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Precordial Catch Syndrome-About, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


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Precordial Catch Syndrome’s  Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Sudden, sharp pain in the chest may make one worry that one could have a severe Heart or Lung problem. But if the pain was gone almost as quickly as it came. One doesn’t have any other symptoms, and it may be a harmless condition with the Precordial Catch Syndrome.

Not most people know about this common cause of Chest Pain among Children, Teens, and Young Adults. This pain itself may feel intense, like someone has pierced a knife into the chest. But it does not cause any changes or problems in the body. The feel goes away in a short time.

Doctors sometimes call it Texidor’s sharp localized pain after one of the first doctors to study it.

The Symptoms

The indicating symptom of Precordial Catch Syndrome is a sharp pain in the left side of the chest near the heart. One may be able to pinpoint the pain in a small area. It won’t emit to other parts of the body as it may. But if it were a Heart Attack.

The pain may feel worsen when one breathes in profoundly when one moves. One may decide to stay still and take very few depth breaths while one is in pain if one doesn’t breathe deeply for a while.

Then one may start to feel lightheaded. That is not a direct symptom of Precordial Catch Syndrome. It will happen because of the way one breathes.

The pain from Precordial Catch Syndrome, usually gone after 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Some of the people may feel it for up to half an hour. Once the pain slowly goes, one will feel the normal again right away.

The sharp pain must be the only symptom one feels.

The Causes

Sometimes, doctors don’t know what causes Precordial Catch Syndrome. It will be the sign of a tensed Nerve or a Muscle jerky movement inside the lining inside of the Chest or Chest Wall. It does not affect the Heart or Lung. It has no attachment to conditions there.

In some people, it will come during growth in the forceful stream. In others, it could happen when they are stress or anxious.

Precordial Catch Syndrome may develop more likely when one sits still with poor posture. Many people have it when they are inactive. Like when they sit in front of the Television. It does not regularly happen. When one Eat or Sleep.


If one decides to see a doctor, they will do a physical exam. They are asking questions on the Symptoms and Medical History. Suppose they are confident that one doesn’t have any other signs. The risk factors of another condition, one may not need to have any tests. If the doctor thinks there may be another problem, they may order an X-ray or an Ultrasound.


Precordial Catch Syndrome pain goes away quickly. So one should not requires Pain Medicine or to take the other treatment.

Most people find that when they feel the intense wound of pain in their Chests. A deep breath may make the pain gone even though it may hurt to take a deep breath. Stretches or a change in posture will also help one to feel better.

A View

Children may get Precordial Catch Syndrome when they are as young as six years old. The pain will happen only once in a lifetime. It may come back on several times.

People usually stop having the pain when they are in their 20s.

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