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How To Print On Macbook Step By Step In 2023


You can use the print on MacBook dialog on your Mac to choose a printer or set print options. These options will determine the appearance of an image or document on the printed page.

See Connect a printer or set it up. Find out if your printer is functioning or having problems.

    1. Open a document on your Mac and choose File > Print or Command-P.

      You will see a preview of the printed document when you open the Print dialog.

      Note: You might see different options within the Print dialogue depending on the printer you use and the app that you are using. If you don’t see the steps you want, you can check the documentation by clicking Help in menu bar.

print on macbook

  1. print on macbook Tip To view a full-size preview of the Preview app, click on the PDF pop-up menu and then choose Open PDF In Preview.
  2. If you are satisfied with the settings, click Print. If not, go to step 3.
  3. You can adjust the printing options by choosing any of these common print settings:
    • Printer: Select the printer you wish to use. You can also add a printer if the printer is not available. See Add printer to your printers.
    • Presets Select a preset to be used with your document by the printer. A preset is a set of settings for printing. While you can usually use the default settings in most cases, you can also select a group of settings that you have saved from an earlier print job. Save commonly used print settings.
    • Copy: Enter the number of copies that you would like. Click Paper Handling and then choose “Collate Sheets” to print all pages in a document. See Page printing in normal order.
    • Print Range Select the pages that you wish to print. You can choose to print all pages, or a selection of pages. You can print pages 6 through 9 from a 10-page document. The Selection button allows you to print selected pages from the range. To select a page to print, click the page label in Preview. You don’t need to have pages in a continuous range. You can choose to print pages 2 and 4 within a 5-page document.
    • Print In Colour: If your printer supports it, you can choose to print in color. The option is turned off to print documents in black or white.
    • Double Sided: Select On from the Double Sided pop-up menu for both sides printing (also known as duplexing, or two-sided printing), if you have this option. To make the page ready for binding, you can also select On (Short edge).
    • Size of the Paper: Select a size paper for your document. If the printer has 210x297mm of paper, you can choose A4.
    • Orientation Use the buttons to change between landscape and portrait orientation. You can see the preview pages of your document change in the sidebar.
    • Scaling: Set a scale percentage to adapt the printed image to fit the paper size. You can see the change in the preview pages located in the sidebar.
  4. Click Print.

    Modify the way documents are printed

    These are some common tasks that you can perform when printing:

    • Select a paper size to print your document
    • Save commonly used print settings for routine printing
    • Increase or decrease the size of pages and images in order to fit on a webpage
    • Double-sided pages
    • Use a particular printer tray
    • Multiple pages and images can be printed on one sheet
    • Pages In normal, reverse, or odd order
    • Print pages with borders or flipped images.
    • Images or pages printed with a watermark
    • Check the ink levels of a printer

    Unexpected margin sizes or text clippings may occur when you print a document. This could be due to a conflict between your page size settings in the app and your printer’s non-printable area. Set the non-printable area of the page to 0 (zero). See For more information on how to set the page size’s non-printable area, create a custom paper size.

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