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Puffco Announces The $299 Proxy A Modular, Innovative Cannabis Vaporizer



Puffco proxy is a leader in the market for innovative cannabis vapers. Puffco’s Peak Pro is a top-rated e-rig. The company recently introduced the Proxy, a new vape. It features the Peak Pro’s best features and can be made into a variety of forms.

The pipe is beautiful, but don’t let it distract you. It’s only a small piece of glass. The Proxy can slide into the glass. The Proxy can be considered a modular dabbing device, which can fit in any size frame. Bubbler? Sure. Glass beaker? Yep. Pipe? Obviously.

This self-contained rig costs $299 and is approximately the same size as a taller D cell battery. The Peak Pro, the company’s flagship product, has the same heating element. The battery can be recharged via USB-C and comes preprogrammed with four heat levels.


Puffco proxy ships this Proxy pipe with the travel case shown here 

puffco proxy

It’s easy to use. Open the carb cap at top and drop in your favorite concentrate (resins, shatters, hash, etc.). To activate the oven, press the button twice. After a few seconds, the oven will blast off. The glass pipe was very comfortable and smooth. I’d love to use it with a waterpiece.

Roger Volodarsky, founder of Puffco, said to TechCrunch that this vaporizer looks just like one. It’s the first modular vaporizer to be able to fit any design. The Proxy will also be able to drop in different accessories from [Puffco].

The company is also looking for makers to create unique accessories to the Proxy.

Puffco’s accessories community has been active for years. They have created accessories for its flagship product, the Peak Pro and Peak Peak. Puffco has a few available for sale on its website. Etsy and eBay also have custom glass pieces and accessories. The Peak’s design is restrictive and requires that glass pieces be made to a certain form factor.


Volodarsky believes that it will be easier for builders to construct around the self-contained Proxy.

Volodarsky stated that it takes less to build a Proxy. It takes eight to sixteen hours for an artist to build a Peak top – unless it is really, really expensive. The Proxy takes less time, so artists get more for their efforts. They can charge less for a piece if it takes them four hours to create it. We believe there will be more affordable options for our community., as well as several retailers, sell the Proxy for $299. The company also expects to release new form factors and accessories in the coming months.

Volodarsky started Puffco in 2013, and has since bootstrapped it. Roger does not want to invest in venture capital.

TechCrunch asked him if he had a problem with serving investors. “Everything must be highly profitable. Usually, that means you pay employees as little as possible.


This means that you are cutting corners in order to increase profitability. We are here to grow the business and make it more professional.

That doesn’t align well with the returns that I believe shareholders would like. So, no, I won’t have any investors as long as possible. It doesn’t seem like there will be a need in the future. Only early-stage employees have any ownership in Puffco.

Volodarsky claims that the company experienced an exponential growth period from 2016 to 2021. Its revenue has been consistent at doubling every year. However, the chip shortage had a negative impact on the company.

Although the Proxy was originally supposed to release in 2021 the company decided to delay it until now so that it could obtain enough inventory to launch it.

The Puffco Proxy comes to market at an important time. The United States has legalized cannabis in many forms, and Europe is showing some signs of embracing the law.


Due to the growth in domestic markets, consumers are more likely to discover cannabis. Some are also looking for high-end equipment and experiences. Puffco products are a great choice.

Puffco products have been my favorite for a long time. The Proxy brings the best of Puffco into new form factors. After using the Proxy for a few days, I found it to be much more easy to clean than other Puffco products.

It’s also a joy of use. It is easy to remove the Proxy from the glass pipe and see it fit into any number of glass pieces. It’s exciting to see what other people make for this thing.

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