Kim Kardashian is bringing buzz (and business) to Staten Island

October 31, 2022
pete davidson kim kardashian

pete davidson kim kardashianPete Davidson Kim Kardashian first came to Campania in Staten Island to enjoy coal-fired pizza.

“I was like, Kim isn’t there today, but check back tomorrow,” Ms. Bressi stated. It took me several times to realize that they were not talking about Kim Kardashian, my friend who works with me. They were talking about Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian Ms. Kardashian, a reality TV star and influencer, visited Dongan Hills last November, one of many Campanias in the borough. Pete Davidson, a comedian, and actor, was her boyfriend. He was born and raised on Staten Island.

The couple went on a romantic date up the Campania roof. They skipped the $150 seafood tower and truffle mac and cheese and instead chose a Margherita pizza and salad. Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian’s restaurant was soon crowded.

Umberto Guzman, a manager, said that it was “crazy”. “The phone rang off the hook and we had long lines each day. People wanted to be on the roof all winter because that was where she was sitting, but I had to explain that the roof was closed due to the cold.

Six months later, the attention has not slowed down.

Ms. Bressi stated, “So many people have asked us about Kim. We now make up stories.” “I was not even there when Kim was here. But now I say, “Oh yeah, we had tea.” It was wonderful.

Mr. Davidson has been an ambassador for his home borough since childhood. He made a movie about it based on his life and bought a Staten Island Ferry Boat, with plans to transform it into an entertainment venue.

Although he has made no secret of his desire to move to Brooklyn, Davidson appears also to have a condo on Staten Island. His most well-known skit on Saturday Night Live,

where his departure was announced recently, was a take on the song Walking in Memphis with lyrics about Staten Island. He sang, “We got like 80 bagels spots and every block has its own pizza place.”

He’s been taking his girlfriend, Ms. Kardashian, to all of his favorite Staten Island places. Locals and media have noticed.

Some feel the attention is too much. “I don’t want lines anymore, it’s annoying for my clients,” Mr. Guzman stated. “Our food and service are amazing, so we have been busy since opening last April. We don’t even need her.”

They also visited Staten Island to see the movies. Jesse Scarola, owner of Atrium Stadium Cinemas near Great Kills, stated that Kim Kardashian is the greatest celebrity. “The president could be there, and it wouldn’t be any larger.”

Many people waited in line for minutes to get a glimpse of Ms. Kardashian’s “House of Gucci” film while they bought tickets for her visit.

Christina Orlando (46), a managing director at Bank of America, lives in Prince’s Bay on the South Shore. “Some people behaved like they didn’t care, but in reality they did. People get star-struck.”

Atrium’s owner, Mr. Scarola is still receiving a boost after Ms.Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian’s visit. He said that someone called him a few weeks back, claiming he wanted to go to the theater Kim had visited.

He rented the entire theater to his friends and paid for their popcorn and food.

Joseph Borelli, a Staten Island Councilman, is thankful that the cineplex is receiving some attention. He said that the atrium was a throwback back to an era when kids used to hang out at the cinema and laugh with their friends. “The atrium was destroyed by the pandemic and it’s good their name is in print for a reason.”

Vincent Malerba is the owner of Angelina’s Ristorante in Tottenville. Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian It is a waterfront restaurant with a chandelier.

He said, “There are two studios on the block, one in an old jail and one at the old brewery. So we get tons of them.” Kim was the one who did it all.

He took a photo with the couple that was liked thousands of times on Instagram. Mr. Malerba stated, “We have never seen such exposure.” “People began coming in from Brooklyn and Bronx, Queens. South Jersey, everywhere.”

He hopes that people will not only come to see Ms. Kardashian but also return for the great food and service.

Mr. Borelli stated that Angelina’s was the best restaurant in the city, while Campania is the best. This is good news for Staten Island’s overall food scene.

According to Telly Hatzigeorgiou (the owner), Clinton Hall has seen a doubled number of people in three months. It is located on the waterfront at Empire Outlets, St. George.

He said that there are many things going on and it is not a one-trick pony. It’s still warm. People want to leave after Covid. Kim may have something to do with it, however. People talk about her constantly.”

Staten Island is not the only place that deserves more attention.

Ruby Hernandez, an accountant who works in learning & development, lives near Times Square and escapes to Staten Island every summer with her boyfriend. She said, “I won’t tell you where it’s at.”

She said, “If Kim was there, I would like to take a picture with her. But then I wouldn’t want the crowds that followed.” 

I want my beach to remain undiscovered. It’s quiet and clean, and not too dirty.

Jan Zabka, a Czech journalist, visited Staten Island last week to view the Manhattan skyline. He said that he was more interested in seeing another celebrity made of copper, the Statue of Liberty, as a tourist.

Borelli, the councilman said that he hoped visitors would explore the island once they arrived. He said, “I think they’d be shocked to find out how many outdoor recreation opportunities there are here.” My block has four miles of trails for mountain biking and hiking.

Staten Island residents enjoy adding glamour to their day. Jim Sarlo (61), a site manager at National Lighthouse Museum said that Pete would come out of his condo every time he went out to smoke on the rocks next to the river. He is not sure if the comedian still lives there.

He claimed that he had also seen Ms. Kardashian leave Mr. Davidson’s condo and head toward the ferry a few other times.

He said, “I just say, “Hey, sup?” “That’s what Staten Islanders say.”

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