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Psych Christmas Episodes



Psych Christmas Episodes: Steve Franks created the TV show. USA Network aired it initially. March 2014 saw the show’s cancellation. ION TV has since rebroadcast the show. James Raday plays the lead role in Psych TV’s series.

He works as a crime consultant with the Santa Barbara Police Department. Dule Hill plays Shawn’s best friend, Burton “Gus”, Guster. Corbin Bernsen plays Shawn’s father Henry. A Psych: The Musical also was released December 15, 2013.

110th episode of 7th season. Later, Psych: The Movie also appeared on December 7, 2017. Recently, Psych 2: Lassie Come Back was released on July 15, 2020. Continue reading to learn more about Psych Christmas episodes.


Seasonal Psych episodes

Psych Christmas Episodes


There are 8 seasons of  with many.Check out the list of episodes featuring a holiday theme on Psych. Only three episodes were entirely based on Christmas, while others featured holiday themes episodes.

“Gus’ Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy”

Christmas Joy (3×09)


“The Polarizing Express”

Shawn Spencer, a former officer and police officer, is the protagonist of Psych TV’s story. His eidetic memory is due to the fact that he learned to recall details from an early age. Shawn is accused in a case that Shawn helps solve. He then reveals that Shawn is a psychic and he and Gus begin to solve cases for police and decrease crime.

The first episode of Psych aired July 2006. The last episode aired March 2014. The show had 8 seasons and 120 episodes. Many fans of the show loved it. Psych has a generally positive review and the show is rated 8.3/10 by IMDb. This is the cast list for the TV series.

Shawn Spencer (played in James Roday).


Burton Gus Guster (played in Dule Hill).

Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter (played in part by Timothy Omundson).

Lucinda Barry (played in part by Anne Dudek).

Henry Spencer (played in Corbin Bernsen).


Juliet “Jules” O’Hara (played in Maggie Lawson).

Karen Vick (played in season one by Kirsten Nelson), was a main cast member in seasons 2-8.

Psych: Each Main Character Ranked by Likability

Even though not every holiday gets the same amount of love and attention, Psych doesn’t shy away from exploring them in their own way and giving them a lot of its “delicious flavour.”


The Movie Psyche

Although it was not a traditional holiday episode, and in fact, it wasn’t even a typical episode, Psych: The Movie was promoted as a Christmas movie.

The movie really has nothing to do with Christmas. Some decorations are visible in the background of action-packed movies. Although this may not explain why the movie is so poorly ranked on IMDb’s site, the switch and bait are worth the score.

Polarizing Express

Like many television shows, Psych has an episode that is almost its own version Of It’s A Wonderful Life. The fifth season episode, “The Polarizing Express”, finds Shawn asking Santa Barbara what it would look like if he didn’t return and becomes the SBPD’s psychic investigator.

Shawn is visited by Tony Cox, a snarky elf, and not by a guardian angel. Every alternate reality they visit also looks like a different type of entertainment. Gus’s is a sitcom from the 90s, Juliet is a drama about cops, and Chief and Lassiter are in a 1940s German war drama.


Who are you going to call?

Although not strictly Halloween, this episode is a good example of a great Halloween cabaret. The first season episode “Who Ya Gonna Call?” features all the hallmarks. Shawn and Gus deal with a client who believes they are being haunted or possessed.

The usual Halloween antics follow, including a fake exorcism, threats on mirrors and other silly tricks. The client has undiagnosed split personalities.

Bollywood Homicide

The fourth season of Psych’s tribute to Bollywood, “Bollywood Homicide,” is also the only episode that features a Valentine’s Day storyline. The episode’s intro flashback is the only time the Valentine’s Day story occurs.

In the opening scene, Shawn, a young boy, is working hard to make a Valentine. Henry is impressed by Shawn’s efforts, but Shawn discovers that Shawn is making the card in his class for Mrs. Phillips.


In plain fear

The fifth season episode of “In Plain Fright”, the fifth season, features Shawn and Gus investigating the mystery surrounding a murder at Scare Fest. This town’s scary festival includes a Haunted House ride.

This episode is full of mystery and spooky thrills, since Scare Fest hasn’t been held in nearly 20 years. Things get darker and more frightening when Shawn, Gus, and Gus witness a crime in the Haunted house. They have to prove it happened, and not just as part of the ride.


Gus and Shawn like supernatural mysteries. In the third season premiere of Ghosts, they are again involved in another mystery, this time trying to determine if Gus’s boss is haunted as his wife fears.

It turns out that there is no haunting story. However, Shawn still has a lot of fun with it. Shawn goes all out to make sure that the mystery surrounding the ghosts remains unsolved.


Christmas Joy

Gus’s family plays a greater role during holidays than ever before. “Christmas Joy,” the third season’s episode, introduces Gus’s sister Joy, who is never mentioned again. Joy works with Gus to rescue Santa from prison.

The plot twists and turns are not surprising. Santa is the father of the little girl, they are con artists, Shawn and Joy have been keeping the secret that they had a fling. The episode is best known for Shawn’s gift-giving games with his father.

Gus’s Dad Might Have Killed an Old Guy

Psych accuses Gus’ parents of murdering a crotchety neighbour.

Gus’s parents didn’t do the crime at the heart of “Gus’s Father May Have Killed an Old Guy,” but the fact that they didn’t makes the holiday tensions and stakes even higher.


Lassie makes a hilarious appearance at the O’Hara holiday party.

Scary Sherry, Bianca’s Toast

Scary Sherry and Bianca’s Toast” are some of the most frightening episodes in this otherwise humorous series. The episode opens with a flashback back to Halloween 1987 when Shawn (dressed in police uniform) and Gus are trick or treating inside Henry’s squad car.

The mystery surrounding the deaths of sorority girls is the main focus of the episode. This reminds me of an old Santa Barbara urban legend about Scary, a patient who died from suicide in a mental hospital.


Tuesday, 17th

This is Psych’s best holiday episode.“Tuesday 17th” is an homage to horror movies. Shawn and Gus return to their childhood camp to solve a crime. This episode is full of horror parodies, homages, revenge plots and jump scares. It makes for a great Halloween viewing experience.

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