Patti McGuire: Interesting Facts About Jimmy Connors Wife

November 3, 2022
patti mcguire

Jimmy Connors married to Patti McGuire. They met in 1977 and have been together since then. Patti is a famous fashion model, entrepreneur and film star. She also serves as a production manager. Patti began modeling in high school, where she was Homecoming Queen.

Patti McGuire, a self-described Irish beauty, couldn’t resist the lure of fame and became the center stage of the spotlight during her time. she was born in St. Louis with her younger siblings. Patti has been a hard worker in the entertainment industry, but you need to know more about her.

Here we are going to discuss about who is Patti McGuire and Five facts you might not know about Patti McGuire. To get all new updates follow

Who is Patti McGuirepatti mcguire

Patti McGuire was a well-known name in the entertainment business. Patti McGuire had several magazine debuts. She was Playmate for the Month in the November 1976 issue, and Playmate of Year in 1977.

Patti studied Political Science and worked as a Bunny at St. Louis’ Playboy Club. Her big break in modeling came right in the middle the nightclub where her father used to work. Patti was seen on the back glass of a Playboy pinball game machine in 1978.

Five facts you might not know about Patti McGuire

Modeling attracts curiosity and fascination from the public. The mere mention of Patti McGuire triggers memories of the sexual revolution which swept the world in the 1970s. Here are five facts about her.

1. She was a Playboy Playmate Star

Playboy is one the most well-known entertainment magazines in the globe. Patti McGuire Connors was featured in several issues of the magazine. In 1976, Patti McGuire Connors was first named Playmate for the Month in the November 1976 issue. Later, she named Playmate for the Year in 1977.

Before she became a famous model, she was a playboy bunny at the Playboy Club in St. Louis and a student at Southern Illinois University. She majored in Political Science. Playboy Bunnies are hired to work as waitresses at Playboy Clubs. She was also offered a modeling opportunity by the same club where she used to work.

Hugh Hefner was the brains behind Playboy. He attributed his success to Marilyn Monroe, who was the iconic face of the magazine’s first issue. The magazine’s publication of nude pictures of beautiful women was a big success. Each month, 7 million copies of the magazine were sold.

The magazine was a success because it reflected American liberalism. This was despite the opposition of conservative and radical movements that challenged sexist attitudes and views. One argument was that adult magazines like Playmates reduced Playmates to sex objects.

Patti appeared on the 1978 Playboy pinball machine backglass a year later. Hugh Hefner, her Playmate Sondra theodore and Patti posed together on the issue that made history by interviewing Jimmy Carter. Later, more than 18,000 pinball machine were purchased.

2. Patti is married a tennis star.

Are jimmy Connors and Patti McGuire still married? The couple have been married for over 40 years. The couple has two children, a son, Brett, and a girl, Aubree.

Jimmy Connor was a great tennis player in American history at the peak of his career. Although not many athletes are attracted to playboy playmates like Jimmie, he was thrilled to meet Patti on one of his visits Hugh Hefner’s mansion.

Connors, his mother, fostered his passion for tennis. After his retirement, he was a coach for famous tennis players like Maria Sharapova or Andy Roddick.

Jimmy Connors, a former US tennis champion was able to achieve many firsts on the court. He won eight Grand Slam singles titles at Wimbledon, the US Opens, and the Australian Open. He has also won more titles and matches than any male tennis player during the open era.

Due to his accomplishments, he admitted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1998 as well as the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Hall of Fame in 1986.

3. She dealt with infidelity, which almost led to her divorce

Patti McGuire’s new memoir, “The Outsider”, features Jimmy Connors as Patti McGuire’s spouse. He is candid about his relationships. The former tennis star also spoke out about his gambling and dyslexia struggles. He also revealed that he had cheated on his wife. Connors asked for forgiveness after being confronted with the news of his divorce.

Jimmy claims he never left Patti again after he given a second chance by her. His turbulent relationship with Chris Evert, a fellow tennis player, is also revealed in the book.

4. Hugh Hefner’s home was where Patti met Hugh Hefner, her long-term partner.

Patti McGuire was a popular sports personality. Jimmy Connors also used to frequent Hugh Hefner’s mansion. Patti spotted Connor with a friend at one of the parties. It was love at first sight, which quickly blossomed into marriage several months later.

5. She is also a producer of films.

Patti honored to appear in a number of TV commercials and advertisements. Her success was later in film production. The cinema opened her doors, where she was featured in Starsky and Hutch at Playboy Island (1977).

McGuire’s main interest is in film production. As an assistant producer, McGuire helped to put together films such as LA Confidential (1997) and The Bird Cage (1996), You Again (2010), Batman Returns (92), Tigerland and V.I Warshawski. She also played a role in NYPD Blue’s production, which is about law enforcement in New York.


Q. Are Patti Mcguire and Jimmy Connors still married?

A. Patti is wed to retired American professional tennis player Jimmy Connors.

Q. How tall is Patti Mcguire?

A. Patti is 5 foot 5 inches tall.

Q. Where was Patti McGuire born?

A. Patti was born in Dexter, MO.

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