Paris Lane 22 Cause of Death Passed Away At 22

January 23, 2023

Paris lane 22 was a 22-year-old student who took his own life in June 2014. While there is speculation regarding his cause of death, the investigation is still in its early stages. There is still no video to confirm whether or not he was battling with depression or had a mental illness before he took his own life.

Aside from this, there are still questions as to whether or not his suicide video was deleted by the authorities.

Paris lane 22 Is there an explanation for his suicide?

paris lane 22

A young man named Paris Lane of Harlem reportedly snuffed out his life with the help of a 9mm pistol. While a cursory Google search will turn up no less than a slew of unsubstantiated rumours and speculation, a bit of background research yields a few noteworthy facts. For starters, the deceased was only 22.

As a matter of fact, he was a participant in an ongoing campaign to build “Morris Houses” in the Bronx. Apparently, the aforementioned youngster was suffering from some mental trauma, judging by the numerous tattoos found on his arm.

In short, there isn’t a lot of doubt that the victim of this tragedy was a tragically depressed soul. So far, no criminal charges have been filed.

However, the coroner of Manhattan has taken note of the aforementioned slaying and is currently examining the scene for possible malfeasance.

Another tidbit is that the feisty aficionado died in a hospital in the same city where he had been under psychiatric care. Among other things, the former’s sex was the trigger for his latest and greatest, which in turn led to an escalating level of mental stress.

Paris lane 22 Was he battling inside demos and difficulties before committing suicide?

Paris Lane Cause of Death Passed Away At 22 was a young man who shot himself in the head in the lobby of Morris Houses in New York City. The incident was captured on CCTV and released on the internet. In the video, Lane was seen kissing his girlfriend and then blowing his brains out.

The video was taken by a surveillance camera in a Bronx housing project. The police have asked the owner of the site for an explanation as to why the footage was removed.

Lane was a member of a group called the Order. They were a neo-Nazi movement that sought to promote an all-white nation. After they were busted by the FBI in 1984, the majority of the group was incarcerated.

Lane’s father was an alcoholic. As a child, he was repeatedly beaten by his father. His mother passed away of AIDS when he was six years old. Eventually, the family adopted him. He was adopted by a Lutheran minister and his wife.

Lane started to be disenchanted with his faith when his adoptive parents began travelling around the country. In his spare time, he became obsessed with National Socialism and Adolf Hitler.

He also wrote a pamphlet titled “The Death of the White Race,” which promoted his white supremacist beliefs.

Was his suicide video deleted by the authorities?

A video of a 22-year-old Harlem, NY rapper blowing his brains out in a Bronx housing complex was circulating the Internet. The video had a claimed 42 minutes of life and racked up nearly 40,000 views before it was deleted by the powers that be.

There is a small but growing number of websites, including Facebook, that continue to show off the footage. Even the New York Police Department’s internal affairs bureau is investigating the matter. Despite its best efforts, however, the ensembles are still at large.

To make matters worse, the video has been attributed to multiple sources. Some have even dubbed it the naughty boy of social media sites. With such a high-profile target, it may take a while before the police have a handle on the issue.

This isn’t to say that the websites that remain on the block won’t get the heave hewed. As of press time, the police were still scouring the Internet for a silver bullet.

In the end, the police have no legal grounds to go to bat for this high-profile snafu. Nevertheless, a few sites have vowed to keep the feisty ensembles at bay. Several sites have even gone so far as to offer up to $500 for a photo of the deceased.

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