Prem Tame: Movie Cast, Story, And Where To Watch Online

May 30, 2022
Prem Tame Movie

Prem Tame is a 2021 Bengali romance film directed by Anindya Chatterjee and written by him. It was released in theaters on February 12, 2021. If you’re looking for a new movie to stream, then Prem Tame is a good choice. The story follows college student Pablo, who gets caught up in a tussle between two warring factions of the students union.

One faction accuses Pablo of tarnishing the college’s image and the other group accuses him of moral policing. After the tussle ends, Arshi is left with a warning and departs the city for good the next day. Follow CENTRALFALLOUT for more updates on television, movies, and web-series

Prem Tame: Movie Cast, Story, And Where To Watch Online

Prem Tame Movie

Prem Tame Movie Release Date

Prem Tame was released in theaters on February 12, 2021. The release date for Prem Tame on online OTT platforms is April 1, 2021. The Movie is available in both Hindi and Bengali languages and is 2 hours and eight minutes long. You can watch Prem Tame online on Prime Video or Hoichoi.


  • Susmita Chatterjee as Raji
  • Soumya Mukherjee as Pablo
  • Sweta Mishra as Arshi
  • Baisakhi Marjit

The movie Prem Tame cast is quite interesting and it will make you wonder if it’s a Bengali movie. The film is directed by Anindya Chatterjee and is set in the year 2021. It was two-hour movie and is available in both Bengali and Hindi languages.


Prem Tame follows a college student, Pablo, who is suspended from school for moral insubordination. Pablo finds himself in the middle of the tussle between two factions of the student union. One faction tries to blackmail him for tarnishing their college’s good name, while the other views him as an innocent victim of moral policing.

Eventually, His love life is complicated and he ends up entangled with two beautiful girls, Arsha and Raji, even though neither of them is the type to show affection. While this might seem to be a cliché, Pablo meets Arshi, who shows him, unconditional love. She is played by Sweta Mishra, while Raji is played by Susmita Mukherjee. The movie is gaining enormous attention and is fast becoming a favorite among Bengali youngsters.

This is an in-depth look at the complicated relationships between humans and animals. It also explores the nuances of man-animal bonding and the differences between lovers and animal-avoiders, as well as the struggles of personal life. The series also touches on the emotional chords of viewers.

Prem Tame Movie Streaming On Hoichoi

You can watch the ad-supported version of the Prem Tame movie streaming on Hoochoi right now. It premiered on Apr 01, 2021, and is available in the Drama genre. The movie stars Soumya Mukherji, Kankana Chakraborty, and Shweta Mishra, who play two college students who fall in love.

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