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Pine Lakes Country Club neighbors protest at meeting with community owner


Residents pine lakes in one community are angry at the idea of more homes being built in an already overcrowded area.

Pine Lakes Country Club neighbors in North Fort Myers claim that there are enough people already there, and that adding more could lead to deterioration of the environment.

Residents claim they are used to certain amenities and a certain lifestyle. Residents don’t want anyone coming in to disrupt the area they love.

They decided to voice their concerns on Friday.

They decided to voice their concerns on Friday.

It is obvious that the residents of this community love each other, despite being surrounded by green shirts and golf cars.

Ray Dunlap resides in Pine Lakes. Dunlap said, “We fell in Love with This Place Right Away.”

Frank Tivan lives in Pine Lakes too. We are a self-sustaining community. Tivan stated that we have all the facilities needed to be self-sustaining, including a clubhouse and a restaurant.

Ron Thoreson said that he loves Pine Lakes as it is. “This neighborhood has cul de sacs, manufactured homes, and cul de sacs. Thoreson said, “It’s paradise.”

These neighbors say there is trouble in paradise.

Equity Lifestyle Properties, which owns the community, plans to build a new home on the lot next to Pine Lakes. The company plans to build three “interconnections” and create another.

One of the residents asked, “What are interconnections?”

A representative of the company replied, “To go through the french property.”

This is the name of the vacant lot on which Equity Lifestyle Properties plans hundreds of new homes. These residents were able to ask the company questions about their new project on Friday.

“What about the homes being constructed there?” The company was hesitant to answer this question, saying that “we won’t be answering those questions right now.”

It’s not about the homes being built, according to neighbors. They are more concerned about traffic and how it will affect safety. They worry about whether they will be able enjoy the amenities of their community with more people.

They’re trying too many people in a small space, and it’s all about a big profit. We understand that they’re a business that’s built for profit. Dunlap said that you must think about the residents of this area and that they aren’t doing a good job.

A Lee County Hearing Examiner heard both sides of the argument in December. The examiner has yet to make recommendations on whether the community should grow or remain where it is.

Pine lakes country club membership cost?

Annual Golf Package $2,400 + tax * Yearly House Program $900 + tax


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