smart wouldn’t be engaged otherwise. She wonders how she had an affair in prison.

Smart says on the phone, “I find solutions sometimes.” When she’s speechless, she says, “Sometimes I don’t even comprehend myself.”

The Killing: Pamela Smart

Pamela Smart went home after a school meeting on May 1, 1990 to find her 24-year-old husband dead in their apartment.

Linda Wojas said Smart oscillated between depression and lunacy during the investigation. Wojas claimed Smart was hospitalised. Wojas says the facility was about to let her in when the mother and girl objected.

“I didn’t want to leave her,” says Wojas. He hoped to better care for her. I made a big error.

The Gregory Smart murder probe blew up the next month. Pete Randall and Vance Lattime Jr. told a student about Billy Flynn’s murder.

They turned themselves in, pleaded guilty, and received lesser sentences. Lattime allegedly used Smart’s money for bullets. Randall was holding Gregory Smart at knifepoint when Flynn shot him.

Class differences were clear. Cartoonist Al Capp said the working-class Seabrook neighborhood inspired his “Li’l Abner” Appalachian characters. Smart was the daughter of a successful Delta Air Lines pilot.

The lads said detective Smart plotted the homicide to the minute detail, telling them to act as a thief to startle her husband when he returned home and giving them $500 each.

Smart says the incidents never happened. She admits it’s possible Flynn misread what she said and killed her husband.

She said, “I can’t do this because I have a husband.” If he understood that to imply he couldn’t have me while Gregg was present, he believed that. “Bill couldn’t have me while Gregg was here,” he thought.

While Flynn was in jail, Smart made it easy for detectives to frame her. Police listened to her conversations with Cecilia Pierce using a body wire and phone wiretap. She pushes Pierce to lie on tapes played at Smart’s trial the next spring.

“If you reveal the truth, you’ll be an accessory to murder,” Smart allegedly said.

She says, “What good will jail do?

Smart pretended to know more about the crime than she did while conducting her own investigation, she said. A friend of her husband supported her evidence at trial.

Smart arrested on August 1st, 1990.

The Test: Pamela Smart

On the phone one recent afternoon, Linda Wojas says, “Let me tell you what the, quote, fake media did to us 28 years ago.”

Smart’s trial in 1991 created a media frenzy with its intriguing centre persona. Blonde, tiny, and well-dressed, she was mistaken for a “schoolteacher”. Van Halen had a hit song named “Hot for Teacher,” according to the press.

Smart and her fans lament the media’s focus on her appearance. Her hair bows garnered attention during the trial.

The jury was sequestered on trial day 2. One juror taped her nighttime thoughts on the case. Flynn and the other two witnesses shared a residence and sometimes saw each other’s evidence.

Smart’s testimony suggested she was an ice princess. Flynn, her ex-boyfriend, a big-eyed 1980s mullet, sobbed in front of the jurors. Smart is stern. She Started hide her emotions. She alleges she cried during the trial at night.

Both Positive And Negative Mail

Linda Wojas, Smart’s mother, walks three miles a day on an island in New Hampshire to see her daughter freed. Wojas, 77, says, “My time is up.” I was 49.

She’s consumed by clue-hunting. Her words: “It bores my spouse. Recent day, she says, “An informant called me.” God, let this change things.

Her book attempt failed. She has a new agent. Pam, Smart’s academic advisor and publicist in New York, stops others from interfering.

“I know some players. She says they hinder solution-finding. It’s been so long? Her mailbox is full. Some want Smart “rots in prison” and is gang-raped nightly.

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