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Porsha Williams Kordell Stewart Ex-Husband, Now Speaking Against It



Porsh Williams Kordell Stewart: Porsha’s ex-husband, recently appeared on The Tamron Hall Show, where he discussed the ‘beard’ claims that surfaced during his tenure on RHOA.

Kordell Stewart, Porsha William’s ex-husband, is now speaking out against the beard rumours, more than eight years after his appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kordell’s sexuality became a conversation point among the cast members of the programme during season five. Kordell and his wife at the time, Porsha Williams, starred in season five of the popular Bravo series.

He and Porsha got married a year before they appeared on the show, and their wedding was shown on WE TV’s reality show Platinum Weddings. Porsha and Kordell appeared to be happy together at the start of their marriage and ready to start a family.



Pofsh Williams Kordell Stewart

The cast began to discover fractures in their marriage as the season progressed, such as Porsha being controlled by her spouse. The couple’s relationship suffered as a result of this, and they divorced shortly after the season five reunion aired. Fans began to speculate that Kordell’s sexuality had something to do with their marriage’s dissolution.

Kordell addressed out about his sexuality allegations, which began in 1998 while he was playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, during a recent interview on The Tamron Hall Show.

According to Too Fab, he was arrested after engaging in “lewd actions” with several men in a park. However, there is no record of this arrest, and the rumours of the arrest have been denied repeatedly.


Kenya Moore accused Porsha of being Kordell’s “beard” during an episode of RHOA, reigniting the rumours. Kordell said he wasn’t surprised when Tamron asked if he anticipated the rumours to surface again.

“That show is all about storyline, and you draw from whoever the castmates… that are on the show, what they’ve been a part of,” he added, adding that the rumours never harmed his marriage to Porsha. Kordell admitted his love for Porsha was genuine, but the relationship deteriorated when the show hinted at their marriage.

“It becomes a flurry of things,” he continued, “from debates about ‘beards’ to me being controlling.” “She has her own world that she’s a part of and she wanted to do for herself to the point where we went our separate ways.”

When asked if he had any regrets about doing the show, he simply responded no. “To be honest with you, if I had to do it all over again, I probably wouldn’t,” he said, “but I’m not ashamed of it.”


“I was really doing it for her because it was her chance to be at this point in her career, and I’m glad for her.” Marriage, according to Kordell, is about compromise, and those sacrifices may make or ruin a relationship.

Unfortunately, his marriage to Porsha could not stand up to the show’s demands. He is, however, pleased to see her rise to fame on the show. After two years of marriage, Kordell and Porsha divorced in 2013.

In his Players Tribute op-ed, Kordell stated that he has “nothing but love” for everyone, regardless of sexual preference. Despite the fact that his rumours were false, he believes they were spread to put an end to his career.

According to Kordell, Steelers president Dan Rooney told him the storey was planted by a local cop. Although he regrets how he responded to the reports at the time, he believes society has conditioned him to be so sensitive to gossip. Kordell is unconcerned by the reports and is pleased to see how the world has changed since the rumours about him first surfaced.


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